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Tesla burns on ice, DIY Lake Cascade jumbos, Tune your cranks

Today’s Top 5

Don’t see that everyday…

Check the off-color pattern of this Lake Diefenbaker perch Nick Winiewski caught on a PK Predator Spoon. Kind of looks like bass markings…Lellow Berch or Yargemouth Pass?? Lol:

Brett Ulrich’s facial expression says it all. Caught in WI on a piece of sharp-cheddar cheese, maybe?

Not a hook and line catch but insane shot. A trout at the Decorah, IA hatchery jumped and stuck to an aluminum wall when it was -22 out. #fishsticks

The trout in MN and ND just laughed at it, while wearing shorts and a t-shirt….

DIY Lake Cascade trip for MONSTER perch.

Looking for an adventure with some of your die-hard ice fishin’ buds? Two words: Lake Cascade. You’ve probably seen pics of the ridiculous [!] perch that come outta this central ID gem, but case you haven’t:

That’s the Team Yukon Outdoors crew putting the hammers down on a recent DIY roadtrip. We tracked down TYO’s Brent Relopez to get the scoop on planning a trip to the jumbo capitol o’ the west, without breaking the bank. Full tip on, few excerpts below:

> Brent: “This was a trip I’ve wanted to make forever, and even though the drive seems daunting (21-ish hours from Minneapolis, MN) it was totally worth it. With that being said, you def want to plan it out right.”


> “Since this area is a big ski destination, there’s a lot of different cabin/house rental opportunities outside of hotels. I looked at a bunch of different rental sites [Airbbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, etc] before settling on a cabin rental in Donnelly…on the north side of the lake.

> “Price-wise, it wasn’t bad — if you look around enough you’ll find a good deal. We had a full kitchen in our rental so that helped keep food costs low for sure.

> “We rented for a week, which felt like the perfect amount of time to dial in the bite and actually have a little time to explore the area (outside of fishing) as well.

> “Since the area gets so much snow, trailering out a machine is a must (preferably tracked). We brought 2 snowmobiles.”

Where to fish

> “I had a little prior info from a buddy of mine who was out there a few years back, so we had an idea of where to fish, but ended up fishing new water every day. Definitely doesn’t hurt to get a little local knowledge — Tackle Toms in Cascade was where we got all our bait.

> “We stuck to the north arm of the lake, which seemed to have the best fishing by the reports we got.

> “Honestly, it was kind of like fishing walleyes back in MN structure-wise. We fished shallow flats in the morning adjacent to deep water — would move out to deeper when the bite slowed down.

> “We caught big jumbos anywhere from 10′ all the way out to 36′. Shallow fish were tight to the bottom but as they moved deeper they suspended 8-10′ off.

> “Since it’s a reservoir, pay attention to old road beds and river channels on the topo maps — these served as travel lanes for fish midday as well.”


> “These fish are cannibals, so the best baits are (usually) ones that imitate small perch. For rattlebaits, we fished #3 and #4 Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps in perch patterns, as well as a 1/8-oz Euro Tackle Z-Viber.

> “We did notice that some of the fish were puking up blood worms, so we also fished a tungsten jig tipped with a Clam Maki Bloodi plastic…was the deal mid-day.”

Extreme cold-water trolling.

Hope guide Nolan Koepp is keeping one eye on his Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards, and the other on the road water…we know how that movie ends:

Here’s what $82,000 looks like up in smoke…

That’s a Tesla Model X parked on Lake Champlain’s (VT) Shelburne Bay. Here’s what allegedly happened accordin’ to Popular Mechanics:

> “The Shelburne Police Department tells Popular Mechanics that the owner of the vehicle took their Tesla onto the ice to go fishing, and that at some point during the expedition the car hit a rock. The car started making unusual noises, and shortly after that caught fire. No one was hurt.

> “Popular Mechanics points out that it’s very possible the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery pack was damaged somehow, which could have been the source of the fire.”

Yikes! Glad no one was hurt, and hope they’ve got a good insurance agent….

Does your fishing buddy have your back like this?

Hopefully they were Okuma Ceymars [heart-eyes emoji]. For sure worth the risk!


1. 2nd owner of Bagley Baits passes on.

Bill Stuart. RIP fishin’ brother.

2. MB: 10th annual Lund AYA ice derby…

…happenin’ Mar 9 on Lake Winnipeg (Warner Road, Chalet Beach area).

AYA = Angler Young Angler…a fun derby to “promote the involvement of youth in angling.” #Stout

Have a shuttle on site, food vendors, and tons of great prizes including a Lund 1625 Fury XL SS valued at $25.5K! The best prize? Lettin’ the kiddos enjoy a little ice fishing! More deets here:

3. MN: Fish house removal dates comin’ in hot.

> “The Mar 4 deadline applies to lakes south of an east-west line formed by U.S. Highway 10, east along Highway 34 to MN Highway 200, east along Highway 200 to U.S. Highway 2, and east along Highway 2 to the MN/WI border. The deadline north of that line is the end of the day Mon, Mar 18.”

And don’t forget to pick up your dang trash!

You folks in WI too.

4. MN: New 2019 fishin’ regs are out.

Make sure you keep up on all the changes.

5. Great Lakes are still makin’ ice.

Not many years you can fish the big water through the ice.

6. Is MotorGuide coming out with something new?

Here’s what basser Bill Siemantel posted about it:

> …Top Secret!!!!!! …behind the scenes I have been helping out and testing something really cool that will be coming soon. I am not allowed to give much more info out, but I did hear that the Bassmaster Classic may have more info for those who are interested in taking your fishing game to the next level.

> …create a platform of excellence to become “Ahead Of Its Class.”

7. Is there a shortage of marine techs?

My green carp chasin’ buddy BassBlaster put it well: “Just like cars the systems are getting more complicated so…maybe?”

8. VT gets $11 mil fed funding for Champlain.

For cleanup-type stuff. #ChaChing

9. How Lunds are made (video).

Love the behind the scenes-type stuff.

10. KY: Asian carp being used in concrete?!

Be pretty ironic if they started using ’em to build dams….

11. GM’s rolling out an electric pontoon.And it sorta looks like a bathtub toy lol…. #NoOffense #NewDadJoke

Tip of the Day

Catch more fish with tuned crankbaits.

The best trollers in the game do things differently, but are always precise. One of their overlooked tweaks is running “tuned” crankbaits to get the best possible action out of a bait — it’s been proven to flat-out put more fish in the boat.

No doubt tuning baits with a pliers can mess up a crank’s action more than it helps — been there! There’s finally a tool that’s actually designed for the job, called the Off Shore Tackle EZ Crankbait Tuner. Here’s Charlie “Turk” Gierke’s (Croixsippi Guide Service) take after running it hard:

> Turk: If you’re trolling or casting crankbaits that aren’t tuned, you’re wasting your time. I’ve been professionally guiding for 21 years and I can tell you with 100% assurance that tuned cranks catch a lot more fish. If it’s designed to run dead straight, it needs to run dead straight.

> Tuning cranks is touchy to say the least and most anglers (even pros) apply too much pressure while tuning baits and make matters worse. Off Shore Tackle’s EZ Crankbait Tuner is the real deal.

> I’ve field tested it a lot and would describe the EZ like this: It does what the torque/clutch setting on your drill does. You know, the torque setting [list of numbers from 1 to 10, or 20] on the drill so you don’t strip screws or over-tighten nuts. The EZ does the same thing but on cranks! Really cool.

> The EZ has these same pressure setting features, so when the prescribed pressure is reached it “slips.” Visibly the short plier jaw pops up…audibly a CLICK noise is heard.

> This tool will allow you to systematically apply the tiny amounts of pressure needed to tune baits and keep your best baits in the water longer.

Have heard nothing but good things from guys/gals that got to run one last season. Hope to get my hands on one by the time this 3′ of snow/ice/slush disappears…maybe June? Lol. Thanks for the breakdown, Turk!

Memes of the Day

Shots fired, BassBlaster:

Okay, one more…all in good fun…. Show this to your bassin’ buddies:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Typical Lake of the Woods date night:

That’s my buddy Travis DeWitt and his waaaay better half Danielle.

Travis guides out of Ballard’s Resort on Lake of thw Woods — legit one of the biggest walleye factories in the world — yet when he gets a day off he chases: crappies, lake trout, muskies, smallmouth…basically everything BUT walldawgs.

Know you’re spoiled when you get tired of stickin’ 50-100 walleyes a day!

Second Dose of ‘Eye Candy

This Garrett Betker (@garrettbetker) shot of a Manitoba tiger trout makes me wanna drive north RIGHT now:

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