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SD state record walleye caught, People are ice fishing, Top hardwater pet peeves


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The best walleye and ice fishing pics, tips, gear hacks, and news year round
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Today’s Top 5

Wow!!! 🤯 SD walleye record officially beaten with a 16.5-lber!

And she’s an absolute unit:

That’s 16-lbs 8-ozs (33” long x 21” girth) of OH MY WORD caught by Aaron Schuck on Fri, Oct 27 out of Lake Oahe (Missouri River reservoir) near Akaska, SD!


The previous record was set in 2002 with Georgine Chytka’s 16-02 from the Missouri River tailrace at Fort Randall.


Aaron caught that bruiser trolling a “Mcgannon Special” color Walleye Nation Creation’s Reaper about 187′ back. Here she be:

In case you need help getting your bearings as to just how massive that fish is…here’s another wild perspective showing it next to some “eaters” in the livewell. 🤯 #SHEESH

Seriously can’t even imagine. Big, big, BIG congrats!

Btw I just saw that Between Hooksets with Chasen Walter and Curt Underhill will be going live on Facebook (here) at 7pm cst tonight with Aaron Schuck so you can hear firsthand how the state record was caught. 👍

People are already ice fishing. 🤯

While you were busy mowing the lawn, folks were already finding fishable ice in October! And they’re nowhere near Santa…. Word is Scott Olson was on some higher-elevation Black Hills, SD gem. #globalwarming

Btw I wanted to say a big thank YOU to Scott for wearing ice picks around your neck. And I believe that’s the new Delta Float Suit from IceArmor by Clam with “MotionFloat Technology, this suit has internal buoyancy assist that provides assistance with flotation in the event of an ice break-through.”


Scott’s not the only one hitting the hard stuff….


The @fishinggeeks already kicked-off their hardwater szn with some wild brook trout:

Everyone PLEASE be SAFE this season!


Can you believe it’s already here?! Ice-heads basically become meteorologists this time of year, watching temperature and wind forecasts like it’s their job.


Back in the day (okay, maybe just a few years ago) I’d be one of the crazies driving north with a spud bar in one hand, large dark roast in the other…vigorously pacing any shoreline I could get my two left feet on….

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped for hardwater! But I’ve been having to ease myself into the thought of it hahaha. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m getting soft in my old(er) age? Maybe having kids changes things??


I mean yesterday would have been a great day to bundle-up and sneak out fishing…. But if the real-life Princess Peach asks you to be her Bowser, obviously you’re going to be Bowser lol. #worthit

The only downside is that “Peaches” song by Jack Black has been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours straight. 😅


Speaking of costumes….

This dude won Halloween. 🎣

Walleye tourney-nut Ryan Buddie absolutely nailed this Happy Gilmore costume – and he didn’t have to order those big, fake checks off Amazon 😳🙌🏆they’re from him crushing on the Lake Erie Walleye Trail:

Early ice: How to use a “spud bar” to check thickness.

Annual post ‘cuz it’s that important!


Stop using your “spud bar” (aka chisel) as a walking stick and start learning what each swing means for you in actual inches of ice.


Three hard swings might mean 2” of ice for some…might mean 5” for others. Completely depends on which specific chisel you’re using, how hard you’re swinging it, and the quality (hard or soft) of the ice:

Take your time and check the whole way out – and back – not just at the ramp. Ice picks around your neck are a must and probably the cheapest insurance you can get. Wear a life jacket or consider treating yourself to a “flotation-assisting” suit. Flat out: If you break through the ice, it’ll help get you back out…not weigh you down. What more does a guy need to say?


Btw I don’t think Clam makes ice chisels anymore? If you’re looking for another mean spudster, check out the Rapala Two-Piece Chisel – absolutely shreds ice.


Now, I also like to slap a Transparent Boat Ruler from Quik Measure Pro onto my chisel so I can quickly check ice thickness – while “spudding” my way out – by hooking the lip of the chisel on the bottom of the ice. Why? ‘Cuz the less things I have to carry from hole to hole, the better.

Top 30 ice-fishing pet peeves! 🤬

Pet peeves: Those particularly annoying things that get under your skin no matter how hard you try and ignore ’em.


We polled Target Walleye fans to find out their biggest ice-fishing pet peeves and compiled ’em into one big-nasty list. How many are you doing?? 🤔🙋‍♂️

Check the full list by clicking here, few of our favorites below:

  • Garbage left on the ice. If you bring it out, bring it back with you!

  • Losing a fish after it gets wrapped up in the transducer.
  • Snowmobiles are the jet skis of ice fishing.
  • Sunflower seeds in my hole.
  • When people set up right on top of you, even though there’s a whole lake.
  • People complaining about you being set up too close (^ lol).
  • Snake northerns. ‘Nuff said.
  • Trying to re-tie with frozen fingers.
  • People drilling holes during prime time.

Drop a comment on the full list here at if you think something’s missing or people are overreacting.


1. MI: New bill would allow commercial netting of gamefish??


Including walleye. 😧


2. WI: Head2Head is back? Sort of.


Looks like all matches will be on the Lake Winnebago chain or The Bay of Green Bay:


> “…2024 will see 10 boats fishing in a true Head2Head tournament. High-intensity, high-stress 4-hour AM and PM matches. Limited to 10 teams…. Anglers can choose to fish solo or with a partner. …will compete in a 9-week Round Robin Head2Head tournament. After the Round Robin is over the top 8 in win-loss record will make the Playoff Bracket. The Playoff Bracket will consist of 2 more days of Head2Head bracket action. All matches will be true Head2Head, with all teams fishing each other 1x in the Round Robin. As always every H2H match plays out Live on Phyxtv….”

3. MN: DNR sets winter walleye fishing regs…


…for Upper Red and Mille Lacs:


> Effective Wed, Nov 1…anglers fishing on the state waters of Upper Red Lake can keep up to 4 walleye with 1 longer than 17”.


> Beginning Fri, Dec 1…Mille Lacs Lake anglers can keep 1 walleye 21-23” long or 1 longer than 28”.


4. MN: Some interesting tidbits on fall walleye stocking.


5. PA has a cold-weather life jacket requirement.


> “…from Nov 1 thru Apr 30, boaters are required to wear a USCG approved life jacket while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16’ in length or on any kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.”


Also, something to think about…


> “…according to PA boating accident reports, nearly 80% of all boating fatalities occurred because boaters were not wearing life jackets.


6. MS: Two men fined for being 141 crappie over limit.


> They were also found to be fishing with too many…hooks on each line.


> As a result of a cooperative investigation between the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, both men were fined $5,275 each for a total of $10,550 in restitution to the MDWFP.


> On top of that, they also lost all fishing privileges everywhere in the world according to the statement and are banned from all Corps of Engineers property in the Northern District of Mississippi for the next year.


If that statement is correct…it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of someone being banned from fishing everywhere in the world?!?!? 👀


7.MN: Winnipeg Ice Fishing Show is this weekend.


At Red River Ex Place.


8. SD: Dakota Angler Ice Institute happening Nov 10-12.


At the Sioux Falls Arena & Convention Center. One of the biggest and baddest ice shows in the nation with over 100 vendors and they always have a killer lineup of free ice-fishing seminars.

9. MN: Blaine Hard Water Expo, Nov 17-19.


At the National Sports Center.


10. MN: St. Paul Ice Show, Dec 1-3.


It’s the 30th anniversary of what a lot of folks call “the Super Bowl of ice shows” that takes place each year at the St. Paul RiverCentre. Per usual they have a solid seminar lineup. More deets soon.


11. WI has a NEW ice show.


The Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo will be happening Dec 8-10, 2023 at the Sunnyview Expo Center in Oshkosh. I’m surprised that Tom Boley is going to stop fishing long enough to do a seminar lol.


12. MN: Arrowhead Ice Fishing & Winter Show, Dec 8-10.


At the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.


13. Great look at Clam’s new MaxEntry Door:


And how they’re able to give rigidity to the massive 38″ wide door:

14. FL: 2024 NPAA annual conference is happening Jan 5-7.


Will be in Fort Myers, FL this time around…which sounds “more better” to visit in Jan than it does in July haha.


NPAA = National Professional Anglers Association. Great chance to network with pros who’ve had success on and off the water, and learn about the business side of the sport.


15. Academy’s president stepping down after just 6 months.


To pursue “personal and professional opportunities.”

What’s 🔥 on Target Walleye’s YouTube 🎥


Smacking walleyes in a pontoon! (Premier Sunsation Angler)

CRUSHING shallow fall walleye on jigs and minnows

Dropshot tricks for fall walleye fishing

The ultimate reaction bite for fall walleye (Rapala Jigging Raps)


Drop a comment on our YouTube channel to let us know what you wanna see next!

Tip of the Day

Joel Nelson: Find ice-fishing spots right now.


SPOTS, not necessarily fish!


> Our mobility is better than it’s ever been as ice anglers, but it’s drastically limited by the need to drill a hole to gather info. So why not put in the work when it’s easy?


> Using electronics from a boat to find fish – more importantly find areas that will gather fish — is far easier on a 60°F fall day [more like 30°F this year lol] than a 10°F winter one.


> Many times these locations are consistent producers during all months, yet others are specifically good for ice, like: shallow transitions from mud-to-sand, or sand-to-rock, as well as small gravel or rock patches in shallow weeds.


> Early-ice fish push to these places, especially after sundown in clear-water systems. Spots no larger than a kitchen table can seem impossible to drill out and find, while they stick out like a sore thumb on side-scan.


> Side-scan technology could be the #1 asset to an ice angler this time of year, as few things hide from it. If you don’t own this technology, chances are you know someone who does and you could get out for a day on the boat with them.


> Harder-bottom areas generally show up brighter or “whiter” (timber, fish-cribs, or other sunken gems). Soft bottom shows up darker. You’re looking for any break or transition in the substrate – the more sudden that change is, the more valuable it can be.


> Shallow water usually provides the first opportunities to fish on safe ice, so don’t worry about anything more than 15′ at first.


> Think about how/where you access the water-body. Focus on the areas immediately adjacent to shore…chances are (even if you’re walking out) your spots will be need to be within a 1/2 mile of your access point.

Meme of the Day

This one’s for all the tourney folks out there:

Bet he crushed ’em in pre-fishing tho. 🤣

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

This walleye looks straight-up disgruntled LOL. Cool shot posted by Brad Thorn (@canadian_living) on Insta:

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