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Big fish of the week, Bro on speed fishing, Sonar arches explained

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Today’s Top 5


Bruisers of the week!


Lake Erie’s open-water bite far from over. Nolan P. caught this 12-lb heifer from shore last night on a #14 Rapala Husky Jerk in glass clown:

Pat D. and buds texted us on Wednesday: “Last night’s trolling on ‘Tonka…still eating Rapalas in 38-degree water!”

Meanwhile, same night (Wednesday), Bro stuck an early-ice pig somewhere in Itasca County, MN:

And earlier in the day:

#EarlyIceGangsta #BroKnowsIceFishing

Steve of Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods (Cohasset, MN) visited Slabville:

Tyler T. smirkin’ with this SLABsolutely ridiculous crappie. Wonder if he rubs ‘stache wax on his jigs?

He caught (and released) several near Alexandria, MN. Had 2.5-3″ of ice that has since evaporated. Scary stuff — be careful!

Clayton D. on some sumo ‘gills:

Translucent, FISHABLE ice…


…in northern Manitoba. Locals playing hockey on it. Why drop a puck when you could drop a jig??

How to climb out if you break through.


Steve Pennaz broke through on purpose so he could tell us how to get out. #stout

Why fish aren’t always arches…



…on your sonar. Cool video:

Night-stalking zander.



A night shot so we thought this was a walleye at first. Not so, but an awesome fish:

Ice Fishing


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Fishing Reports

1. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> Part fishing report, part ice report this time of year. The boats are doing very well with good numbers of walleyes in 10-20′. Launching at Wheeler’s Point and fishing in front of Pine Island. The big water (Big Traverse Bay) is still open. Thin ice on the small bays. Zippel Bay reporting 5-6 inches of ice. Bostic Bay and Baudette Bay all reporting 1-3″.

> On the Rainy River, bays are getting locked up with open water on the river. A few anglers on the river with anglers catching nice walleyes in evenings. Open water bite has been good this past week.

> Up at the NW Angle, ice is 2-5″. Some air boats running to islands so far. It won’t be long, but safety first. When the time comes, work through resorts for safety.

2. MN: Upper Red Lake.

Tyler Robinson:

> Went out on both Saturday and Sunday morning out of JR’s. Fished in 7-8′, being away from the crowd helped a lot. Water clarity was rather poor at about 2′, which probably led to the slow bite. The first few hours of daylight brought the best bite and UV-colored Rippin’ Raps seemed to be key. I would say about 90% of the fish we marked ended up biting.

> As the day progressed, the bite slowed down and changing to a red-colored spoon tipped with a minnow head got a few fish to bite. It still held true that even in the afternoon hours if we marked a fish there was a good chance it would bite. Most of the fish were between 17-20″, or less than 14″. Ice conditions were decent. Where we fished, we had about 4″ of rather solid ice but the walk out was layered with cracks and even some open water which JR had bridged.

3. ND: Devils Lake area.

Here’s the latest video report.


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‘Eye Candy

Brent R. on ‘early’ ice near Bemidji, MN using a Dave Genz Drop-Kick Jig & Maki Plastic:

Tip of the Day

Straight-line reels are great for shallow water fishing, but have traditionally been outclassed by spinning reels in deeper water. New-age straight-liners have changed the game with ramped-up gear ratios for quick retrieval and “free spool” settings to get baits down quick. Bro explains the latter…reminds us of spey casting.


Quote of the Day

That’s the safest 1 inch of ice I’ll ever stand on!

Clam dudes…for some reason they got skunked:

Shot of the Day

More open-water Erie action — gotta love it!

Let’s go ice!

Check this stuff out!

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