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Trolling crankbaits at night for walleye

Fishing after dark can be a major pain in the tuchus, but it’s usually worth the hassle! Grind all day for 1 or 2 bites…then it can feel like you’re on a whole-new lake after the sun goes down and walleyes show up out of nowhere.

We’ve been catching a ton of fish all spring trolling #11 Rapala Original Floaters and #7 Shallow Shad Raps at night. Something that gets a lot of love in the fall, but can be just as good-er this time of year.

Bonus points: You can catch walleyes all summer long doing this, I usually just switch up to shallow weed flats (instead of sand) and run the baits over the tops of the weeds.

Full video below for your viewing pleasure. 👊 Hope you dig it!

And in case you’re too stubborn to watch the 15-minute video (lol) I’ll even snatch you one quick tip from it….

All this JUNK in the water (cotton, pollen, alien babies, whatever it is?! 😤) has been making things a nightmare. Simply adding a small #8 VMC Rolling Swivel a couple feet above the bait can help catch most of it before it gets to your cranks – still annoying as can be, but at least you’ll know your baits are still fishing and running true:

Okay, that’s all you get 🤣 gotta watch the full video for the rest.

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