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Swimbait walleye breakdown (post-spawn thru early-summer)

Some days walleyes want nothing to do with swimbaits…other days swimbaits are THE DEAL and there’s no better way to cover water and catch a bunch of fish. So it doesn’t matter what lake I’m headed to, I will always have one rigged-up in my bait rotation when figuring out what the walleyes want that day…because when it’s on, it’s on!

There’s a ton of different variations and tweaks you can make to your setups whether the fish are shallow vs deeper…on sand vs weeds vs rocks…or if the fish’s moods are funky vs hot-to-trot.

In this video I breakdown my complete swimbait setups for catching post-spawn walleyes now thru their early-summer transition. Hope you can pick up a few tricks to put to use on your home water. 👊

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