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Ice tsunami hits Mille Lacs, Spring map breakdown, Trolling speed tip

Today’s Top 4

“Ice tsunamis” are a real thing.

The east side of MN’s MIlle Lacs got hammered by an ice tsunami — thx to mother nature blastin’ 40-50 mph winds and stacking up mountains of ice.

This snap from bassin’ pro Josh Douglas can help put it into perspective:

> Josh: “Yesterday’s mega winds created ice heaves the size of maple trees along the wind-blown banks and in some cases snapping them like toothpicks. Those were the lucky ones as some of the less fortunate endured intruding blocks of ice literally through their decks and into their living rooms….”


Guess it’s stacked as high as 30′ [!!] in some areas. More info and some video footage by clicking the pic below:

Folks said there isn’t much they can do to remove the ice other than to wait for a few 70-degree days. And you think your spring cleanup is a mess….

Spring cleaning when you’re a fish-head.

1)  Here’s how TW fan Tim Ktytor does spring cleaning at his Lake Sakakawea cabin:

Safe to say Tim’s probably caught a few fish on the #11 Original Floating Rapala — your secret’s out, man!

Wonder if he switches it to a #9 Rapala Jigging Rap during fall cleanup? 😉

2)  Forget the mothballs…Houston’s Guide Service has a better way of keeping pests in check — Berkley Flicker Shads:

Looks effective, though haters gonna hate:

How Tom Boley finds spring walleye spots…from his garage. 

Easy — he channels his inner Al Lindner:

Okay, okay, I’m done (lol).

But seriously — Tombo Slice does a great job in this vid breaking down lake maps and talkin’ the where/why…not just the what of spring walleyes:

One Tom’s favorite combos = Kalin’s Rattlin’ Google Eye Jig paired with Kalin’s 3.8″ Tickle Tail swimbait:

More on that later….

How fishin’ folks self-quarantine.

Stimulus checks are fine and all, but they reeeeally shoulda just sent everyone some Do-It Molds goodies instead….

Folks making their own baits probably wish “stay-at-home-orders” happened more often — here’s just some of what you’ll see scrolling through their Instagram page. #HomemadeGoodies


1. MI: New fish passage between Boardman River and Lake Michigan.

At Grand Traverse Bay with construction starting in Oct:

> The goal of the new facility, the first of its kind, is to study the latest fish-sorting technologies and techniques to ultimately allow native species to move up and down the river and block invasive species, such as sea lamprey. Think of it as an E-ZPass for fish, the right kind of fish.

Crazy technology. Would love to see how that works in person…if it works….

2. MB: Can now buy fishing licenses online.

Finally! I always like to support stoppin’ in local businesses, but old-school handwritten paper licenses made it super tough for us out-of-towners coming through after business hours.

3. UT 30-day boat drying time required.

> Before the temporary boat ramp closure was implemented…nearly 1,000 boats launched at Lake Powell…. Because hot water decontaminations [if invasive mussels are found in boat inspections] were suspended for 5 days before the boat ramp closure, Lake Powell boaters who left the lake before the closure or who remove their boats after the closure are required to wait 30 days before they launch their watercraft at another UT waterbody.

4. NY/CT/NJ governors open up marinas and boatyards.

5. WY: Folks now have 12,400 more acres to fish/hunt.

Thx to a $4K donation from WY Sportsman’s Group to the Access Yes program.

> Access Yes is a program that facilitates the partnership between private landowners and the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept to provide hunters and anglers free public hunting and fishing access on private land and inaccessible public land.

> In 2019, donations provided more than 2.8 million acres of hunting access on otherwise inaccessible private, state and landlocked public lands and 4,007 lake acres and 89 stream miles were provided for fishing.

6. IN: $1.24 mil LARE grant will be used to improve H2O.

LARE = Lake and River Enhancement program:

> “DNR grants totaling $573,400 will be used in sediment or logjam removal projects…in 10 counties. The other $670,010 will be used to fight aquatic invasive plants…involving 53 lakes and 3 rivers in 14 counties.”

7. IA Great Lakes walleye season opens May 2.

Spirit Lake, East and West Okoboji lakes.

8. ICAST cancelled.

The fishing biz trade show in Orlando. Well, they cancelled their in-person show…but have something else in the works:

> “As the largest sportfishing industry trade show in the world, we look forward to producing ICAST 2020 Online, our version of a “virtual trade show,” that will provide a wide variety of tools and a wealth of information that you’ve come to expect from us. We will share more with you very soon!”

I still plan on putting together a “Special Issue” to shout-out new fishin’ schtuff coming down the pipe.

9. VT walleye season opens May 2.

10. Trokar is renaming/numbering its trebles.

> The TK300 will now be known as the TK934 and the TK310 as the TK949. The change is solely in the hook part numbers — anglers can expect the same elite grade performance they have come to expect out of both hooks….

> The change aligns product families within the larger Eagle Claw umbrella, bringing the Trokar treble hooks with identical features but a Trokar point, into an alpha numeric part number that ties the TK934 together with the Lazer Sharp L934 and the TK949 together with the L949.

11. Lamiglass has a new short stick.

In their new-for-2020 Assassin Walleye series rods:

> The 5′ 6″ model, dubbed “The Detroiter,” is the stiffest walleye jigging rod we make and is the perfect option for heavier jigs in depths of 50′ or more.

13. How to use the Troll Master app.

Phone app that uses a “physics-based calculation” to determine how deep cranks are running.

14. KY: Asian carp being exported to China…for food?

Company called Two Rivers Fisheries plans to process 4,000 tons of Asian carp out of the Mississippi River and the Ohio River in 2020. Highlights

Tip of the Day

Pull Lindy Rigs FAST for spring reservoir walleyes.

Ever try pulling Lindy Rigs at 1.5-2.0 mph? Not spinners…Lindy Rigs (plain hook with a minnow, ‘crawler or leech) behind a big 1.5- to 3-oz bottom-bouncer.

Something Jon Thelen does to cover water for spring reservoir walleyes when others are crawling along at just 0.5-0.8 mph. Says those fish are river fish at heart and moving with the current, so they’re used to chasing down bait:

Quote of the Day


“Sea Foam might get that outboard going again, but don’t think the interior has any shot….”

– That’s Jay Kumar’s comment in this BassBlaster talkin’ about this Charlie Hartley shot. And nope, that’s not a duck blind…yet:

LOL! Sorta looks like my old lawnmower that a can of Sea Foam legit got back up and running, so I have faith!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

This Mississippi River sauger is all camo’d up and ready for the spring turkey hunt lol! Awesome Do-It Molds shot:

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