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Casting better than trolling, Jigging Rap storage hack, Celebs fish too

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Today’s Top 5

Kemos is “shivering” on Green Bay.

Tommy “gunnnnzz” Kemos is leading after day 3 1 of the NWT championship on Green Bay with 5 for 46.49 lbs. Equally impressive is he caught ’em all casting [!!] Moonshine Shiver Minnows:

> “The spots I’m hitting are where the fish live — it’s just a matter of getting the right cast on them. I got on ’em early in practice, and that gave me the advantage of getting dialed in on color. That’s important because as soon as the light changes, their color preferences change.

> “[Day 1] we were done at about 1:30 pm. That was only our fifth fish, so we had one to play with, but we decided to play it safe.

> “My wife still hasn’t forgiven me for last year at the championship when I was 6 or 7 minutes late on day 2 and it cost me [making] the cut.”

How confident is Tommy in his casting program? He had the stones to remove his kicker motor and take the trolling rods out of his boat…. Helps when you’re catching rock melons like this in practice:

The last 2 days of the championship (Thursday and today) were postponed due to dangerous winds and a small-craft advisory — good call, safety first! Now supposed to be just 1 more day of competition, tomorrow.

Heard the locals were crawling all over Tommy’s spot:

Word is they’ll pick up where they left off tomorrow. Hope you whack ’em man!

Parsons dances into 2nd.

Chase Parsons is in 2nd place with 42.79 lbs and is “shivering” 10-ish miles from Kemos. Looks like he’s using one of Moonshine Lures‘ half dozen (or so) purpley colors. Great shot:

> “We had 9 bites and caught 7 fish today. We’re fishing a rock stretch that’s not as wind dependent as you might think.

> “Both my co-angler and I used the Shiver Minnow. Tommy was the one who figured out the pattern, and quite frankly, we just tried to expand on it.

> “We’ve caught ’em casting in 6-footers. At no time in the 5 days of practice did we use a trolling rod – not for one second. It’s crazy how Green Bay has transformed into a caster’s paradise.”

Shivering also happens to be the name of Chase’s favorite dance move:

Okada’s throwing combo punches for 3rd.

Joe Okada is also making the long run up north where he cracked 5 for 42.49 with a combination of casting and trolling. Imagine catching a bag like this — in a single day — and not be leading the tourney:

Joe started and ended his day trolling. When he casts, he targets specific spots with Rippin’ Raps, Shiver Minnows and other (secret?) vertical baits. Says there’s way less fish up north, but they’re the right ones:

> “I’m only getting 3-6 bites per day. It sounds cliché to swing for the fence, but these are areas where you don’t get many bites. I just have a good comfort zone up there.”

Impressive place to find a “comfort zone” man! Difference between NWT pros and us is they can keep their composure while fishing for a single bite every 1-2 hours. Rest of us are having anxiety attacks in our local 7-boat league fishing for an $84 check:

Celebrities walleye fish too…?

Us common folk aren’t the only ones who love chasing gravel lizards: A-listers Luke Bryan, Bradley Cooper and Russell Crowe have also been known to dabble:

Okay not really…but close enough, right? That’s actually Lund pro Rob Henry and crew gettin’ it done on Lake Ontario — pulling #12 Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerks behind Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards at 1.6 mph over 40′. #Stout

Bigguns of the week!

Julian Kamohara Pinney cracked his new PB with this 13.3-lb razorback he caught casting a BFishN Tackle Moxi (chart/green core) to the edge of high summer weeds. Did you even know they had walleyes in Utah? Biggun:

This 31″ mud melon was caught vertical-jigging a 3/4-oz jig with a 4″ Walleye Assassin Turbo Shad (white) paddle tail. Biggest fish we’ve seen pulled from a pothole in the Kmart parking lot:

Kelly Martens thwacked this 29.5″ sunset slab on the Peace River, AB. Fooled it in 12′ with a fluorescent pink Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver. Gorgeous:

Question is: Did he match his bait to the sunset, or did the sunset match his bait?

Either way it worked!


1. CO: Record black crappie caught.

Fesstus Stalder caught it outta Frank Easement West Pond. Went 3 lbs 7.84 oz (17.472″). Unfortunately the pics look like they were taken with a 1.7MP toaster so none here.

2. MN: NW Angle border crossing simplified.

On Lake of the Woods. Will be able to check in on a phone app, instead of a 16-mile round trip — on the lake — to check in with U.S. Customs.

3. Spinning reel designed for braid.

The new Okuma Epixor XT has features specifically designed for using braid. John Bretza from Okuma explains it in this vid:

Available this fall and will retail for less than 70 bones. Can’t wait to try one.

4. Clam “pro day” happening right now.

Have their top pros from across the continent in one room showcasing the new for 2017-2018 products. Jason Mitchell gets to see/use/test most of it years before even the guys that develop it do…so someone please make sure he’s awake and listening. 😉

Clam’s going to be leaking lots of the new gear on their Facebook page TODAY, click here to see it first.

5. Maybe win ya some Bagley Baits.

Gonna be having a new giveaway every Friday on their FB page. Click here for a chance to win their new Pro Sunny B:

6. MN: Starry stonewort found in Grand Lake.

That’s an invasive algae, not a Harry Potter character….

7. Johnny “big bucks” Morris buys Legend Boats.

Joining Ranger, Triton, Nitro and Tracker under the White River Marine Group label.

Headline of the Day

Florida woman curses at angler, then drunkenly bites his fishing line and swims off with lure.

Good grief. Maybe we oughta just start a “Can’t Make This Stuff Up” section of the email….

Tip of the Day

Closer look at how TW’s Brett McComas keeps his Jigging Raps organized, NON-chipped and purrrrrtty. Oh and mow your grass already, man! Sheesh….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Tanner Cherney playing hooky (#punny) on Devils Lake, ND:

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