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Best stickbaits ever, Fish of the week, Mayvember is here

Today’s Top 4

Gravel lizards of the week!

Bret Alexander mean muggin’ another sunset slaunch…10 points if you can find a pic of Bret smiling with a walleye 😉 lol. This one t-boned a Storm 360GT searchbait:

What do you call 7 fish on at once? Risky biz! Tyler H. and friends turned the potential disaster into a dream-come-true, landing 5 of the fish. Caught pulling Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards…in the rain…at night…on Green Bay. #EarnedIt

Brady Way put his new Okuma setup to good use with this loooong MI 32-incher he caught running Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerks (blue ghost) 80′ back on Off Shore Tackle planer boards:

Wes W. says there’s a BFish’N Tackle Pulse-R somewhere in there. #SheGone

Must-have stickbaits that catch walleyes anywhere.

There’s no better way to cover water and hit active fish than trolling, or fancasting crankbaits. Slender stickbaits are the most common profile crank in the walleye world. They have an erratic action that forces a reaction bite even when fish are being fussy.

Check the full write-up at, but below is a peek at 3 of the top 9 stickbaits that’ll help you catch walleyes under any conditions, on any body of water:

Lunkerhunt Kraken Jerkbait – (dives 0′ to 6.5′)


> This walleye hand grenade weighs nearly twice as much (!) as other stickbaits of the same length…it’s a stout 1/2-oz at just 3.75″ long. No more getting wind blocked or tearing your rotator cuff while making long casts to shallow-water fish.

> It’s super buoyant, making it a killer option for aggressive fish and does a great job at backing out of cover like rocks and timber.


> Got tracking problems? Well these puppies are specially designed for trolling and need ZERO TUNING out of the box. Vibrant/holographic colors, oversized 3D eyes, and raised molded gill plates…yes please. #Durability


> “Salmon guys” hate that they can’t keep the walleyes off of these lol. Won’t tangle your lines when trolling deep like some other deep divers on the market that did NOT make this list….

> Great bill shape/design that let’s you bang bottom without snagging – even when things are a bit uneven down under. And those bright UV finishes are #money.

Keep reading: 9 must-have stickbaits to catch walleyes anywhere.

The most important piece of fishing equipment you can have….

We don’t want to get all preachy…but in light of all the recent boating mishaps and drownings…we can’t stress this enough: wear your lifejacket and kill switch! Life jackets aren’t the massive-orange boxes they used to be (thank you Onyx!):

Pumped there’s a company making cool lifejackets! Yup, they ARE big-boy approved:

Happy Mayvember.

Been a weird spring, but guys like Roy Vivian are making the best of it:

Beats what the rest of us are doing on our day off:



Basically yes, at the Zippel Bay Resort’s pike tourney on Lake of the Woods. A bunch of gators over 40″ were caught — looks like one heck of a wrasslin’ match:

2. MI: Muskies showing up dead on Detroit River…

…and not from getting clubbed this time:

> …The confirmed presence of VHSv in Lake St. Clair, DNR fisheries managers feel the risk of contaminating this hatchery is too great to proceed with this year’s rearing efforts.


3. ND. Fishing from shore better than the boat?

Devils Lake is one of those special places where it can be. The backwater shoreline bite is starting…should be a special few weeks:

4. MI: DNR seizes 87 lbs of pike…

…illegally harvested by a 55-year-old man. There’s no place for that — thank you to whomever called it in!

5. MN: Zebra mussel sniffing K9s.

Minnie now has 4 invasive-sniffing pooches. This one must be “Snoop Dog:”

6. FishUSA acquires more brands and a better selection for you Great Lakes fisherpeople.

7. Lose in tourneys and still win $$$?

That’s the beauty of contingency programs for you tourney guys — you don’t have to win to get the extra paycheck(s)! Click here to read Greg Rudisill’s story on earning extra dough at the AIM Mississippi River event.

8. Giant outdoor company hiring.

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment is looking for fishy social-media gurus. You maybe haven’t heard of ’em, but you have heard of their subsidiaries: In-Fisherman, Bass Fan, Game & Fish, etc. More deets here.

9. US tackle industry hurting?

At retail locations, ‘cuz many prefer the online approach of: click, get, use.

> The fishing tackle retail business is under turmoil and structural changes, especially in the US as consumers are increasingly shifting into digital channels.

Tip of the Day

Al Lindner: Moping for walleyes.

For those of you moping around the office waiting on 5 o’clock…. The fishing-version of “moping” involves suspending a minnow lure high in the water column with NO jigging action:


Love the hook keepers on those VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs. Beats fussin’ with super glue to keep your plastics up.


Quote of the Day

Put a pile of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on a plate and, within minutes, people will come.

– An article giving us a quick refresher on how analogies work. Did you pay attention in school? BaitCloud : fish :: cookies : humans

Guess BaitCloud works so well at attracting chubby fish that the DNR won’t let us use it in MN…?


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Eric Vasko saying buh-bye to a broad-backed piggie:

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