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Fluoro myth busted, No motorboats allowed, Shore fishing walleyes

Wanna welcome back Bob at Worldwide Marine Insurance to Target Walleye! Quotes from Worldwide are free, and he SPECIALIZES in boat insurance = no doubt he’ll get you back on the water if something bad-ish goes down. Here’s a couple big reasons why he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about:

Today’s Top 5

Fishing myths: Does fluoro stretch?

Love me some fishing-related MythBusters! One big misconception in the fishin’ world is that fluorocarbons don’t stretch. Guess what…it will sometimes actually stretch more than mono! Super-interesting vid here that’s jammed full of lots of info while putting things to the test:


Lots of different fluorocarbons so not sure how they’re different on this, but definitely something to thank about….

MI says no boats with motors allowed.

Here’s why they done and did it — according to this statement:

> The DNR has received many reports about heavy use of boat launches across the state and the subsequent congregation of people at these launches in violation of social distancing requirements, and in a manner that threatens public health. In addition, people who use motorized watercraft typically need to procure secondary services for their craft, such as parts and gasoline, that could unnecessarily increase contact with others and spread disease.

Yet folks are still able to use kayaks, canoes and sailboats on those same waters? Sure those things don’t need gas to operate, but they aren’t paddling down the highway to get to the ramps…and then there’s ATVs, which are apparently still okay…

Non-motorized outdoor activities (plus ATVs) are permitted under the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order so long as they’re…

> “…done in a manner consistent with social distancing, and individuals should use only their own equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces.”

No boat, no problem….

The good news? You don’t always need a boat to catch walleyes. Bringing back this awesome cold-water walleye piece Dan Johnson did for In-Fisherman. Ton of info on the best spring shore-fishing spots in the full write-up here, few quickie excerpts:

> Springtime is arguably the best time of year for catching walleyes from shore. Fish move shallow to spawn, and can be caught throwing crankbaits during the pre-spawn through early post-spawn periods.

> Walleyes typically start spawning when water temps reach 40-45ºF, after which usually lasts around 2 weeks. Male walleyes often move into shallow spawning areas [first] and linger long after…feasting on baitfish and other sources of sustenance.

> Gravel and rocky bottoms (in 1-4′) attract the most fish…especially an hour or so before and after sunset.

> Hotspots include current areas such as: a) Mouths of feeder streams, outlets and necked down areas between lakes; b) Prominent shallow points; c) Bars outside the mouth of shallow bays…even those connected to the main lake by only a culvert; d) Flooded low-lying areas that are dry the rest of the year.

> Shallow-running shad- and minnow-imitating crankbaits that produce maximum vibration on a slow retrieve are deadly now. Glow finishes and a touch of luminescent tape help fish home in on the lure once darkness falls.

> Vary casts at all angles, from perpendicular to parallel to the bank. Steady retrieves are the rule, and strikes feel like hooking a sock in 40°F water…above 45°F, strikes are savage.

Way more info in the full Dan Johnson write-up here that breaks down specific baits and casting angles (with illustrations) for river structure. #LearnUp

Shore bruisers of the week!

Time for some hard (and heavy!) evidence that you can get it done from the bank.

1) Jesse Quale (@greenwaterwalleyes) stuck and released his new PB walldawg over the weekend, a 13-lb (32″) freakazoid caught snap jigging a “catalpa orange chartreuse tail” color B-Fish-N Tackle AuthentX Ringworm on the Wisconsin River. Congrats dude!


2)  Matt Berglund (@bergy_906) busted out the headlamp and whalloped himself a prespawn belly-dragger on a Rapala Husky Jerk:


3)  Jess Wagner (@outdoorgirljess) howled in this basset hound wearing a walleye costume (LOL) chucking a big #14 “firetiger” Rapala Husky Jerk. Sick fish, Jess!


4)  This shore bruiser T-boned Adam Van Hefty’s custom-painted Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk near De Pere, WI. Said the bait’s painted in what they’re calling their “Tiger King” pattern lol. Looks like it’s a keeper:

Bass thumb? [crying-laughing emoji] That’s cute.

Better show this to a bassin’ buddy that can’t hang. 😉

1)  By the way dude’s holding this walleye, he won’t be using a pliers to get his Someday Isle Tackle Water Puppet back:


2)  @jarydguericke’s been on that nighttime grind, chasin’ toothy critters on the Missouri River, SD. You’ve got something in your teeth, bud:


3)  This mean-mugger chowed an “icy hot” color Phantom Boogey:

Were you too busy staring at all them chompers to notice its voluptuous belly?


4)  Here’s a sticky-sharp Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig being chomped by an even stickier-sharp set of walligator chompers:


5)  Wait a sec…anyone know the sciency reason why walleye’s teeth are always so pearly-white? Even big olllld water goblins like this one Marc Tremblay (@wallyfishing_marc) caught on a “midnight” color Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver. Still gotta be one of my all-time favorite shots:


1. MN: DNR had to cancel spring egg-stripping…

…for walleye, northern pike, muskie and steelhead thx to the coronavirus pandemic. Had to get nixed ‘cuz:

> …collecting eggs and sperm from spawning fish is a “labor intensive effort that requires teams of 6-8 people working in close proximity,” and with the state currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no way it can be carried out while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

So far SD, MI and IN have all cancelled spring egg-take operations…ND and WI have cut back. Sure I’m missing a bunch of others too.

2. IN: Larson FX boats going bye-bye?

Reminder that Polaris bought Larson Boat Group last year. Now sounds like Polaris will be shutting down 3 boat brands (Rinker, Striper and Larson FX) thx to COVID-19?

> “We were fully prepared to expand these brands and our presence within their respective segments of the marine industry. But today, considering market dynamics and the continued uncertainty around the sustained impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided not to move forward with investing the necessary resources to maintain and grow Rinker, Striper and Larson FX, and will discontinue production of those brands.”

Crazy to think that just 1 month of a shutdown can make entire brands disappear…?

3. PA: Lake Erie walleye/perch limits staying the same.

> Lake Erie yellow perch will remain at 30 per day and the creel limit for walleye will stay at 6 per day.

4. Seriously can’t get enough of Head2Head Fishing.

Awesome new 1v1 bracket-format walleye dealio — with no live bait allowed — where they live-stream the whole thing! Can watch ’em live on Facebook, their website, or stream it on YouTube…which seriously cut into my productivity levels this AM. [fist-bump emoji]

Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you aren’t following ’em yet, you better get on it, ‘cuz I have a feeling it’s going to be BIG. Can’t wait to see more walleye events added in the future.

5. MT: Fort Peck walleye egg take still happenin’…

…but no volunteers allowed.

6. MI: Grass carp found in Huron tributary.

> …the fish was found Mar 17 during a routine survey of the Tittabawassee River below the Dow Dam in Midland County. The river flows into Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay.

7. VA: Muskie tagging program happenin’ on James River.

> A total of 45 [muskies] in the upper James River have been implanted with tags to investigate the impacts of catch-and-release mortality on fish during the summer months.

Catch and report a tagged fish from Jun-Sep = $50 reward.

8. DuraSafe gotta makeover.

Had a website overhaul and complete rebrand including a new logo:

They make cool marine security products such as: RAM Mount locks, trolling motor locks, receiver locks, coupler locks, a universal spare tire lock, locks for your locks locks (lol). Super nice knowing all that stuff’ll still be there if you’re stopping to gas up, or grabbing a bite to eat and can’t snag that window seat. Highlights

Tip of the Day

Heard that outdoor writer (among a pile of other fishing accolades) Gary Engberg has been battling cancer, and that it was dormant but is growing again. His therapy/treatments have all been put on hold thx to the COVID-19 junk. Prayers fishing brother.

Wanted to share a quick tip below from Gary on spring river walleye locations when water levels are high:

> Female walleyes are getting close to spawning and staging in the river…looking for a suitable spawning site. The open dam gates and locks have allowed fresh water (baitfish, bugs, etc) into the river system which has been stagnant for months.

> Walleyes will move into shallow water (under 5′) with flooded timber and brush to get out of the river’s strong current and flow. Any type of obstruction (rocks, bottom depressions, islands, river bends, wood, timber, bridge pilings) that breaks the current…allows the fish to hide and wait for food to float by.

> River walleyes and saugers are constantly fighting the current and must eat regularly just to maintain their body’s weight. The key for them is to find a location where they may wait to ambush food while conserving their precious energy by staying out of the strong current.

> Instead of thinking like a typical spring walleye angler who uses light jigs, live bait, light line, 3-ways and live-bait rigs…try thinking like a bass angler and use some of their techniques and tactics.

> Switch to a heavier 1/4- or 3/8-oz jig…try to swim it a little faster back to the boat…occasionally “tic” the bottom. If you drag a jig, you would have constant snags, break-offs, and a fishing nightmare.

> Heavier 10-lb mono (instead of 6-lb) allows you to pull out of most of the snags instead of losing more jigs.

> Scented plastics like Berkley PowerBait, Gulp! and other plastics stay on the hook longer than live bait…and the flash, vibration and profile of plastics work wonders in shallow water.

Thx Gary and keep fighting!

Quote of the Day

“I definitely have some reels that need this but have been too nervous to tear them apart….”

Super-relatable comment under this vid where Randin Olson of Lock Jaw Guide Service shows us how he disassembles, greases and oils his fishing reels…and he breaks ’em ALL the way down. But watching this vid for sure gave me the confidence to dig deeper on my next reel cleaning sesh:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Cody Solberg (@cody_solberg) thwacked this Fox River hawgeye on a floating/wobbling Salmo Whacky 12 in the “green fluo” color:

Don’t always have to downsize for walleyes….

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