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Today’s Top 4

Paunchy mud melons of the week!

Tourney angler Dan Bodinger cracked this 13.2-lb (30.5″) razorback on Lake Erie using a Skinny Dipper custom-painted Husky Jerk. Said he was trolling at 0.8 mph with Off Shore Planer Boards, fishing near bottom in 38′ thanks to 2-oz Tadpole Diving Weights. That Target Walleye Digital Camo Hoodie is a good look for you man!

Elaine Davis spent Labor Day working the leadcore/crankbait bite on the Mississippi River. Word is she’s pretty good at politely telling her husband Tom to “get the net and don’t miss.” Lol keep after him Elaine…he’ll learn:

John Negley has been chasing a “trophy worthy of the TW email” all season and the dusk bite on the Allegheny River finally kicked out a biggun for him! Said she was “sitting in a slack-water hole that was about 3′ deep and absolutely inhaled a Rapala Jointed Minnow.” Congrats man!

Fishing guide Scott Moe had himself a day on Mille Lacs trolling Storm Original Deep ThunderSticks. This paunchy mud melon went 29.75″. Impressive selfie skills:

Trolling hack: How to get more action out of your crankbaits.

A tiny, overlooked detail that can drastically increase your crankbait’s range of motion:

Sure you could tie a loop knot, but small snaps like the VMC Crankbait Snap let you quickly swap out crankbait colors and sizes without having to re-tie. #Money

Now what are you gonna do with all that extra:

Use multi-colored cranks to figure out what the fish want.

Brad Hawthorne uses how/where fish are hitting his multi-colored cranks to dial in what they want. A super interesting “why didn’t I think of that” kind of deal:

Hey Brad – know you said you wouldn’t custom paint cranks for anyone…EVER…but maybe you could break the rules this one time and make us the ultimate works-anywhere-anytime crank…? Thinking maybe something like this:

(Wo)man-cave material.

We all know that walleyes are made of delicious meat, but there’s a few other things they can be made of….

Turkey meets walleye with this Moonshine Shiver Minnow inspired piece from Carlson Wildlife Art:

Josh DeSmit makin’ magic [!] with this jaw-dropping wood slab o’ goodness:

Truth Airbrush finishing up this steel razorback masterpiece:

Gitcha some coasters (or else!) for this Tammi Florentz coffee table. Mr. Doggy doesn’t look as impressed as us though:


1. Chip Leer can’t keep a secret…

…which is fine by us lol. Saw over on his Instagrammy page that the NWT championship might-maybe-could-possibly be on Lake of the Woods in 2018. Hope the rumors are true!

2. MN: MTT championship happenin’ Sep 14-15.

Out of Border View Lodge on Lake of the Woods.

Also, the AGLOW annual conference (for outdoor writers) will be there Sep 25-28. Busy place!

3. MN: $12K in crankbaits stolen…

…from Marine General in Duluth:

> “We got a shipment of lures in and put them in the trailer. We locked the trailer, but didn’t lock the tongue down. Somebody stole the trailer.

> “The thieves returned with the trailer for more merchandise at a later date, but they got the trailer stuck and had to leave it behind — empty.”

Not cool! Hope you eBay and Craigslist bargain hunters find ’em.

4. WI: Intensive stocking program working…

…on the Minocqua Chain. That combined with a zero bag limit is helping the walleye population make a serious rebound. See…Mille Lacs isn’t the only lake being picked on! 😉

5. SD: Oahe still recovering.

Summer walleye numbers were crazy low, so they stocked 300K fingerling and around 4 mil fry.

6. Maybe win a Bagley “Collector’s Kit.”

Baits born in the ’60s that are still catching ’em today. Click here, or on the pic below to enter:

7. All-new Skeeter new WX2060.

More cockpit room, more storage, more boat and probably more dough.

8. Al Lindner talks Smooth Moves Seats…

…and a new project you might find interesting if you’re looking for a career in the fishing industry:

Your annual chiropractor bill is probs more than what Smooth Moves Seats cost…no offense to the back-correctors out there…us old guys need you both!

9. Didja enter our Lund giveaway yet?

Chance to win a $500 pile of Lund swag! Just enter your email addy, then share the link you get for more chances to win. Good luck!

Tip of the Day

The Scatter Rap Glass Shad has been a killer leadcore bait this summer — especially in clear water — but Joel Nelson is REALLY liking ’em for targeting walleyes during the early-fall transition.

You can intercept those wandering fish by targeting the edges of weedlines — just off the first break in 10-14′ — while longlining with Sufix 832 braid 100-150′ behind the boat:

Meme of the Day

Hope things change for the better this weekend:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Still lots of great fall fishing left, but diggin’ this chilly teaser from Justin Boyer:

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