Brett McComas

Halloween: If you can’t go fishing, might as well dress up like it.

by Brett McComas

If you’ll be celebrating All Hallows Eve with the kiddos — or you’re a big kid at heart — send in those pics of your fishy Halloween costumes! Here’s a few faves we’ve seen floating around the interwebz:

Someone let Sylvianne Thibault know that’s not how those old chain stringers work:

Looks like this kid can already outfish some of us…and hey, if he wants to drill the holes then he’s invited every trip lol:

Guess Trevor Davies does sometimes catch normal-size fish, but only when he’s horsin’ around. #FishSammies

This wally had to get a look for himself at what was going on up top. Kind of looks like fishing guide Jarrid Houston gets his hair cut at the same place the Wolfman does:

Those scary clowns are popping up everywhere — at least this time it was Halloween. Kind of funny that Fish Mark’s got the same smirk the ‘skie does:

Owen is the proud owner of his first Lund boat. Love it buddy:

Owen’s ^ younger brother Levi isn’t old enough to run a motor yet, but that won’t stop him from hopping in the canoe to wet a line. #ParentingDoneRight

Carl Gretenhardt caught himself a fat little bluegill. Looks like a keeper!

NWT pro Max Wilson pulled out the tricks to catch this treat:

Dustin Pearson made sure he had some “dad candy” out as well — though it looks like he already picked out all the Rapala Jigging Raps lol:

Not sure if this one makes a better Halloween costume or business opportunity…. Either way Kaine Navarro is #winning with his fishing vending machine:

Paul Zykan decked out his Lund for the kiddos. Looks like they’re biting:

Protecting our resources one juice-box at a time. Love it lil’ man!

The look guide John Pollock makes when you say he can’t go fishing:

Got your own fishy Halloween costume? Send in those pics! Thx for reading!!

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