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Helicopter ice fishing, Muskies vs walleyes, Dogs fish too

Today’s Top 5

How’d you like THIS ice-fishing rig?

Guess our ultimate ice-fishing rig from earlier this week wasn’t such a bad idea after all…. Check Tyler Thall (@tylerthall) and crew hitting SK’s Cree Lake in style — Mother Nature ain’t got NOTHIN’ on them:

Wow, nicely played!

Fishing dogs > hunting dogs.

Justin Cunningham’s (@justinkcco19) golden helpers can hold their own:

When did Eskimo start makin’ dog houses? Ball Flag!

Wasn’t a pot of gold at the end of @emmm72’s rainbow:

Would this be considered a dog sled? From outdoor-shooter Brady Rogers (@bradydrogers) somewhere in Ontari-yo:

Breanne Johnson’s (breannejohnson8) pooch waitin’ on the prize behind door #1 that Catch Cover Safety Cover:

Ali Juten’s (@ali_upnorth) black lab keepin’ its eyes on the prize:

Do muskies kill walleye lakes?

That question comes up all the dang time. Some folks still think stocking a few muskies will ruin a walleye fishery — despite DNR research pointing to the contrary….

Some peeps even compare adding muskies to netting…but you ever notice that many of the best walleye lakes in MN have muskies in ’em? Like Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs, Leech, Winnie, Vermilion, Rainy, Miltona, Bemidji, Cass, the list goes on….

The AnglingBuzz crew asked some of the top walleye- and ice-fishing pros across the ice belt what they thunk about it — for sure worth a watch/listen:

Get your jumbo on!

Lake Simcoe guide Ian Jones (@profishermanjones) with some #FishFlopFriday action thanks to a Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap:

Dang cannibals fightin’ over a kinfolk color Salmo Chubby Darter. #2for1s

Gonna take more than a whiteout to stop @Gregrice3600 from leanin’ into a few jumbos. Bonus points for the #PerchSlayers hat:

Some serious dimensions (14.75″ long x 14.25″ girth) on @gill_o_tine’s jumbotron that ate a Rapala Jigging Rap:

Don’t know where he ^ was fishin’ but no doubt he earned that one. #Frosty

Our kind of “March Madness.”

Sent in from TW fan Josh Bergerson:

> “My fiancé Jessica Speicher got a PB this weekend up at the NW Angle at Angle Outpost Resort on Lake of the Woods. Was 27″ and had to be pushing 10 lbs with how fat it was…caught on a tiny pink sickle-hook jig.”

> Josh: “We went up there for the Andy Hayes Memorial LOW Ice Fishing Tournament, a fishing brother we lost a few years ago. It was Jessica’s first time fishing this and she was the first and only woman to fish it so far. Of course she won and took home the trophy.

> “And yes, the trophy has a picture of a guy slam dunking a walleye — Andy loved fishing and March Madness.”

How ballin’ is that?!


…happenin’ TOMORROW on Lake Winnipeg (Warner Road, Chalet Beach area).

AYA = Angler Young Angler…a fun derby to “promote the involvement of youth in angling.” #Stout

Have a shuttle on site, food vendors, and tons of great prizes including a Lund 1625 Fury XL SS valued at $25.5K! The best prize? Lettin’ the kiddos enjoy a little ice fishing. Good luck and have fun! More deets here:

> “The deadline for shacks to be removed south of hwy 16 is Mar 15, and it’s Mar 31 for those north of hwy 16.”

And they mean business:

> “…In 2014 there was a Saskatoon man who left his out there and he received a $2,800 fine. We deal with it every year. People get fines and they lose their shacks because they don’t get them off in time.”


> “…Ditching ice fishing shacks creates a danger for boaters and water-skiers in the summertime…also has environmental impacts for wildlife and when pieces wash up on shore”

Is MI the only place people exclusively call ’em shanties?

If you haven’t heard of Salmo’s Freediver series before, they have cranks that can be trolled down to dang near 50′ [!] on their own — without leadcore, snap weights, etc. Diggin’ this “silver chartreuse shad” color:

A better time/place to voice yuor fishing and hunting opinions than on the internet….

Sounds like at Dick’s Sporting Goods only:

> …silky smooth 2500-size Lunkerhunt Assault spinning reel that cleanly flows into the 6’8″ M-action Combat Rod that is the backbone of this combo.

Tip of the Day

Awesome video tutorial showing how photog-magician Jay Siemens uses Adobe Lightroom to edit fish pics. Also hands out 5 of his favorite “presets” for 1-click photo editing (if you’re a Lightroom user)…one’s that can even make Aaron Wiebe look good lol:

Quote of the Day

With football season over we might as well put something else on the big screen.

That’s full-time guide Brad Hawthorne runnin’ his MarCum LX-9 through the big screen in his Yetti Fish House. #RealLifeVideoGames

Btw – some awesome new features/upgrades coming out for the 2020 model year Yetti Fish Houses. Will gitcha a closer look soon as I can…gotta figure out how to sneak by their security first:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Welcome to the 30″ club, @k.o_outdoors! Kevin Humminbird ICE 35‘d his new PB on a Storm ThunderBlade (looks just like a Rapala Slab Rap):

Second Dose of ‘Eye Candy

Wouldn’t mind havin’ a fish house with a steering wheel some days…. Caught by Nate Altendorf on a Lindy Glow Spoon (pink scale):

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