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Strange fish holds, Kavajecz vs Parsons, Golden ticket walleye

Today’s Top 4

Are you doing any of these “walleye holds?” 

Tired of the same ol’ fish pics coming across your news feed?  We jammed together 22 of the most unique walleye holds we’ve had readers send in and gave each an official name. Full write-up on, here’s a peek at 5 of ’em below:

1. The Lion King hold:

2. The tuna hold:

3. The proposal hold:

4. The floater hold:

5. The just-gonna-send-it hold:

[Disclaimer: Learning how to handle fish for safe release is an important skill we all need to master. While this “walleye holds” post is all kinds of fun to read, we do not support intentionally harming fish (duh). If you need some intel on this, take a look at “Catch and Release Best Practices” from the stewards at Recycled Fish.]

Kavajecz vs. Parsons. 

Everything’s a competition with those two, and how they “shiver” is no different. Not the I-ate-too-much-ice-cream kind, but how they work the Moonshine Shiver Minnow:

To summarize:

> Keith Kavajecz uses quick snaps — like how bass guys “walk the dog” — off bottom.

> Gary Parsons uses long sweeps for a wider glide that swims down to bottom.

Lots more detail and some killer underwater graphics here:

Golden ticket walleye caught. 

Ever seen a $35K walleye? [Drum roll sound effect]:

> John Grosvenor: Josh Brenner caught this walleye during the annual IA Great Lakes Walleye Weekend contest…was 1 of 10 tagged walleyes released into the lake.

What are the odds of that?! Congrats man! Most people were pumped for the guy, but there’s always gonna be a few haters in the crowd:

TSA agent leaves love note for Okuma. 

Only type of note you want to find at an airport:

Must’ve been headed someplace warm — an Okuma Makaira MK130II weighs 10.43 lbs and holds 1,000 yards of 100-lb test line lol.


1. SD: Whose water is it anyways?

Boat ramps have been roped off on 20+ lakes thanks to a SD supreme court ruling. Landowners did not want their private land — under all or parts of those lakes — to be open for public use:

2. WI: Father/son win Wolf River AIM.

A cold front came through that knocked down the lake bite…welcome to walleye fishing! Instead Steve and Russ Wagner headed 40 miles upstream (2-hour boat ride) to chase larger, less-fussy river fish:

> We were dragging 1/8-oz jigs with half a crawler. Just cast it out and drag it, keeping your boat across the current…that way you get an even drift.

3. MN/WI: Neill/Weich win Mississippi R. AIM.

Caught their massive 38.15-lb bag early, before the sun broke through the clouds. Said they were live-bait rigging with chubs and willow cats (look like a small bullhead) in 7-10′ in back channels…but they have another tourney coming up out there, so who knows (lol).

4. Gander Mntn is liquidating all inventory.

Maybe get a deal! All stores are liquidating, then turnaround specialist Marcus Lemonis is planning to reopen 70-75 stores, operate the company and keep the brand. This link is an informative vid from Marcus that’ll clear up rumors.

5. DC: Just say no to more E15 fuel.

Let your Senator know there’s 12 million boats that don’t want more E15 added.

6. Outdoor rec = $887 bil in annual spending.

Crazy big amount. Would hit $1 tril next year if we could get Mark Zuckerberg to blow his paychecks on gear every couple weeks like the rest of us.

Have a shot at winning this $150-ish tackle package from Northland Tackle, then go out and catch a ton of fish! Just click here to enter your email addy, then you can share the link you get for extra entries to win! Good luck!


1. ND: National Walleye Tour at Sakakawea, May 11-12.

Welcome to the big show.

2. MN: Governor’s Fishing Opener, Greater St. Cloud, May 11-14.

Basically the biggest holiday in MN lol. TW’s Brett McComas will be there snappin’ pics and fishin’ more than he should be…cuz it’s fishing opener, duh! Say hey if you see him!

3. MN: Charity MN Fishing Challenge on Gull Lake, Jun 3.

All the proceeds benefit a great charity: the MN Adult & Teen Challenge. Plus they’re giving away a Lund 1650 Rebel XS this year.

4. MN: 9th Annual Leech Lake Walleye Tournament, Jun 3-4.

5. MN: Camp Fishing Classic on Gull Lake, Jun 17.

Rub shoulders with fishing celebs while fishing. Walleye Dan fished with his parents last year and won the walleye division with 3 for 14-03. #Impressive

More info here.

6. ND: 41st annual Devils Lake chamber tourney, Jun 23-24.

There’s $61K in prizes and a whoooole pile o’ walleye waiting for ya. #ChaChing

Tip of the Day

How to summerize your power auger.

Because we betcha haven’t done it yet…are we right? Lol.

That’s how you summerize it — here’s how you summarize it:

My StrikeMaster Lazer Mag drills holes like a dream.

Quote of the Day

Nothing beats a banker’s hours walleye bite.

Troy Lindner talkin’ ’bout how those “marble eyes” are built for low-light feeding. Always nice when a bite window lines up with the work schedule!

If you work nights, download the Rapala fishing game app instead lol:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

J-Mitch hitting that sunset, eye-of-the-storm bite over on Devils Lake, ND:

FishUSA has 3 colors of that Onyx A/M-24 inflatable life jacket in stock here. Not to give you any hints, but *cough* Father’s Day *cough*

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