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Merp walleye parade, Jigging Rap to the hand, Halloween meets fishing

Everyone welcome Yetti Fish Houses to Target Walleye/Ice! They make in-freakin’-credible wheelhouses for ice-heads! If you’ve never been in one, you gotta!! I’m drooling over their 8×17′ Grand Escape Edition…a hydraulic, tandem-axle, ice-fishin’ paradise.

Having a (B-E-A-utiful) 2-month-old daughter, I’m thinking a wheelhouse may be the only way I get to ice-fish this season lol…otherwise someone’s stuck back home banking up the Netflix hours….

Know a bunch of you read these emails from your own wheelhouses all winter long, so gonna try and bring you more hard-house schtuff going forward: The what/where/when/why of dropping where you drop, and how to get more slime on those floors. Thx for reading!

Today’s Top 5

Question of the day….

Would you rather bury a Rapala Jigging Rap in your hand, or in your fish-sexy Simms jacket? Both equally painful in very different ways — Dane Heid took this one in stride:

Few of my favorite comments under that post:

  • Hand – time does not heal the Simms jacket [crying-laughing emoji]
  • I’ll give a “hand” to Rapala, they have sharp hooks.
  • Buried a Jigging Rap in my bare foot while attempting to reach back for my lucky hat…flew off my dome while flying across the lake.

Btw that sorta thing can (and does) happen to anyone.

Dane’s the head honcho at veteran-owned DH Custom Baits, so he’s probably been stuck more than he’d like to admit while swappin’ out trebles on walleye snacks.

Here’s his standard #SundayFunday — heads up MB greenbacks, he’s comin’ for you!

Everyone wins when fishing meets Halloween.

Reminder: If you’ll be celebrating All Hallows Eve with the kiddos tonight — or you’re a big kid at heart — send in those fishy Halloween pics here! Maybe get yourself added to this running list of our 14 favorite fishy halloween pics. Few others we’ve seen floating around the interwebz lately below…

Corey Clark of Mixin it up Outdoors hooked up 17-month-old Leland with his first Ranger. Decked out with a MotorGuide Xi5 and a big-boy Merc Pro XS. Heard he can dump her in using his mirrors (take note over-the-shoulder-lookers) and is already winning local daycare derbies:

Anyone else on last-minute pumpkin duty after work? If you don’t have time, just sprinkle a half dozen of these Lindy Glow Spoons ’round the front yard:

Big-pike junkie Andy Nemo Winder’s been mugging scaring up a few freshwater gators. #Yikes

Check these bad boys poured out of a Do-It Mold and dolled up by the Big Sky Flies and Jigs crew:

Would you fish this bait?

If it ^ caught giant zombie-like walleyes — of course!

Packing your wheelhouse for highway travel.

THIS is why you guys with permie shacks need to pile all the heavy stuff (generator, auger, bucket full of 15″ crappies lol) towards the front of your fish house — instead of in the back — when towing it home:

Mustang isn’t the best tow vehicle option out there?

Here’s a good time to mention that tandem-axle Yetti Fish House I talked about up top! Of course not necessary, but tandems pull like a dream.

Merp the walleye spotted!

Our old friend “Merp” the walleye was caught again — this time Glen Armitage found him hiding in Manitoba’s Lake of the Prairies:

Could “merps” be more common than we think? Maybe they’re (understandably) way more difficult to hook and so we just don’t see as many caught. #MerpParade

Why didn’t I think of that? [chin-scratch emoji]

Don’t forget to bring your Otter Sled with you to deer camp:

Ice Force pro Will Roseberg is smarter than he looks. Kiddin’ man! Sort of…lol!!


1. MN: Mille Lacs winter limit set.

[Dramatic pause] ONE walleye!

> “…allowed to keep 1 walleye per day that’s between 21-23″, or over 28″. There are no live-bait restrictions….”

Rumor has it local clean-up crews are still at it:

More info in the “Headline of the Day” below.

2. ND: Devils Lake water levels still dropping.

> …lake covered 45K acres in 1993…at its peak level, spread over 200K…[now] an estimated 50K acres of once-flooded farmland is back in production.

3. Berman/Quintano win PMTT World Championship.

That’s the Professional Musky Tournament Trail. The top 40 teams registered 68 muskies — Spencer Berman and Mathew Quintano had 10 of ’em (new record), and won a $50K boat package:

> “…casting a windblown, baitfish covered, break-line point on Lake Webster with magnum and pounder Bulldawg lures in gold/black color pattern.”

Impressive fellas!

4. New Clam ice gear for the 18/19 season…

…now in stock. Bluetooth LED Hub Light, new float suits, hub shacks with thermal floors (finally!), Ultimate Ice Backpack, Glow Leech Flutter Spoons and more:

5. OH: Lake Erie was bluer than expected this summer.

After a “relatively mild” algae bloom.

6. You seen this BaitCloud video yet?

Looks like every dang bass in the lake came up snoopin’ on it:

If you didn’t know, BaitCloud is a fish-attracting ball you toss in the H20 to bring the fish to you. As always: Check your local regs!

Would lose my mind if I saw the same thing go down with walleyes. They do make a walleye version, so maybe one day….

7. Sturgeon pass hooks and terminal tackle just fine?

Tough to believe when you’re using a 5/0 VMC 7384 Sport Circle Hook:

But according to this study they do:

> …a significant portion of the long-lived fish have hooks and other fishing tackle in their digestive tracts, but they seem to be able to process and pass the metal without harm. The metal eventually breaks down from oxidation.

> DuPont said 1 sturgeon sampled during the study had 14 pieces of fishing gear in it. …caught in the fall, appeared skinny and he wondered if it would survive the winter. However, the fish was recaptured in the spring and had passed most of the metal and returned to a normal weight.

Things are freakin’ incredible. Already looking forward to chasing ’em on the Rainy River again next spring.

8. DC: Senators want Corps to spend $50 mil on Asian carp.

To prevent ’em from getting into the Great Lakes. #ChaChing!

9. Sea-Doo’s making a fishin’ jet ski.

Looking forward to fighting these things off the spot?

Headline of the Day

Gains noted in Mille Lacs walleye population.

Turns out the walleye population has nearly tripled over the last 5 years. Surprise, surprise…. Weird how there was so much talk — just last year — that numbers were waaaay down, but you can’t grow 14-20″ walleyes overnight….

> The abundance of walleye 14″ and longer in the lake recently was estimated at 727K fish, up significantly from population estimates in 2013-2014 when walleye stocks were measured at around 250K fish.

The “bulk” was there the whole time, was just hidden under…baggy clothes?

Tip of the Day

Already talking ice-fishin’ tips with Jason Mitchell, ‘cuz anyone can catch a walleye right now so long you’re willing to bundle up and get out (lol). Full write-up here, few excerpts below:

> The biggest fish are often the dominant fish in that particular school. They eat first and eat the most. The little fish don’t usually get to eat until the big fish are done. Guess who gets caught first?

> Community holes [can be] very difficult to catch the largest fish in unless you get to them first. You see it every winter — the first people on the ice catch some nice fish, and then the size of the fish drops off through the winter.

> If you want to catch the largest panfish beyond first ice, find fish that are not using the community spots. Might mean finding an unassuming lake that doesn’t have a reputation or is difficult to access…look for a secondary basin or figure out the small details like an inside turn or soft-bottom point.

> Don’t overthink fishing…success is often simply leaving the pack and drilling holes over fresh ice. Moving 50 yards away from the crowd can often produce a nicer class of fish. As a rule of thumb, some of the first fish you pull off a location will often be some of the nicest fish.

> Anglers who have a knack for catching bigger panfish through the ice typically have a lone-wolf mentality. They put in the work looking for fish and cycle through fish on fresh spots.

Meme of the Day

Via the Women on Ice Facebook page:

The Women on Ice and WI Women Fish FB pages are great places for fisher-gals from across the ice belt to connect. Their goal is to:

> “…encourage women to try ice fishing as well as mentor those who already enjoy it and want to improve their skills.” #womenonice

Ice fishing isn’t just for the boys — many women are pretty stinkin’ good at it!!

I was actually on the same lake that day — was dang cold and I struggled to get bit…but those ladies leaned into ’em! #Stout

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Welcome to the 30″ club, Greg! Stuck her fishing a 30′ hard-to-soft bottom transition on Lake of the Woods with Curt Quesnell’s NCOR Guide Service. Said it ate a 3/8-oz Clam Drop Tg (tungsten open-water jig) tipped with a dead shiner:

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