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My #1 crankbait tweak for walleyes (underwater footage)

This simple tweak WILL get you more bites. Sometimes it’s 2:1…sometimes it’s 7:1 😳…and so far worst-case scenario it’s been 1:1. I’m sold and have been adding the VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble to nearly all of my hardbaits:

Oh, and we’ve got some underwater footage in this vid so you can 👀 for yourself:

The #6 size VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble is the one I use probably 90%+ of the time. It’s perfect for #11 Original Floaters, #7 Shallow Shad Raps, #12 Husky Jerks, #9 Jigging Raps, and #6 Rippin’ Raps.

Most sites will list the stock hook size that comes on their cranks – go by that and it’s a direct swap. Typically they’re gonna be #6, but some larger cranks will be a #5, #4 or #3.

Of course it adds a fish-sexy little flash, but putting ’em on the middle or front treble can also give fish a focal point of where YOU want ’em to hit the bait…instead of nipping at the back.

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