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Muskie vs walleye debate, Scary boat launch vid, Tune your plastics

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Proof muskies aren’t eating all “your” walleyes.

Some folks still think muskies will ruin a walleye fishery by “eating all the good fish….” But have you ever noticed that many of the best walleye lakes around have muskies in ’em? Where I’m at in MN those would include Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs, Leech, Winnie, Vermilion, Rainy, Miltona, Bemidji, Cass, the list goes on….

Now there’s some more hard evidence to back that up thx to a diet-sample study being done by the MN DNR and Bemidji State University.

Some SUPER interesting info [!!] in Eric Morken’s full write-up for the Duluth News Tribune. Gonna drop a few snippets below specifically talking about Lake Miltona, MN that I think you’ll find interesting:

> A total of 3 walleyes were found in muskies on Lake Miltona. That made up less than 1.5% of the muskies’ diet by number and less than 2% by mass.

> “It’s definitely not like they were targeting walleyes. We expected to see some. I was kind of surprised we didn’t see more, just based on how often we saw muskies and walleyes in the same areas when we were sampling.”

Hmmm…. So if they aren’t eating walleyes, what are they eating? [chin-scratch emoji]

> The preliminary numbers on Lake Miltona showed that yellow perch made up the largest percentage of the muskie’s diet by numbers.

> “Largemouth bass were a fairly important diet item for them as well. They had a decent amount of bullheads there, and also some crappie and bluegill. Then white suckers….

> Yellow perch came out to about 65% of the total diet items by number for Miltona muskies, but that’s not the only thing researchers look at….

> Percentage by mass, the total mass of one prey species divided by the total mass of all prey species present, is also an important factor. Yellow perch made up about 8% of the muskies’ diet by mass on Lake Miltona.

> That’s because muskies will commonly feed on larger prey. One muskrat, one ring-billed gull, 11 northern leopard frogs and two northern pike were found in muskies on Miltona. A couple of bowfin, commonly known as dogfish, were also found.

> “They’re not eating extremely frequently, but when they do eat they’re eating some fairly large diet items. We had a couple muskies from Miltona that had white suckers in their stomach that were at or over 20″….”

Keep reading the full story here. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the full results/breakdown from all the other lakes in the study.

Are you THIS organized?

Walleye-nut Sammy Cappelli is straight-up dialed, and apparently reeeeally likes running Bandits on Lake Erie lol:


And check how he uses broom holders to store his navigation lights:


Great idea!

What grandpa calls a “walleye chop.”

Tough to even comprehend this crazy vid shared on Dave Mercer’s Instagram:

> Dave: Just in case you’re wondering what Lake Erie looks like right now. Better pack more than one drift sock…”


We certainly don’t recommend hopping on that carnival ride! Unless maybe you’ve gotta setup like this:

Scary boat-launch video!!

Not sure if this is the luckiest — or unluckiest??? — dude ever, but wow. Click here to watch the full vid, but here’s a teaser:


Glad everyone was okay!


1. MI: MUCC files lawsuit over motorboat ban.

MUCC = MI United Conservation Clubs, who’s challenging executive order 2020-42 as applied to motorized boating. Curious to see how this all goes down:

2. MN: I always knew fishing was essential….

Earlier this morn MN’s governor issued an executive order that “expands outdoor recreation opportunities for Minnesotans during the COVID-19 epidemic.” The order allows for MNers to “take part in golfing, boating, fishing, hunting and hiking while following social distancing guidelines.”

> Gov. Tim Walz: “It’s important for us to stay active and enjoy the outdoors while preventing the spread of COVID-19. This measure will allow Minnesotans to take advantage of more opportunities to get outside, while still doing their part to keep their neighbors healthy.”

3. OH: Lake Erie commercial fishin’ biz charged…

…for allegedly (according to this write-up) “causing intentional injury to a non-commercial fish species as well as 10 counts of stream littering and 10 counts of illegally disposing of dead fish.”

> “Division of Wildlife investigators observed and recorded…employees intentionally injure a rare trophy-sized muskellunge after it was removed from a commercial fishing net in western Lake Erie.

> “Employees were also observed removing numerous gar…from commercial fishing nets and then breaking their spines and tossing the carcasses into the lake.”

4. WI: Some DNR boat launches now closed.

Droppin’ this here ‘cuz I saw a ton of people freaking out online thinking all of WI was shutdown…it’s actually just ramps located at already-closed state parks:

> WI DNR: “You can still fish. WI’s waters are open to fishing. The boat launches at the 38 closed [state] properties are closed. All other state-owned launches throughout WI are OPEN at this time.”

5. OH: Perrysburg Twp. reopened Maumee River access…

…near Buttonwood Park. Had shut down thinking that traffic for the walleye run violated coronavirus social distancing rules…but now they’re saying:

> Trustee Bob Mack: “They are not standing elbow to elbow. They’ve got to cast. So they are 6′ part, probably. I personally think we got a little excited….”

6. AEM is giving up secret spots on LOW.

Angler’s Edge Mapping has started surveying the northern chunk of Lake of the Woods from west to east:

7. Rapala #FocusOnFishing challenge (win free stuff).

> Simply snap a pic or take a video of you staying motivated for the fishing season and post it tagging us @rapalausa and use the hashtag #FocusOnFishing in the caption. You must also challenge 3 or more fishing buddies by tagging them….

8. WI: Merc Racing’s helpin’ with Covid stuff.

Sorta hard to translate engineering talk (lol) but it involves 3D printers and helping folks to sew cloth face masks more quickly.

9. Mission Tackle’s runnin’ 20% off store-wide.

No special code needed, the discount will be automatically applied. Hit it up right here. Believe they’re running the sale for the next couple weeks while retail locations are shut down.

10. You seen the Lunkerhunt Impact Slash 6S yet?

Suspending jerkbait with a wide, erratic, darting action. Check the “sassy” color: Highlights

Tip of the Day

You’ve heard of tuning cranks, but are you “tuning” your plastics yet? Keith Kavajecz says he can change the action of his Berkley Ripple Shads by stretching out the tail to loosen up the plastic and make it a little more limp = gets more action out of it when fishing reeeeally slow for cold-water walleyes:

Meme of the Day

Anyone’s weekend plans include a little of this?

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Some finned-out goodness [!!!] from @jjessiebaker and @dougwegner_fishing slingin’ Rapala Rippin’ Raps with VMC Bladed Hybrid Trebles on Green Bay:

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