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Paid to behead walleyes, Fish that won’t pass TSA, Worst ice conditions ever

Today’s Top 4

Are you having fun yet?

A pile of snow, ice and slush has made lake travel a nightmare this season, but that’s not stopping these diehards from gettin’ after it….

1. Can’t stop laughing at this pic + caption from Matt Breuer of Northcountry Guide Service:

> Matt: Walked through slush up to my knees to set that chair in that exact spot. The struggle is real. #recliner #guidelife #soretoday

Lol! Now kick your feet up bud…you earned it [crying-laughing emoji].

2. Hope you brought waders with to this year’s Eelpout Festival in Walker, MN. Vid from our friends at The Outdoors Report:

Few of my favorite comments under the vid:

  • This is a no-wake zone
  • Grab some Husky Jerks and start trolling
  • One more pass with the plow and it should be dry
  • Weird polar plunge but okay
  • Must have that new Minn Kota on the SxS. Come with Spot-Lock?
  • Hey man I know a shortcut

3. Am I going to need an auger extension? Yes, yes you are:

Cool shot ^ of Jesse Tintes putting his Eskimo Pistol Bit to work on Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg. Luckily he had an extension (or 2!) with.

“The hat ‘Smalls’ wore on The Sandlot.”

Hilarious comment from @tylerhilborn14’s under this Rapala post asking if anyone could name this bait:

You see the resemblance?

Still trying to figure out how The Sandlot has only scored 57% on Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer? You’re killin’ me, Smalls….

There’s $50,000 swimming in ID’s Lake Pend Oreille.

Idaho Fish and Game dumped 50 tagged walleyes — worth $1,000 each — into Lake Pend Oreille. Why? ‘cuz they want ’em wiped out:

> “These tags…injected in the snout…are invisible to anglers, but turning in heads [!] from legally caught walleye offers anglers a chance at 2 types of cash rewards. Anglers will receive $1K for a head that’s turned in from a tagged walleye, [and] every walleye head turned in enters anglers in the monthly drawing for 10 cash prizes of $100 each.”

That’s according to a press release sent from this unnamed IDFG employee:

> “Walleye were essentially non-existent in Lake Pend Oreille 10 years ago, but numbers have been rapidly increasing since 2014…likely from an illegal introduction into Noxon Reservoir in the early ’90s….

> “Biologists now fear walleye may cause a decline in kokanee and other high-demand sportfish, such as rainbow trout, native bull trout, cutthroat trout, and bass.”

Turning in walleye heads?! Ummmm…isn’t that basically how bison were “managed” back in the 1870s? #TheWildWest

Fish catches that wouldn’t make it through TSA.

All shots from @shorelinefisher’s IG page.

Heard it can take down a perch from 750 yards:

Believe this one’s a 12 gauge double-barrel walleye?

First started catching these during World War II. #Bazooka

Gonna need some hearing protection for this one, but its bark is bigger than its bite:


1. IN: We lost another fishing brother.

Broke through the ice on a Jasper County pond. Prayers to the family.

2. MN: Hundreds were stranded on Mille Lacs.

Heavy winds caused massive drifting, covering up ice roads and leaving hundreds (maybe thousands across the state) stranded on the ice…some stuck for up to 4 days:

Glad everyone (eventually) made it back to shore.

A big THANK YOU to all those that helped dig ’em out! Some even used their personal snowmobiles and track machines to deliver food, water and propane to houses running low or out. #Stout

3. WI: 29 people rescued near Sturgeon Bay.

Again from near-blizzard conditions popping up and trapping ’em on the ice.

Of all the equipment and gadgets we use to chase fishes, make sure you’re using one called a weather app…though of course there’s ’bout a 12% chance it’s right….

4. WV: New state record perch caught……outta Summersville Lake by Clinton Mills. Fish went 2.04 lbs (14.5″) and was caught “on a 10-lb test line with live bait.” Craaaazy thique:

Congrats dude!

5. ND: Devils Lake Chamber is hiring.

A digital media specialist. More info here.

6. NY: Allegedly cheating ice angler caught by DEC.

The write-up says “officers found a 32″ northern pike being kept alive and stored in the ice next to an unoccupied fishing shanty” during a night patrol…believe he was gonna enter it in a fishing derby the next day:

7. MI: Lake trout regs changing in Grand Traverse Bay.

Cuttin’ back next year ‘cuz the 2018 harvest limit was exceeded.

8. Check these limited-edition Billy Lindner signed prints.

Insane shot!

Signed and numbered by photog-magician Bill Lindner. Only 150 of ’em done up — at $29.99 I feel like I should’ve ordered one before sending this email lol.

Congrats brotha!

Haven’t’ personally had the chance to try out the Lure Lock boxes yet, let me know your thoughts if you have.

10. FishUSA and Aftco partner…

…to support Great Lakes fisheries research.

Tip of the Day

Planer boards aren’t just for multiple-line waters.

If you’re not running Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards in places you’re allowed to run multiple lines, you’re not catching as many fish as you could/should be.

That being said, there’s lots of other reasons to use ’em in places you’re only allowed 1 rod. More info in the full Jon Thelen write-up, few excerpts below:

> Shallow: Typical MN lakes have a weedline which forms in 9-12′. Early in the season running small crankbaits along and over this emerging weed growth can be deadly. I can get my bait to run above the weeds — out to the side of my boat — without spooking the baitfish…or walleye.

> When fishing weedy areas…the Tattle Flag Upgrade Kit is a must…no better way to tell if you have a fish on than being able to watch a flag go down. I can tell if my lures have picked up any debris…when fouled, the flag will slightly pull down or pull down and pop back up.

> Deep: With water clarities being what they are, schools of roaming walleye suspend as if they were transplanted from the Great Lakes. There’s a simple rule of thumb here: The clearer the water, the more a walleye is apt to rise up and use the whole water column to feed.

> Suspended fish can be both the most aggressive and yet the most spooky at the same time. Aggressive, in the sense that they will explode in chase of a fast swimming crankbait from long distances away…spooky enough that the shadow of a boat or noise of an outboard can send them on an equally explosive retreat.

Meme of the Day

Fair enough:

Nothin’ a Humminbird SOLIX 15 can’t fix…. #BigScreen

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Phoenix Pichner toted his gear 2 miles (uphill both ways? lol) to get to the juice and was rewarded with this 28″ x 17.5″ finned-out razorback that walloped a Rapala Rippin’ Rap. Way to grind it out!

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