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Best walleye vids ever, Bent rod pattern, Finesse crankbait tips

Today’s Top 4

Craziest walleye videos ever!

Believe it or not, there’s still places out there where walleyes jump in the boat like bass [lol]. Here’s the top 4 most insane walleye vids we’ve come across while scouring the interwebz:

1. Phil Nadjiwon captured a walleye feeding frenzy at Caribou Falls Lodge, ON that you’ve gotta see to believe. It’s what everyone says their spot looked like the day before the tournament:

2. Feeding walleyes by hand?! Would for sure want one of those stainless-steel Rapala Fillet Gloves on. #ChompChomp
3. The guy in this Brackish Water Outdoors video uses some shore-lunch leftovers to and nab [!] a 23″ walleye at Booi’s Fly-in Lodge on Trout Lake, ON:
4. Bill Lindner used an Aqua-Vu HD700i underwater camera to capture waves of walleyes sliding up to spawn. When we goin’, Billy?

Know anyone who fishes the bent-rod pattern?

TW’s Brett McComas was hooked up with a decent lake trout on Lake of the Woods, when someone saw the bent rod and decided it looked like a good spot to fish. Ever had anyone pull up this tight to you:

Okay: That’s his buddy, Ice Team pro Tommy Hicks, who loves him some on-ice shenanigans…. Some folks take fishin’ way too seriously!Fish was caught on a Clam Blade Spoon with a 15-lb Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon leader.


Ice is going off…time to bust out the other kinda flag.

TWI fan Thomas [no last name given!] took a mid-Feb stroll on Saginaw Bay with his Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards that produced some serious results. #Dedication

#FutureFishTacos gotta come from somewhere….


DIY portable ice-rod holder.

Chad Maloy was working smarter, not harder, while chasing greenbacks on Winnipeg:

Gotta mod that UTV with a Catch Cover and won’t even need to get out next time:



1. OH: Walleye festival brings in $3.8 mil…

…to the local Port Clinton economy. Thank you giant Lake Erie walleyes [heart-eye emoji].

Speaking of which, forget the “ball” drop in Times Square…how ’bout the Port Clinton, OH walleye drop!

2. MI/WI: Lac Vieux Desert ‘eye pop plummeting.

> DNR’s Steve Gilbert: “Little natural reproduction has occurred in the last 10 years, leaving adult walleye densities at the lowest level since recent record keeping began in 1990.”

They’re looking to increase the minimum size from 15″ to 18″, with a daily bag limit of 3.

3. WI: Sherman lakes chosen for walleye experiment.

To figure out why walleye populations are declining, while bass and panfish are boomin’. Global warming? Alien abductions? Walleye are the new bison?

Called the LIVETARGET Yearling Jerkbait. That one’s “pearl/violet shad,” but love the rest of their colors too.5. MN: Zippel Bay ice-out pike tourney.

Coming up on Apr 29th, they stick some bigguns!


Have a shot at winning this awesome his/hers Okuma prize pack — including the hard-to-find Avenger Baitfeeder reels and one o’ thise fancy sublimated jerseys! Just enter your email addy, then share the link you get for more chances to win. Good luck!


Meme of the Day

Got any buddies that are always breaking off on the big ones? Lol:




> Blame it on global warming or zebra mussels…walleyes are spending more time down deep. When the water’s cold…they can require a subtle presentation. These 4 tricks can help get finesse shallow-diving stickbaits in the face of those deep spring monsters.



> It’s a subtle presentation because the weight is distributed throughout the entire line. Slight speed changes will make a stickbait rise or drop in the water column, making it easier to get the lure working at your desired depth without hanging on the bottom.


3-way rigs

> The main line gets tied to one swivel eye, while a short leader and the stickbait are tied to a second eye. The swivel’s third eye gets another leader — or dropper line — or attaching the sinker that will get the stickbait to your desired depth.


> The most common mistake with three-way fishing is not using a sinker that’s heavy enough. You want to have your line out at no more than 45 degrees when the boat is running at trolling speed. Even though dropper lines are usually short, don’t be afraid to make them up to 4′ long.


Braided line

> Simply swapping the 10-lb mono on one reel with a small-diameter braid can get a trolled stickbait down an extra 5′ or 6′ because braid creates less drag in the water. Make sure you loosen the drag, as the lack of stretch makes it easier to rip the hook out of a fish’s mouth.

Snap weights

> Work wonders for getting a stickbait in the zone. They attach to your line via a clip that can be easily removed when fighting a fish. First let out anywhere from 15′ to 50′ depending on how deep you want your lure to dive. Once your length is set, clip a snap weight to the main line and send it down.


Read the full Field and Stream article here.

Quote of the Day

There’s some walleye-fisherman fuel: beef sticks and Mountain Dew.

– What James Holst said when picking up Eric Rehberg from the dock on the Mississippi River at Red Wing, MN — chasing pre-spawn ‘eyes with blades and rattle baits.

Vid’s from a few years back, but right on point for the coming weeks. Plus, you get to look back at the one time James considered growing out his facial hair:


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Sarah Trottier hoisting up the #DailyDouble — caught running Okuma Line Counters with MVP Sport Fishing somewhere on/around the Great Lakes:


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