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Green Bay teener, Flukes for tough bites, 5-lb perch vid

Today’s Top 5

Green Bay teener caught on a homemade jig!

Look at this Green Bay slob Kyle Steinfeldt caught while pitching a 3/16-oz “kelly green” teardrop jig, homemade using a Do-It Mold:

Congrats on the new PB! Thing has some crazy dimensions:

Why you should be using Flukes when the bite’s tough.

Flukes = soft jerkbaits, and big-fish junkie Ryan T. King has been putting the new BfishN Tackle Rib-Finn to work on the Mississippi River — check this paunchy cold-front rock melon:

> When fish are holding tight to cover — or are in a negative-bite pattern from pressure/temp changes — the action of the Paddle Tail or Moxi may be more than they’re looking for. This is when the Fluke-style Rib-Finn is a must.


> The subtle action of that tail when twitched off cover perfectly mimics dying shad. Fish are lazy and drawn to an easy meal — especially in spring when water temps are just beginning to rise.


> When selecting a color I always choose darker colors for stained or muddy water. If I had to choose an all around go-to it’s the new purple/chartreuse tail.


Here’s how he fishes ’em:

> Current seams: Pitch it out to the seam and let the current sweep the bait just over the rocks or timber, and give it a few pops.


> Rocks: Pitch it out and let it sink to the rocks, then twitch it down the face of the rocks letting it come to rest every foot or so. Then twitch it off and let it fall again.


> Sand: The “great white” Rib-Finn shines in the sand. Let it sink to bottom then rip it up 8″ and let fall…twitch it…then rip it again. Drives walleyes crazy.

Twitch, twitch, BOOM baby!


Nice fish. Big eyes…but a nice fish.

Toby Kvalevog caught this shiner-eating martian out of 11′ on Leech Lake, MN a few years back, and said “that eyeball moved around too.” #NopeFish


Looks like it was raised in a 7-year-old’s fish tank:

How Lund pros choose a new boat.

Most of ’em play on the work-friendly boat builder tool. But Joel Nelson makes sure the rod lockers are big enough to double as a babysitter:

No children were harmed in the buying of this boat. Heck Joel was even nice enough to feed him nightcrawlers and Mtn Dew — through the food slot — every day or two. Beats the usual slop served in those non-carpeted cells:

Ever seen a 5-lb perch?

Not ice or walleye related, but whoa. European of course:

[star-struck emoji]



1. MI: Whitson/Campeau win Detroit River MWC.

Greg Whitson and Mark Campeau’s come-from-behind-win pocketed ’em $15,300, bragging rights, and some more hardware to add to their growing pile:

Look familiar? They won the 2015 World Walleye Championship on Lake Erie, the 2015 MWC qualifier on Bays de Noc, and have umpteen other finishes in the money. Here’s how they got it done at Detroit:

> Whitson: “Teams were restricted to fishing the river [on day 1] due to high winds on Lake Erie. The river was super muddy from two days of rain flushing runoff down from Lake St. Clair. We tried jigging a little but then switched to handlining clown-colored Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerks in 13′ to 18′ off the south end of Grosse Ile Island.

> “[On day 2] we trolled green, chrome and orange Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerks at 1.3 to 1.5 mph in 10′ to 14′ in Brest Bay. We focused on stained areas because they had the warmest water we could find — up to 47 degrees.”

Nicely done guys — keep it rolling.
2. OH: Log jam delays NWT takeoff.

Trees drifted in on the ramps, so the city had to come out to clean up the access:

Only bumped things back an hour-ish, so the live-stream weigh-in starts at 3:00pm (CDT). Good news is the delay gave Korey Sprengel and John Hoyer an extra hour for their morning stretches:

Lol good luck guys!

3. SD: GFP to close boat ramps.

Not because they want to…because a court says they have to.

How we understand it: even if you’re able to access “non-meandered” lakes from public land, you would be trespassing, because the land under the water is considered private property? So something like this:

Now it’s (still) up to the state legislature to determine if/how the public can use these waters. This topic has been kicking around the — without a resolution — for 15 years now…!

Dear SD legislators: In 2016 outdoor recreation accounted for $1.3 bil in spending — $271 mil of that was directly from fishing! Think this could have much impact on the small-town economies?

4. MN: Confiscated fishing/hunting equip. auction.

Happening Apr 29 in Zimmerman. Here’s a few of the confiscated items they probably won’t be auctioning off (lol):

5. MT: Fort Peck a walleye-egg factory.

FWP collected 79 mil eggs last year and is looking to collect another 50-60 mil this year. What’s that mean? Roughly 2-mil fingerlings and 20-mil fry will be stocked back into Fort Peck Rez and other water bodies throughout the state.

6. WY: AIS inspections = prizes.

Have your boat checked by Game and Fish and get a raffle entry for a chance at Yeti coolers, guided fishing trips, fish-finders and a whole bunch o’ other stuff. Neat idea — most other states people keep driving if they see check stations.

7. Sun Country naming planes after MN lakes.

Soon you’ll be hearing, “Welcome aboard Lake of the Woods!”

8. BPS Cabela’s buyout back on track?

The Cabela’s credit card biz now has a buyer that should be approved by the feds. But apparently the deal won’t close in the the first half of 2017 like was originally thought.


We’ll take your word for it.


Tip of the Day

Ted Takasaki: How to properly sharpen your hooks.

So simple, yet no one takes the time to do it? For sure puts more fish in the boat:


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

This Rainy River stump knocker came on the new “fire ice white” BFishN Tackle Pulse-R Paddle Tail on a 1/8-oz H20 Precision Jig. Brett said, “If it wasn’t bumping off of submerged logs and other snags, it wasn’t getting bit.” Gotta sacrifice a few jigs to put more fish in the boat:

Diggin’ that TW hoodie too….

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