Fishing Tips

Dropshot walleyes when you NEED to get bit

Dropshots aren’t just for bass 👀 they’re a simple and efficient way to keep your bait right in front of a walleye’s face and know it’s fishing in the strike zone the whole time. 🎯

They work all year round, but I don’t think there’s a better way to catch finicky, late-summer walleyes (on outside weed-edges and the tops of hard-bottom humps) that may be turning down other presentations.

Bonus points: If you’re fishing with your kids or someone who’s maybe not as experienced, this is the PERFECT way to help them catch a walleye without trolling. Few reasons being 1) the fish will basically set the hook on itself if they just start reeling, 2) don’t need to be a master at jigging cadences, and 3) the bait is always near – but up off of – the bottom.

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