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Swimbait tips for scattered walleyes

It doesn’t matter what lake I’m headed to or what time of year it is, I will always have a swimbait rigged-up in my bait rotation when figuring out what the walleyes want that day. There’s no better way to cover a bunch of water, and when the swimbait bite is on – it’s on!

There’s a ton of different variations and tweaks you can make to your setups whether the fish are shallow vs deeper…on sand vs weeds vs rocks…or if the fish’s moods are funky vs hot-to-trot.

There’s a pile of swimbait-y info in this new Target Walleye YouTube video I just posted last night, and it was a pretty dang eventful day 😅catching tagged walleye, big smallmouth, and a massive pike that tried his hardest to break my rod over the edge of the boat LOL.

All came throwing a 3″ CrushCity The Mayor Swimbait on a 1/4-oz VMC Tungsten Moon Eye Jig. 👀 Yup, you read that right…VMC just released a new tungsten version of one of the walleye-catchingest jigs ever.

Here’s the vid – I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn something!

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