Brett McComas

Top 30 Ice-Fishing Pet Peeves

by Brett McComas

Pet peeves: Those particularly annoying things that get under your skin no matter how hard you try and ignore ‘em. We polled Target Walleye/Ice fans to find out their biggest ice-fishing pet peeves and compiled them into one big-nasty list. How many are you doing?

1. Garbage left on the ice. If you bring it out, bring it back with you! How hard is that?

2. Losing a fish after it gets wrapped up in the transducer.

3. Snowmobiles are the jet skis of ice fishing. Are they trying to run over your tip-up?

4. Sunflower seeds in my hole.

5. When people set up right on top of you, even though there’s a whole lake.

6. People complaining about you being set up too close.

7. Snake northerns, ‘nuff said.

8. People who keep every fish they catch regardless of size.

9. Trying to re-tie with frozen fingers.

10. The guy that’s first to call you for a hot spot, but as soon as he finds fish it’s a secret.

11. People leaving cigarette butts on the ice.

12.  Seeing small little lakes posted all over Facebook.

13. When your tip-up gets frozen in the hole.

14.  People that purposely waste fish — if you don’t want it,  put it back!

15. Running out of propane.

16. Wind!

17. Driving too fast on the ice — slow down!

18. How most anglers need the internet to find hot spots. Seems long gone are the days of finding your own fish.

19. When people start fishing before everything is set up and don’t offer to help.

20. Marking fish, but can’t get ‘em to bite.

21. People drilling holes during prime time.

22. People who don’t read the rules and regs, and instead ask others online. Even worse are the ones who give answers having never read ‘em either.

23. Buddies that are retired and say they can’t go fishing because they have too much to do.

24. People posting pics of fish and telling everyone exactly where they were caught.

25. When there’s an ice road plowed right over your waypoint.

26. Cleaning frozen fish.

27. When someone thinks you catch the same exact fish over and over: “Must be the same one you caught before,” or, “that’s the one I caught.”

28. Running out of beer.

29. Women hanging all over me once they find out I’m an ice fisherman….

30. Flat-out NOT getting to go!



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