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Mega 35″ walleye iced, Fishing is romantic, Crazy 120-lb sturgeon video

Today’s Top 5

Wow!!! Massive 35″ walleye iced!

Ashley Rae ( is no stranger to BIG walleyes, but this one takes it to a whole ‘nother level…. Here’s what 35-inches [yup, you read that right!] of Bay of Quinte goodness looks like:

That fish completely filled up a 10″ hole! Can legit see it squeeeeezing back down before it waved goodbye:

She got the whole thing on camera, including the moment several smaller marks turned into one big-red blob on her MarCum LX-9 — love me some flasher cams:

Congrats on the fish of 10 147 lifetimes, Ashley!

She saught it on a #8 Rapala Snap Rap in the “hot tiger” color:

What’s so special about the Rapala Snap Rap? It’s made to compliment the Jigging Rap, not replace it….

Has wider wings that grab a little extra water to lift and glide more. Believe it was meant to be more of an open-water bait, but that extra glide lets you cover a ton of real estate through an 8″ or 10″ hole:

Who says ice fishing isn’t romantic?

Your news feed was probably cluttered with more sappy-love posts than fish pics yesterday (thx a lot Valentine’s Day!). Here’s a few of our favorite fishy-love notes:

This pile o’ Maki Plastics would provide a lifetime of panfish happiness:

Does it get more sentimental than Matt Breuer’s heart-shaped burbot poem?

Would love to see Tom DeMers hook up with a wally big enough to plug this 16″ heart-shaped hole he has hidden below the Catch Cover:

Hope Manitobans don’t lose any “keepers” since they’ve gotta use barbless hooks:

Rapala found the secret (spot) to our hearts. Would guess that a “chrome red” Jigging Rap would do the trick:

Skip the flowers — check this lovely arrangement of freshwater shrimp guide Cody Roswick had spew up the hole on Devils Lake, ND:

The best (almost) save ever!!

Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this video from Zach Schultz now…but it’s a lot, and worth it every time:

Impressive effort! Almost made it:

Apparently Zach got his rod back an hour later and 100′ away…no fish attached though — dangit!

MEGA 120-lb sturgeon caught through the ice!!!

Can’t make this stuff up! Guide Darren Troseth (left) iced the new catch-and-release MN state record sturgeon outta the St. Croix River. Fish measured a ridiculous 78″ x 29.5″ and was estimated to be 120 lbs! Absolutely outrageous:

Get this: They had to drill 5 holes [!] to fit Mr. Big-Head through lol. Makes sense when you see the size of its dome — looks like a dang Volkswagen:

My favorite part of Darren’s video is when they finally get the thing through the hole and it just keeps comin’:

Fish was no fluke…Darren’s a dedicated sturgeon fisherman — was roughly his 15th time chasin’ em on the St. Croix this winter alone. Said he caught the freak using:

Rod: 40″ Wolfram Custom (designed for ice fishing sturgeon)
Reel: Okuma Ceymar C-40
Line: 40-lb Sufix
Lure: Homemade beads with treble hook
Bait: Fatheads and ‘crawlers

Darren also said in this St. Croix 360 write-up:

> “I finally caught the fish I dream about! I feel so blessed to be able to hold a fish like that and then release it back to fight another day.

> “I’m actually still on a pretty good adrenaline rush [3 days later]. Pretty sure I didn’t sleep much that night. I’ve seen many, many big sturgeon, but this one really wowed me. It’s fun to see the story get shared and this great fishery getting the attention it deserves.”

Well deserved, man! Wow!!

As seen at the Johnson Outdoors HQ.

Came across a fishy “story” on Luke Lovrek’s Instagram page and had to hound him about it. Luke is a content/marketing-nut at Johnson (= Humminbird, Minn Kota and many other brands) and posted a few pics from their HQ in Racine, WI that caught my eye…. ‘Cuz this whole fishin’ thing is more than just a hobby…it’s a lifestyle.

First up is a piece called “Full Alert Walleye” that makes it easy to see why the dang things can be so hard to catch sometimes lol:

Would probably give “Thug Bass” my lunch money before it even asked for it:

Luke said, “There’s a continuous office debate about which of these would win in a fight, in different situations.”

I’d probably have to give all of the rounds to “Black & Blue Fin Tuna” seeing as it’s one big Swiss Army knife lol:

Thx for the snaps, Luke!


1. ND lake named in honor of…

…slain northwest MN police chief, Jay Nelson, who served in both states:

> Previously unnamed and undeveloped, the ND GFD’s currently in the process of stocking [Jay Nelson Lake] with walleye to turn it into a fishery.


2. MN: Can keep walleyes on Mille Lacs this year.

Don’t know how many or what size, but DNR says they need to “strike a careful balance between expanding harvest opportunities and conserving the fishery for future.” Will be announcing the regs mid-March.

3. Merc has a 400hp Verado.

Wonder if we’ll see any NWT pros running ’em this year? Not sure any walleye boats are rated that high, though??

Don’t believe NWT rules state a max HP limit, but they do say:

> “The horsepower of the primary outboard engine must not exceed the maximum horsepower capacity specified on the placard.”

Gonna be several walleye pros puttin’ their heads together about how to get a 300hp cowling on it…lol.

4. Is your generator scaring fish away?

Might be. Noise is a bigger-er factor than you’d think…especially on the ice.

Brad Hawthorne has a little tip for you on the best place to put your “noise box” to make sure you’re not spooking fish:

Though I’ve seen how some of you “fish” out of a Yetti Fish House, and generator noise would be the least of your noise-level concerns lol. #Bumpin’ #Rowdy

**Anglers rejoice**

> The bill would also require the development of regulations to ban wake boats from specific public waters, taking into consideration existing opportunities for fishing….

7. Yammy changes some execs.

8. DC: Latest Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus starts up.

Did you blow it on Valentine’s Day? It’s not too late to make it right…. Have a shot at winning $345-ish worth of Okuma spinning reels!

Includes three Avenger ABF Baitfeeder Series spinning reels that are PERFECT for set-lines or deadsticks. They let you disengage the spool so the fish can run – then just flip the switch and your normal drag is engaged. Still the smallest “Baitfeeding” system in the industry and the perfect size for ice fishing!

Also gotcha covered with three limited edition Ceymar Tiara Spinning Reels. Hard to find, and even harder to put down when you feel how light and smooth (7BB + 1RB) they are!!

Same deal: Takes 10 seconds to enter — can share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck!

Headline of the Day

MN: Officers find Mille Lacs rife with over-fishing, drugs.

The Tony Kennedy Star Tribune write-up said:

> “Special enforcement this winter resulted in 146 citations and 213 warnings..20% of the writeups dealt with keeping fish illegally.”


Tip of the Day

Not all snowmobile oils are created equal — especially when it comes to running in extreme-cold temps. Knew it was important, but had no idea there was THIS big of a difference in cold-weather performance:

> “Oils that thicken at cold temperatures are difficult to pump and can fail to protect components. To protect your sled against wear, you need an oil proven to remain fluid and flow quickly in the harshest cold.”

The AMSOIL crew put their INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil in a head-to-head test against 3 competitors and the difference was straight-up crazy. Some of the others dang near turned to a solid…click the pic to watch the video:

Same thing can happen in your truck, if you’re using the “cheap” stuff.

Quote of the Day

Some days you wonder why they even bite your jig with the amount of shrimp coming out of their mouths.

– That’s Korey Sprengel talkin’ Devils Lake, ND jumbos of this stature:

Maybe ‘cuz:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Northern MN guide Reed Ylitalo thwacked this dirty-water #BogMonster on a “blue scale” color Lindy Glow Spoon. Fish is crazy tall:

Second Dose of ‘Eye Candy

Awesome shot from FishUSA’s Insta. Anyone else replace the roses and chocolate, with perch and ice yesterday?

Have a great weekend all!

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