Brett McComas

Top 4 most insane walleye videos

by Brett McComas

Believe it or not, there’s still places out there where walleyes jump in the boat like bass [lol]. Here’s the four craziest walleye vids we’ve ever come across while scouring the interwebz:

1. Epic walleye feeding frenzy

Phil Nadjiwon captured a walleye feeding frenzy at Caribou Falls Lodge, ON you’ve gotta see to believe. Also exactly what everyone says their spot looked like the day before the tournament:


2. Hand feeding walleyes

Feeding walleyes by hand?! Would for sure want one of those stainless-steel Rapala Fillet Gloves on. #ChompChomp


3. Catching walleyes by hand

The guy in this Brackish Water Outdoors video uses some shore-lunch leftovers to lure in — and nab [!] — a 23” walleye at Booi’s Fly-in Lodge on Trout Lake, ON:


4. Walleyes spawning underwater

Award-winning photographer Bill Lindner used an Aqua-Vu HD700i underwater camera to capture waves of walleyes sliding up to spawn. When we going, Bill?

Have a walleye- or ice-fishing video we’ve gotta see? Drop us an email and we’ll check it out!

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