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Wedding walleyes, 14-lber caught, Doggy days of summer

Today’s Top 5

Wedding walleyes!

Made a trip up to Lake of the Woods last weekend and DIDN’T take the boat with?! Don’t worry, was still plenty of fishin’ talk…. Had a buddy (Travis DeWitt) who guides out of Ballard’s Resort get hitched — this is how you tie the knot!

No matter what time of year it is, they’re chasin’ Lake of the Woods gold, bronze, or “salt and pepper”:

By the looks of it, you better get used to this feeling man:

It’s a good problem to have lol. Congrats you two!

Wow! Massive 14-lber caught!!

Tim Geni thwacked himself a 14.1-lb (32″) Tobin Lake, SK monster prefishing for the Premier’s Walleye Cup! Fish was released for someone else to catch. #Dibs

Caught her dragging a prototype PK lure and bottom-bouncer in 20′. Get this: That’s his 9th fish over 14 lbs so far…said he might slow down once he gets the 10th lol.

Looking forward to seeing what PK Lures is coming out with for open water. The 3/8-oz “red dot glow” PK Spoon is always tied on anytime I hit the ice.

Why every walleye angler needs to carry soft-plastics.

Lots of “fake” options out there and more every day. Important because:
  • Don’t have to worry about keeping ’em alive
  • Bluegills/perch/bass can’t peck ’em off
  • Keeps you fishing (not re-baiting) when the school’s hot
The list goes on and on….
Few faves I think every walleye angler should have in their boat are the Impulse 4″ Rig’N Leech, 6″ Nightcrawler and 4″ Smelt Minnow (left to right):

Talkin’ a few specifics on when/why I use each one in this Northand Tackle video:

Our kinda “dog days” of summer.

Jake Kaprelian and Cameryn’s fur baby helped dial ’em in — ran cranks to locate the fish then Shiver’d ’em up:

Finally someone willing to lend a helping hand paw cleaning Bret Alexander’s fish:

“Dis is mine”:

Steve Kuchenberg found out his dog Reggie’s favorite Shiver Minnow color is “glow bloody nose”:

Can’t tell who’s more proud:

“Sharpshooting” walleyes with Rapala Jigging Raps.

Uncut Angling’s Aaron Wiebe is pretty okay at “fishing for fish,” but have you ever seen him go “hunting for fish?” He idles around with his electronics looking for big, individual marks before hitting ’em in the head with a Rapala Jigging Rap:

He was using a gold #7 Rapala Jigging Rap on that all-day mission, fishing for two specific bites…only because he lost one of ’em.

If you’re in too much of a rush and didn’t watch the vid…it paid off!


1. New Otter X-Over Series ice shacks.

Converts from front to side doors en segundos:

Ice Force pro Steve Thompson said they also changed the way the crossbars are put together. No more screws — been replaced with an “EZ Lock Assembly” that reduces frame assembly time by 75%.

2. Only 5 days left…

…to get in on the early-bird prize drawing for the Fishing Careers Workshop — gotta sign up by Aug 20 to be entered:

Breaking into the biz isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is something that happens — especially with the power of social media nowadays! Learn how from a stacked lineup at the 2nd-ever Fishing Careers Workshop happenin’ Oct 27 near Brainerd, MN.

3. SK: Husband/wife team wins Premier’s Walleye Cup.

Randy and Kari Wihlidal who won the same Tobin Lake event 13 years ago.

4. MI 7th-graders donate tourney profits to hospital.

Atta boys!

5. MB: 122 walleyes seized in Lynn Lake.

C’mon people!

6. SD: TIPs program responsible for 146 arrests…

…over the last year. Had 261 calls into the Turn In Poachers (TIPs) hotline from peeps that saw illegal fishing, hunting or trapping acts goin’ on…resulted in “146 arrests, $31K in fines and $57.4K in liquidated civil damages.” #GetEm

7. MN: How zeebz are changin’ fishing.

Talkin’ the Alexandria area, but seeing similar changes in other areas too.

8. MN: Starry stonewort found in Pleasant Lake.

That’s an invasive algae, not a Harry Potter character….

9. WI: Prairie and Pokegama walleye pop estimates.

10. Gunpowder agency hiring 4 positions.

Same marketing magicians working with Costa, Humminbird, Minn Kota, Mercury Marine, Cabela’s, GoPro, Under Armour and others. #HeavyHitters

11. Guy gets patent for light on Talon/Power-Pole.

12. ND: Youth Outdoor Fest, Minot, Aug 30.

Tip of the Day

Check the full AnglingBuzz write-up here, few snippets below:

> [The best night lakes are] typically gin-clear, have deep-water rock structures and big walleyes. They also have suspended daytime walleye, lots of cisco and whitefish, a few weeds and deep rock bars. The walleyes we catch at night never get close to a lure during the day.

> Target hard-bottom humps and bars that top off in 10-25′. Walleyes inactive during the day know exactly which bars offer food. These bars can go from having no action before the sun sets to being super hot after the sun goes down.

> Night fishing is not like daytime fishing when you run from spot to spot. There’s not enough time after dark. Have the first spot and two alternatives picked out before you reach the lake. If the first spot fails shortly after dark, move to the second. If you need to try the third, the night is over. Go to bed.

> When moon rises, you can actually feel a change in pressure and see the wind swirling to create a chop. Walleyes feed recklessly for a few minutes. It’s a golden opportunity for big fish.

> Set rigs 3-7′ off the bottom. The walleyes that were suspended during the day move over the tops of the bars, but they don’t hug the bottom. If you fish too deep, you can miss the biggest fish.

> When a bobber goes under, watch the bobber light’s direction of travel. Is it going deeper, shallower or is it staying the same as the walleye moves off? That can be a hint on how to fine tune the depth. Big walleye travel slowly.

> My top night producer is a Thill Nite Brite float rigged with a 1/16-oz Mr. Slip Bobber Jig Bug tipped with a whole nightcrawler. That makes a big target. Jumbo leeches and big chubs also catch nighttime fish, but there’s just something about the whole ‘crawler after dark.

Quote of the Day

If the fishing’s great all summer, do you really need to keep 50-100 walleyes when you’re only going to use 20?

– What ND fisheries chief Greg Power said about those freezer-burned fillets you’re squatting on….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love this shot from Insta user @let_em_run_outdoors — straight-up cheezin’!

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