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NWT stat breakdown, Beards catch more, Fish of the Week

Today’s Top 4

Walleye cheeks of the week!

TW fan Jeff Kwasny with a 34″ x 19″ bulbous beef brisket he stuck outta SK’s Lake Diefenbaker. Said he was using a Lindy Lil’ Guy with a nightcrawler and released her to get eeeeven more bigger-er:

Steve Kuchenberg fooled this Bay De Noc 29-incher — that was almost as big as his wife’s fish 😉 — with a Moonshine Shiver Minnow:

Steve’s better-half Sarah Kuchenberg cracked this 31.5″ Green Bay rock melon while trolling a crawler harness with a Northland Tackle Baitfish-Image Blade (golden shiner) and green/orange beads:

Insta user @allisonlovestolift trading out the dumbbells for some walleye cheeks:

“Sharpshooting” walleyes with Rapala Jigging Raps.

Uncut Angling’s Aaron Wiebe is pretty okay at “fishing for fish,” but have you ever seen him go “hunting for fish?” He idles around with his electronics looking for big, individual marks before hitting ’em in the head with a Rapala Jigging Rap:
He was using a gold #7 Rapala Jigging Rap on that all-day mission, fishing for two specific bites…only because he lost one of ’em 😉
For those of you that are in a rush and didn’t watch the vid…it paid off:

Beards catch more walleyes.

Can’t find any hard statistics on it for some reason, but…well….

Here’s all the proof you need:

Brian Klein night wrassled in this buttah hawg on a #7 Rapala Rippin’ Rap:

Corrado F. caught and released this ON crawler-harness-eatin’ 30-incher:

Waterfowler Bill Saunders has a soft spot (and beard) for catching big glass eyes:

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it:

Complete NWT breakdown.

With the NWT Championship on Green Bay next week, John Balla combed through data from the 19 tourneys from 2013 to 2017 and broke down: the highest average finish, # of top tens, checks cashed, winning techniques and way more.

Never seen anything like it in walleye fishing, so props to John!! And thanks for letting us be the ones to bring it to the walleye world. Click right here to check it out.


1. MN: Mille Lacs open to walleye fishing NOW.

Unless something crazy happened (again) in the last couple hours while we were working on this email lol.

2. MN: Tentative MTT schedule for 2018.

MS Pool 4, Big Stone, Mille Lacs, Winnie, Lake of the Woods…sick.

3. Have you seen this yet?

A live-bait container called the Bait Up. Has dual lids with a floating basket that brings the minnows/leeches/whatever up to the top. Looks slick, especially for keeping your hands dry while ice fishing:

4. MN: Lake of the Woods fishing report.

August is big fish month on LOW! Spinners/crawlers and trolling crankbaits in 28-31′ has been getting it done on fish like this one outta Cyrus Resort:

He should probably sign up for South Shore Classic on Sep 2.

5. ND: Devils Lake fishing report.

Can catch ’em a variety of ways right now: pulling leadcore, with Jigging Raps or even slip-bobbers. Read the detailed report right here and maybe gitcha one like Brenda Picht’s:

6. ND: Devils Lake walleye school.

An electronics walk-through with Doc Sonar and Johnnie Candle? Dibs.

7. Courts winning extra $$$ just ‘cuz…

…he’s running a Toyota and/or Leer truck cap in a handful of different walleye tourneys. Free money is good money. More info here.

8. New Humminbird Ice Helix units.

Brings CHIRP technology to ice, plus mapping and a zillion other features.

9. Cabela’s blames Q2 dip on Gander liquidation.

Headline of the Day

Creek Chub honored by state of Indiana.

Guess it’s the name of a long-standing bait shop…not the prized walleye candy.

Tip of the Day

The Fishing 411 crew is dialed-in on trolling with planer boards. Their “loop trick” makes it easier to trip the line for switching out lures or fighting a small fish. Full write-up here, few excerpts below:

> Most anglers are going to bury the line all the way to the back of the rubber pads on the OR19 release and also behind the pin on the OR16 Snap Weight Clip. Rigged in this manner…it requires an aggressive snap of the rod to trip this heavy-tension release.

> A better method is to grab the line near the rod tip with your thumb and forefinger and twist the line around your finger to create a small loop with a few twists. Place the twisted line into the OR19 release leaving about 1/2- to 3/4-inch of the loop extending outside the release. The line is then placed behind the pin on the OR16 to finish the rigging job.

> This allows the board to remain firmly on the line while trolling even at high speeds and in rough water. The instant a fish is hooked, the line can be smoothly released by simply giving the rod tip a little snap. Larger fish [typically] trip the release at the strike.

> Allows the board to plane when necessary and makes it easier to trip or release the board to switch out lures, fight fish, etc. Even better,

> Once the line is tripped from the tow-arm release, the board spins around in the water and is now connected to the line via the OR16 Snap Weight Clip. Because the board is no longer planing, it quickly drops back out of the board formation allowing that line to be retrieved without having to clear other inside board lines!

Meme of the Day

Lake Nevuhtellja:


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Here’s 15 lbs of dream come true caught on a Rapala Slab Rap outta Wekusko Falls Lodge, MB. #BucketList


Can’t make this stuff up. Guess the YouTube vids of big trout were too much for a guy to handle, so he’s fighting to get access to the camping permits to find out what lake the trout were coming out of. #Aggressive
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