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Fish stay shallow, 14-lber caught, Wart-nosed walleye

Today’s Top 5

WI 14-lber gets Okuma’d!

Erik Lennartz cracked this 14.2-lb (31″ x 21.5″) rock melon at Lake Nevuhtelja, WI. Would ya just look at it!

Sheesh that’s an oinker. Couldn’t get anymore details out of Erik, so we had to go all private investigator on his Instagram….

Clues: He posted shots of some custom-painted crankbaits and Okuma Cold Water Line Counters a few pics earlier:

Those Okumas are straight-up fishy. This finned-out razorback wanted to give Dorothy Normand’s lucky visor a test run:

Insta user @rexii348 Okuma’d this Rainy River walligator on a 3/8-oz Northland Tackle Metallic Eye-Ball Jig and plastic combo:

In case you missed Maxime Gilbert’s gunmetal rockcrawler in The 5 weirdest-colored walleyes post on – he stuck it using an Okuma Dead Eye Rod rigged with a Northland Tackle RZ Jig:

Have you Okuma’d any bigguns lately? Let us know here.

Shallow fish stay shallow all day?

Right now most of the fish you’re catching after dark will stay in those shallows all day. The difference is in the daytime they’re not actively feeding, so you need to target ’em differently:

> Al Lindner: “Early in the season, a lot of these fish don’t leave these shallow rocks [or weeds]. You can come up here with an underwater camera [during the day] and you’d be amazed how often you can look in 3-6′ and there’s walleyes all over…but they quit feeding and the deeper fish turn on.”

Al and Jimmy thwack ’em using VMC Hot Skirt Glow Jigs with boot-tail plastics to slow the drop speed — a minnow is going to fall faster and more erratic:

Wart-nosed walleye caught.

TW fan Kelley Kerling caught this Lake of the Woods walleye that was carrying a little extra baggage:

Called Lymphocystis, but is usually described as warts or tumors:

> Although the virus occurs naturally in the environment, infections occur at a much higher rate during cold periods in late winter and early spring.

> It’s not usually fatal to the fish unless it affects their feeding, breathing or a secondary infection occurs.

> Not known to infect humans…however, proper cooking of any freshwater fish is recommended. Dispose of uneaten portions by burying [lol] or in household waste.

Looks like a great time to practice catch-and-release lol, yuck:

Rock melons of the week!

Brian Hoese with a pair of spawned-out ladies from fishing opener on Leech Lake, MN. Said he caught ’em dragging rainbow chubs in 10′ on a Northland Tackle Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig:

Matt Mitchell popped this river monster crankin’ a Lunkerhunt Kraken Crankbait:

Jeff Andersen stuffed this Leech Laker pitching a 4″ Svartzonker Tackle McRubber Tail (UV perch) on a long-shank 3/8-oz jig. You’re having too much fun, man!

Shark jawbone found in Mississippi River, MN.

Joey Piskel was fishing the Mississippi River west of Grand Rapids, MN when he snagged a set of chompers that would scare the slime off a northern:

> Joey: “No way was it a decoration on a boat or anything because there was a lot of flesh still on it and the cartilage was still very flexible.

> “We put the jaw in some hydrogen peroxide and water to clean it up. Some of the flesh has come off and it no longer smells terrible.”

He brought it to the local DNR office where they later concluded it to be a sand shark. Lots of rumors flooding social media about how it got there, but clearly:



1. MT: Giant walleyes being kept a secret?

Kennie Williams and Travis Scott dominated the Crooked Creek Walleye Classic with a 2-day bag (10 fish) that weighed 82.85 lbs…nearly 40 lbs heavier than 2nd place! Get this: they had over a 10-lb average on day 1!!

Is Montana trying to keep their ridiculously-fat walleyes a secret? Here’s the only pic we could find of the winning team — their bag included a 32-incher and several other fish of a lifetime:

C’mon man, where the fish pics at?!

2. ND: Sakakawea NWT recap.

Ever had a chance to attend an NWT event? They start off each morning with the National Anthem and a prayer before take-off, then it’s game time. #Stout

Hope the Missouri Secrets Tackle guys who put together this video got the chance to do a little feeshin’ too?

3. SD: Guaranteed spot in the Mobridge ice tourney.

There’s usually a huge waiting list to fish the Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament on Lake Oahe…. Buuuut there’s 5 entries being raffled off during the Denny Palmer Memorial Classic on June 10.

4. MN: Even bass-heads can catch a bunch of walleyes…

…on Lake of the Woods right now. Word is up to 100 fish days with some bigguns mixed in. Full report here.

5. MT: 81 mil walleye eggs collected…

…at Fort Peck. Surpassed their goal by over 20 mil. We’ll take some of those genes over this way.

6. Staffing hitch shrinks walleye hatch.

> An entire fish-stocking season is being lost in Whiteshell and Nopiming provincial parks because of insufficient staffing at the provincially run Whiteshell Fish Hatchery.

Could mean a missing year class down the road.

7. Smooth Moves seat in action on big water.

Like having your chiropractor right in the boat, but way less weird lol:

Gitcha one here.

Tip of the Day

> On the natural lakes of the upper Midwest, walleyes typically spawn in depths of 1-4′ over gravel bars, mixed gravel and sand flats, then when they’re done, they drop off to the edges.

> Male walleyes will linger near the spawning sites, and females will slip out into 4-12′. Some will slide farther down the break, but they’ll still move up mornings and evening to feed.

> By far, the best spots will be those with new-growth cabbage, coontail, sand grass, etc.

> May through July I’m watching my Side Imaging for scattered areas of emerging cabbage weeds, which may be nothing more than foot-wide isolated clumps of inch-tall stuff, but hold food.

Keep reading here. When we going, Bro?

Quote of the Day

Post-spawn male walleyes behave like teenage boys who have been coerced into taking a buddy’s fat sister to the high school prom: After the dance they can hardly wait to collect on the promised beer and pizza reward….

– Opening to Ted Peck’s post-spawn walleye article. Gotta hand it to him for originality! Maybe something in Ted’s past he needs to work on…lol.

Yes, we’ve run this before but still funny as heck….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Gaw-jus Rainy Lake chameleon caught by Grant Sorensen of Superior Angling Co. Looks like it took on the colors of Grant’s Onyx Thunder Rage suit:


Deer subdued at Wadena Walmart.

Not again? Lol. You know it’s a good hunting area when you can stick one at a Wally World! Tom Grasswick said, “I figured I was bigger than the deer so I’d win that wrestling match.” He did:

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