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Today’s Top 5


Wally BEASTS of the week.




QC: Martin Vailant, a 33″ 12.2-lb catch from the St. Lawrence River. Jigged in 45 ft using a Gulp! minnow and spinnerbait skirt between the 1-oz jighead and the minnow.

MN: Beastly LOTW ‘eye out of Border View Lodge.


> Trolling submerged sand dunes 20-40 ft of water. Fish are stacked on steep dropoffs. Averaging 40 fish per half day. Most 16-18″ and a few 5-10 lbs.




Credits new ‘Bird Onix mapping technology. Or maybe it was the blood moon….

Stop thinking and FISH.




Are you too fast? Tip from Rapala lure designer Mark FISHer:

> …most anglers fish too fast. That can mean reeling too fast and losing focus too soon.
> “You finally got the spot, relax and fish it! Don’t start immediately trying to figure out your next spot to cast to. If you’re already thinking about spots 2, 3, 4, 5, you’re not really focused on the moment.”
> That was in Fisher’s mind when he helped Rapala design the Scatter Rap series of baits. Scatter Raps hunt and search erratically when retrieved slowly. Fishing them too fast lessens their effectiveness.

> “Speed is the one element that can really make your day. I don’t think we think about that enough. The Scatter Rap really forces us to do that — slow down and let the bait work.”

“Fish” should know. Would you argue with this guy?

What are these fuzzy things?




Tommy Skarlis has them in his boat — know what they are? Let us know here on Facebook.





Unusual Floating Object:

Don’t think it’ll work for us walleye guys, but still pretty cool.

Sneak peak at Gen. 2:


1. MN: LOTW fishing report.

> Fishing still consistently great and following fall trends. Walleyes have been consistent as the last couple weeks with the movement towards the South Shore and Rainy River. Bait fishing favored pulling spinners and crawler harnesses. Some adding a minnow for aggressive bites. Others are still trolling with red/white small baits or anchoring and jigging with minnows. Best colors hammered gold or pink.
> Try Knight and Bridges Islands 26-32 feet. Others staying closer to the south end hitting areas of Pine Island or 2-3 miles north of the island, Lighthouse Gap, Graceton Beach, Long Point, and 12 Mile in depths of 22-24′ or 28-31′.
> On the Rainy River, shiners continue their run upriver and walleyes following suit. Evening fishing best 17-19′ jigging with a 1/2- or 3/8-oz jig. Pink, gold or orange best.
> Up at the NW Angle, walleyes very strong and shifting towards deeper depths of 29-32′. Big or Little Oak Islands in MN as well as Deepwater Bay areas good. Try points and gaps with moving water. Muskie fishing still strong with trolling starting to show success.

2. ND: Devils Lake bite is on!

Look at those chunks! ‘Nuff said!

And check out this cool Devils Lake walleye smackdown vid:

3. WI: Walleye Weekend raised $200K for charity.

4. MI: Saginaw Bay survey results.

> DNR officials report a strong group of young walleye, poor survival of young perch and low populations of native forage species.

5. Upper Red Lake reg changes considered.

6. MN: Pelican Lake homeowner threatens to sue DNR.

…over musky stocking. Residents think it’s hurting the ‘eye fishing.

7. MI: DNR recommends loosening Gogebic regs.

8. WI: Walleye Weekend weighin location in flux.

9. WI: Wild Rose Hatchery stocks 60k.

10. Aqua-Vu giveaway!

11. Mo’ money for Great Lakes restoration.

Includes nearly half-mil for Detroit.

12. Lund “Catch of the Year” savings through Oct 5.

13. Free training at Vexilar University.

14. Verizon drops Outdoor Channel…

…after dropping the Sportsman Channel. #notcool

15. WI: No men allowed fish camp.

New Stuff

1. New Clam Rattlin’ Blade Spoon.

Stainless steel BB’s click + Pyrex-glass housing = Calling fish in from distances you didn’t think were possible.

2. Nichols Ben Parker hair jig.

For ledge bass but looks like walleye food to us:





Gull Lake, $10K payout to 1st. Check out Jimmy Bell’s awesome pre-fishing Jigging Rap double:

Lol! Least he found the bait….

Have you fished here yet?


‘Eye Candy

Great shot but the text is even better:

> Caught this beauty in western Minnesota near Detroit Lakes with my amazing boyfriend, Ben Evenson, who guided me right to her!

Good job Ben!

Tip of the Day

Sturgeon Bay’s Dale Stroschein shares tips right on the water:


Shot of the Day

Okay it’s a meme rather than a shot, but it’s a good one — send it to a bass fishing buddy!

Have you checked this stuff out yet?

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