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Planer board tricks, How Takasaki fizzes, Vertical Rippin Raps

Today’s Top 5

White-tips of the week!

Bryan McDowell puttin’ the Phantom Lures Boogey 9s to work on Fort Peck for the Montana Governor’s Cup. Bait’s wide horizontal profile creates a beefy target and moves a pile of water — its skinny vertical profile produces wicked slashing tail movement. Fish went 29.25″ and was released to get even more bigger-er:

Looks like it ^ was caught on the “fathead” color. ‘Nother one of my faves is the always-tasty “purple tiger.” #Dibs

Shelby Ross guided Bill Mitchell to a 29″ Potholes Reservoir (eastern WA) slob pulling Slow Death on a sand break in 9′. Fish was released = #Stout

Type of smile you get after breaking your PB walleye 3 times in one weekend — trolling a “purple bumble bee” color Bagley Deep Diving Minnow B:

The mono “loop trick” for planer boards.

The Fishing 411 TV crew is dialed-in on trolling with Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards. Their “loop trick” makes it easier to trip the line for switching out lures or fighting a small fish. Full write-up here, few excerpts below:

> Most anglers are going to bury the line all the way to the back of the rubber pads on the OR19 release and also behind the pin on the OR16 Snap Weight Clip. [This] requires an aggressive snap of the rod to trip this heavy-tension release.

> A better method’s to grab the line near the rod tip with your thumb and forefinger and twist the line around your finger to create a small loop with a few twists. Place the twisted line into the OR19 release leaving about 1/2″ to 3/4″ of the loop extending outside the release. Then place the line behind the pin on the OR16.

> Allows the board to remain firmly on the line while trolling even at high speeds and in rough water. The instant a fish is hooked, the line can be smoothly released by giving the rod tip a little snap. Larger fish [typically] trip the release at the strike.

> Allows the board to plane when necessary and makes it easier to trip or release the board to switch out lures, fight fish, etc. Even better,

> Once the line is tripped from the tow-arm release, the board spins around in the water and is now connected to the line via the OR16 Snap Weight Clip. Because the board is no longer planing, it quickly drops back out of the board formation allowing that line to be retrieved without having to clear other inside board lines!

More deets here.

How Ted Takasaki “fizzes” fish.

“Fizzing” is a process used to deflate the air bladder of fish caught outta deep water. Controversial topic, but Ted Takasaki brings up a great point:

> “…Fizzing gives fish the best chance of living vs lying on the surface for the seagulls or getting filleted for supper.”

Lol spot on Ted. As always: check your local regs — it’s not legal in all states! Here’s a short-but-great vid of exactly how/why he fizzes:

Speaking of which, there’s a few other occasions when you DON’T wanna hear that same bubbling/fizzing sound either:

Rippin’ Rap vs Jigging Rap.

Ever tried vertical jigging a Rapala Rippin’ Rap? There’s times when Joel Nelson says they work even more better-er than Jigging Raps:

Joel really likes the #6 Rippin’ Raps which are 2.5″ and weigh 1/2 oz. You probably already have a few in the box from ice fishing….

Never know what you’ll stumble across while scowering the interwebz…

Came across these shots on The Ontario Experience’s FB page of Dan and Connor Craven gettin’ their blue walleye on:

Heads up guys – some sketchy dude named Gargamel keeps asking for you:

Andy Walsh caught himself a “reverse redfish” pulling Salmo Freedivers on Mille Lacs. Hadn’t heard of the bait before so looked it up — found out it can be trolled down to dang near 50′ on its own?! Wowza:

Dropping BaitCloud (fish-attracting super balls) might bring the fish to you…but with ’em comes guys fishing the “bent-rod pattern.” One way to keep ’em off your hot spot:

Love this Chris Hockley shot, but it for sure gets “go-go-gadget arm of the day” lol:

Pretty sure Zac Watson’s boys are hooked for life — does it get any better than this?!


1. WI: Green Bay MWC results.

Took over a 7-lb average on 10 fish to win her. #Stacked

Kavajecz and his son took 2nd place “fishing on the run.” Said they’d drive around structure and only stop when they’d graph big, thick marks.

Then he’d move up wind, put his MotorGuide Xi5 into “anchor mode” and cast #3 Moonshine Shiver Minnows back to the fish in 20-25′. Fished ’em with a hard stroke and let it crash to the bottom — caught 50% of the fish they stopped for.

> Keith: “Tails out of weigh bag = a good thing! 2-fisted basket = a great thing. Weighing over 40 lbs with your son = priceless!”

Best color Shiver Minnows were “metallic emminator” and “holographic topper” when it was sunny — “shell bell” and “glow bloody nose” when cloudy.

Congrats guys!

2. Al Lindner > cartoons.

Most of us grew up watching Al (instead of cartoons!) and dreaming of making a living in the fishing industry. It isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is something that happens.

There’s more ways to break into the biz than you’d think — especially nowadays! Learn how at the Fishing Career Workshop and maybe even win ya some prizes if you register before Aug 20. #Dibs

3. MN: Training bugs to control milfoil???

> “On Christmas Lake, students are learning to raise [weevils] to control an invasive water milfoil.”
What could go wrong…. #AsianBeetles

4. OH: Lake Erie perch bite is on.

5. New Rat-L-Trap colors comin’.

Don’t know if a ‘Trap is offered in the most colors of any bait, but there’s a PILE:

Have 22 more coming this fall [!] including some matte ones. Check the “Big Bones” series (left is “retro red bones”) and the “Clear Trap” series (right is “mean green tiger craw”):

6. Bass Pro/Cabela’s combo store on the way.

Comin’ to Rogers…AR….sorry MN peeps lol.

7. Johnson Outdoors has record Q3 sales.

Johnson = Humminbird, Minn Kota and many other brands.

8. Bass Pro named 2nd hottest retailer in ‘Merica.

According to a National Retail Federation list.

Have a shot at winning this $160-ish pile of Yo-Zuri loot, including the brand new Freshwater Crystal Minnow and Deep Diver Walleye series! Same as before: Click here to enter. Share the link you get for more chances to win. Good luck!!

Tip of the Day

It’s easy to tell when you’ve got a big walleye on since it rips the board back, but a ‘tattle flag‘ helps you know when you’ve got a small fish on so you don’t accidentally drag the little bugger around:

Pretty important unless you’re tryin’ to catch bigger cannibalistic walleyes:

Btw – Brad Hawthorne caught the mean-lookin’ critter on the left…and somehow managed to keep all his phalanges.

Quote of the Day

Rapala RipStops should come with a choking hazard.

– Cory Campbell’s spot-on caption under this snap:

Crossed its eyes with the new bigger #12 (4.75″, 1/2-oz) Rapala RipStop.

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