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8 must-have hard-bodied jigging baits

The ultimate reaction bite — and one of the most enjoyable ways to catch a walleye — is snappin’ a hard-bodied jigging bait and letting it crash back down into bottom. Here’s 7 of our favorites and what makes each one unique.

1. Rapala Jigging Rap:

The OG of hard-bodied jigging baits! Can be pitched, dragged, or vertically fished. Here’s what Al “you-might-have-heard-of-him” Lindner has to say about his all-time favorite walleye bait:

> “When everybody else is whining about how bad the bite is…I put a Jigging Rap on and catch 30 or 40 walleyes in the middle of the afternoon.”

Doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the summer, sunny, or glass calm, it straight up catches ’em!

This video breaks down everything from rod power and action, mono vs braid, leader length, style/size of snaps and swivels, bait color and size…you name it — check it here.

2. Moonshine Shiver Minnow:

Darts and glides like other jigging baits, but what makes it different is how it rolls over on the drop — like baitfish do — with a bit of slack.

3. Northland Puppet Minnow:

Can get it in high-vis, optically-brightened UV colors for those of you feeshin’ stained water. ‘Nuff said!

4. Rapala Snap Rap:

Made to compliment the Jigging Rap, not replace it. It has wider wings that grab a little extra water to lift and glide more. They also track a little straighter, whereas the Jigging Rap darts off in different directions a touch easier.

5. Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig:

Great on pressured fish and big smart ones! The realistic patterns allow you to slow the bait way down when there’s a fish staring at it, without scaring ’em off.

6. Custom Jigs & Spins Rotating Power Minnow:

No need for a barrel swivel…the RPM’s eyelet swivels to drastically reduce line-twist. Has a super-wide glide and is designed to keep it from snagging itself.

7. Rapala Flat Jig:

River rats: It’s 80% heavier than a similar length Jigging Rap, making it THE option for heavy current or ultra-deep water.

8. Phantom Lures Tilly

Can now get the Tilly in a big 1-oz (3.5″) size if you wanna go donkey huntin’! Love the colors, internal rattle, no-hook front (for snaggy areas and so it doesn’t get hung up on the bottom of the ice) and has a reeeeally nice gliding action that covers a ton of real estate.

Bonus: Storage Hack

Boxes like the Clam Deluxe Spoon Box or the Plano Spoon Boxes are 3″ to 3.25″ tall and will hold Jigging Raps up to the #7 size. Haven’t tried the 7080-20 Plano Spoon Box yet, but it’s 5.25″ tall, so we’d guess the #9 Jigging Raps would fit too.

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