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22 unique ways to hold a walleye

Tired of the same ol’ fish pics coming across your news feed? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 22 of the most unique walleye holds we’ve had sent in from our readers — all of which were in need of official names.

[Disclaimer: Learning how to handle fish for safe release is an important skill we all need to master. While this “walleye holds” post is all kinds of fun to read, we do not support intentionally harming fish (duh). If you need some intel on this, take a look at “Catch and Release Best Practices” from the stewards at Recycled Fish.]


1. The Lion King hold:

2. The tuna hold:

3. The reverse-gill hold:

4. The floater hold:

5. The just-gonna-send-it hold:

6. The air guitar hold:

7. The proposal hold:

8. The pull-up hold:

9. The salt-shaker hold:

10. The fish-flop hold:

11. The touchdown hold:

12. The over-under hold:

13. The long-arm hold:

14. The 2×4 hold:

15. The saxophone hold:

16. The Russians-can-make-anything-into-a-weapon hold:

17. The how-can-I-hold-this-out-any-farther hold:

18. The selfie-game-strong hold:

19. The GoPro hold:

20. The steelheader hold:

21. The who’s-lipping-who? hold:

22. The high-five hold:


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