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Ron Lindner tribute, LiveScope is cheating, Augers are getting lighter

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Ron Lindner 1934-2020: A celebration of one incredible life.
Big thx to Lindner’s Angling Edge for putting together an amazing video tribute for Ron Lindner — filled with pics and videos I guarantee you’ve never seen before — and sharing with the rest of us:

> “Anyone who crossed paths with Ron Lindner is aware of his extraordinary life, successful career, and tremendous faith in the Lord.

> “To millions of anglers, he was an inspiration. But most importantly, he was Dolores’s husband, a father, brother, grandfather, great-great-grandfather — and a friend to many.

> “We hope you enjoy this video featuring photos of Ron’s early years, an overview of a successful career, plus an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with this truly unique and amazing man that was a blessing to every life he touched.”

For those of you asking, the Future Angler Foundation is holding a fundraiser in memory of Ron. More info on that here.
Ridiculous 15-lber caught!
Wow, just wow!!! TW fan @danny_bacon_77 should probably nickname this Lake Huron slob “Dimensions” considering it was 31″ long x 20.5″ girth:
She virtually topped-out the scale at 15.23 lbs! Few details from Danny:

> We used Side Imaging to work rockpiles/points off islands…pitching jigs tipped with big minnows and flukes…dragging the bottom shallow-to-deep (18′ to 25′). Water temp was cold at 39°F. We got a few yesterday and today [that were] 25-27″ and they looked small bud lol. Love to give a shout-out to the jig maker, close friend of mine Junction Tackle Company and my buddy Matt Elis (you guys posted one of his ‘eyes last month).

Consider them “shouted” man! And BIG congrats on the fish of a lifetime!!

I finally hit the hard stuff!
I was missing open water — was — right up until that first hookset of the 20/21 hardwater season! 🥶 Made the trek up to Upper Red Lake in northern MN the other day. Was able to knock the dust off and lean into some shallow-water waldos. Gettin’ to be a lot of “grown ones” in URL right now too:
Rattlebaits aren’t just a Lake Winnipeg thing…they were chowing that #6 Rapala Rippin’ Rap in the “helsinki shad” color.

You might’ve noticed that I also added a VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble to the front belly hook — they were lovin’ it. Lots of tiny shiners around that had that same profile and flash, like this one a fish spit up in the hole:

We caught ’em anywhere from 7-10′, with the deeper end of that being the most consistent.

The catching was fun [!!!] but was equally pumped to finally test out some new gear that I’ve been drooling on all summer….

Speaking of new stuff…
Lot to get to, but here’s a couple that big-time stood out to me on that first hardwater trip of the season:

StrikeMaster Lithium 24v

I’ve been beating the snot out of the StrikeMaster Lithium 40v for 4 years now = absolutely the best auger I have ever ran! So was pumped to hear SM came out with a lightweight run-and-gun version of that already proven ice-cutter: called the StrikeMaster Lithium 24v. Finally had the chance to get her on the ice and thing’s legit! More info and my first impressions here:

Didn’t keep track of how many holes we cut that day, but we drilled for miles — from sunrise to sunset — and still had 2/3 battery left when the day went dark.

LiveScope is cheating
And I wish I would’ve been a cheater years ago lol!
No doubt you’ll have to cough up a ridiculous amount of coin to get your hands on a Garmin LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle — believe me, I can still relate to this meme:
But after using one, I actually feel stupid for not getting one earlier. It’s seriously THAT insane. The term “game changer” gets thrown around a lot in the fishing biz, but IMO Garmin could’ve actually named LiveScope the “Game Changer” instead and I’d be 100% good with it.

I’m still dialing-in the best way to record the live action for you — and have tons of footage to go through — but here’s a little teaser in the meantime. #Got’Em!

If you’ve been on the fence about “investing” in one, you absolutely won’t regret it. Can check ’em out here on FishUSA. The last time I felt that type of way (straight-up giddy and mind blown!) about catching a fish was when I was watching burbot come up and eat the bait right in front of an underwater camera. #RealLifeVideoGames

Btw – Also wanted to say a big thank YOU to everyone that helped us hit 20K subscribers on the Target Walleye YouTube channel! You’re going to be seeing waaaay more videos this ice season — coming your way ASAP. Thx so much!

Gator alert!
In case you were flirting with the idea that year-round warm weather would be nice…check out these screenshots Troy Hicks captured on Lake Fork with his MEGA 360 Imaging. #CountMeOutForSwimming
Sheesh! Fishing electronics are getting out of control…in a reeeeally good way.

Wasn’t that long ago when fish symbols/alarms were THE big thing lol:


Case you didn’t know:

> The Angle is part of MN, but just barely. To get there by road…customers have to cross into Canada, drive north for about an hour, then cross back into the U.S. — 2 international border crossings — both of which are closed right now in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So ’til the border opens back up (no one knows when that will be) the only way to get to and from the NW Angle has by boating 40-ish miles across Lake of the Woods — staying on the U.S. side of water.

And now resorts are coming together to make an ice road from the south end of Lake of the Woods to the Northwest Angle mainland:

> Joe Henry: “These resorts are uniting and doing everything they can to bring some commerce to the Northwest Angle, which has been cut off from society other than a 40-mile boat ride all year long. We’re looking for another way to try and preserve these Northwest Angle resorts that have already lost their spring, summer and fall. We had to do something.”

The amount of hours…days…that are going to be spent behind the wheel of a plow truck to keep the road open are mind blowing. More info on that here.

2. MN DNR says ice derbies can be “spreader events.”

> It’s not yet official, but the MN DNR “in all likelihood” will not issue permits for ice fishing contests with more than 250 participants this winter as COVID-19 cases continue to increase.

> “You can drill holes 10′ apart to spread out on the lake, but there’s always pinch points and gathering points. A lot of these events have a big tent set up for weigh-ins, they have a beverage and hospitality tent, they have a raffle tent.

> “So even if you’re spread out, you’re going to get a lot of people in a small area, especially if it’s cold.”

Which is why the world’s largest charitable ice-fishing derby is going virtual.

Meanwhile, ND says they’re not changin’ for no one (lol).

3. Yetti Fish Houses is a-growin’!

> “We’re excited to announce our recent expansion, a new 30,000 sq. ft. finishing facility located in Pine River, MN! All Yetti Fish Houses will now be 100% completed in-house by Yetti’s parent company, Voyager Industries! We look forward to continuing our industry-leading customer service and quality, inside and out!”

And in case you hadn’t heard, Yetti added a massive 24′ fish house to their lineup this season. Go big or go home, and Yetti’s not going home! Sleeps 7-9 peoples:

> …he would reward me if I beat him. It might have been a fishing rod, a $100 bill, pick 10 lures out of Al’s tackle box.

5. Nebulus is going out of business.

Bummed to hear! We’ve mentioned ’em before…their emergency flotation devices start out looking like a handbag, but turn into an inflatable-orange raft thingamajigger when the cord is pulled. One of those pieces of equipment that you hope to never have to use, but definitely a lifesaver if/when you do. Surprised all sleds/ATVs in the ice belt wouldn’t just come with one.

6. IDO’s building a new space.

7. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Called THE PROTECTOR Phone Tether from Rogue Fishing. And all I ask is that you leave at least 1 in stock at FishUSA so that I can snag it after I finish Target-Walleye things up today (lol):

On the northeast end of the lake through the Boulder Creek walk-in access and parking lot.

9. Rapala is taking 13 Fishing worldwide.

10. MN: Upper Red Lake named…

…a top ice-fishing destination in the U.S. from FishingBooker. Although Silver Lake in CALIFORNIA [???] was another on top of their list — which I had never heard of — so I guess I have some digging to do….

11. Catch Co gets another $6 mil in funding.

> …it has closed a $6 million funding round, led by existing investor Listen Ventures.

> Catch Co continues to see rapid growth…year-over-year growth rates approaching 100%. Catch Co expects to deliver over 2.5 million Mystery Tackle Boxes in 2021 and anticipates membership to its Karl’s Bait & Tackle ecommerce site to surpass 50,000 anglers in 2021 — a 500% increase since its 2018 launch.

> Part of the capital raise will go toward investing in new product categories, like…expansion of its first-ever fishing rod…. Highlights

> Special Holiday Issue: Gotta have ice fishing stuff!

> Lake Oahe teener, Underwater strikes vid, Gators gone wild

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Tip of the Day
Tom shows how he sets up his Beaver Dam Tip-Ups, or as he likes to call ’em — “day-savers” — when things get tough:
Meme of the Day
Hope your weekend includes some non-cliche fishing pics. 😉
Shot of the Day
That time Mother Nature decided to give CO fishin’ guide Bernie Keefe a little reminder of who’s in control:
Don’t you just love the highs and lows of ice fishing? Crazy to think about the type of stuff we’re willing to sit through — for hours or even days on end — just to catch a fish through a dang hole in the ice LOL!

Ice fishers are definitely a different breed, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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