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1st walleye dab ever, Dream ice trips, Walleyes that impress Al

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Today’s Top 5

Rock crawlers of the week!

It’s Jake, from fish farm, with a 30″ cash grabber:

> Jake’s dad said, “Bet him $100 he couldn’t catch a 30″ walleye…as you can see, he’s a $100 richer! He’s had a smile from ear-to-ear the whole day and you know what…so have I.”

Lexi M. stuck-and-released her new PB lizzie in Cochrane, ON bottom-bouncing a green spinner. Smile says it all:

Logan P. cracked this 28″ beefcake pulling a Lindy Rig/crawler in 30′. Classic Mille Lacs summer pattern — better sneak out there before the season closes:

Camera stuffin’ a quality lizard caught slow rolling a 3″ Lunkerhunt Swim Bento (dace) — on a 1/4-oz mushroom head — along the weedline:

Selfies are surprisingly hard to do with a walleye in hand — at least this way he didn’t give up his spot….

Walleye big enough to impress Al.

What’s big to some, isn’t always big to others. What do YOU consider a big walleye in the lakes you fish?? It really depends on where you’re fishing — here’s Al’s take on it:

> “You go to and see all these pictures of big walleye up to 34 inches, but pay attention to the big water systems they are coming from. If you fish the Great Lakes, western reservoirs or a handful of lakes up in Canada…8 lbers are common fare.

> You would say, “Well a big fish to me is a 10 or 12 lber.” Well in these smaller, natural walleye lakes — that are peppered all over the heart of the walleye world — a big fish is simply a 6 lber. A giant fish (which you see rarely out of these lakes) is a true 8 lber. So everything is relative.
> “In these smaller natural mesotrophic, slightly eutrophic lakes, we have a lot of 1.5 to 3 lbers, but when you get a 4, 5 or 6 that’s really good fishing. Now and again if you’re fishing a tournament or in the fall, you may see an 8 lber, but it’s rare.
> “You’ve got big lakes like Lake of the Woods, Red Lake, Mille Lacs, Leech Lake, Winnebago — well known walleye lakes, but even in smaller lakes 8 lbers are really-really, big-big fish. The reality check for most of us is that a bunch of walleyes from 16-20″ is a great day on the water.

Jason Mitchell’s dream ice fishing trips.

These lakes all have the potential to kick out your new PB (personal best). How do we know? Because Jason Mitchell does it on the daily. Click here to see the list and read why each one is on there — it’s never too early to start planning your next ice adventure:

First walleye ‘dab’ ever?

Fishing guide Walleye Dan dabbed his way into a fist full of Brainerd, MN walleyes:

Love that Dan likes to keep it fun on the water. Even Bart was impressed with those moves:

Ridiculous zander caught.

Not exactly a walleye, but a close European cousin that grows to stupid-dumb-big sizes. Imagine this thing’s gut slobbing over the side of the net:For sure gets the blood pumping. #BucketList

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Here’s a little taste of how the MWC on Devils Lake was won. Think your hand-eye coordination is as good as the guys from Artifishalleyes?

It’s safe to say that Troy Morris is a Jigging Rap jedi:

2. WI: Tourney raises $16K for United Way.

Dan Sandstrom Walleye Tournament on the WI River in Stevens Point.

3. MN: Starry stonewort found in Upper Red.

The invasive species, not the Harry Potter character:

Also Zeebz found in Lake Minnewashta.

4. MN: 60 vets honored at Lake of the Woods.

3rd annual ‘Pay It Forward’ event that celebrates and recognizes veterans — while walleye fishing. Stout.

5. MN: Free waypoints on Lake Kabetogama.

Bob Jensen, host of Fishing the Midwest talks about how and where he targets walleye during the post-summer transition. Great info.

6. WA: All license sales stopped.

> “DNR is offering ‘free fishing’ days until Aug 30 after temporarily suspending the sale of licenses while investigating the vulnerability of its sale system.”


7. NY: 12 year old catches record sheepshead.

Amelia Whalen caught the 29-lb 14-oz (36.5″) freshwater drum on Lake Champlain — beat the previous record by over 3 lbs! Betcha thought it was a giant wally at first….

8. How-to fillet a northern pike w/out bones (video).

Your grandpa will love this.

9. Organize your truck-bed with a LEER locker.

Awesome feature for holding tackle and other fishy stuff you want to grab quick.

Plus then you can sign up for their Cover Cash program to earn extra $$$ in tourneys.

10. Humminbird extreme staff training.

Humminbird provides actual on-the-water training for their customer service and repair staff so you’re not just talking to a manual. Love it.

11. New ‘stealth’ Clam shacks.

This one’s the NEW Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth — a blacked-out one-man shack that sight fishermen are going to love. We had the chance to check ’em out last season…you’re going to want to see this one.

Check out all of Clam’s new products for 2016/2017 here.

12. Smooth Moves seat in action on big water.

Your back’s best friend:

Gitcha one here.

Have a shot at winning a new Onyx A-33 Automatic Infla Life Jacket from Onyx Outdoor Gear and Target Walleye! So comfor you’ll forget you’ve got it on! Same deal: Enter your email addy, then share the link to earn more points toward a win. Good luck!

Fishing Reports

1. ND: Devils Lake.

> “Walleyes are transitioning from shallow to deeper structure in 22-40′. We had really good luck using 1.5-oz bottom-bouncers while fishing in less than 30′ and using 2-oz bottom-bouncers when fishing deeper. Once we found the fish, we could throw out any color spinner and get bit
> “We focused on submerged rockpiles and sunken roads — the fish were hanging in the road ditches, versus the top of the roads.
> “The vertical jigging bite is also picking up as we get closer to fall. Focus on the same sunken rockpiles and submerged structure, as well as the many bridges around Devils Lake.”

2. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> “Water temps are slowly starting to cool and the walleyes have their feedbags on. Drifting with spinners, anchoring/jigging, and downrigging crankbaits all have been successful. Try fishing in 28-32′ 4 miles out of Lighthouse Gap.

> “There’s scattered schools across the lake to Zippel Bay, Long Point and Rocky Point where they’re catching good numbers of fish. Reefs along with ‘no man’s land’ are also holding walleyes.
> “Up at the NW Angle, the walleyes have been in 18-22′ on warmer days and slide out to 20-27′ with the cold fronts. Orange, green and gold spinners tipped with shiners or crawlers have been the top producers. Fish have been caught in mud and rubble rock, west bar off Little Oak, Crow Duck, west bar off Garden Island and in the mud south of Oak Island.”

3. WI: Green Bay.

Capt. Lonney Goman:

> “There’s been excellent walleye fishing all over Green Bay. Water temps are warm so walleye metabolism rates are high — which means eating is a priority. That being said (with warm water temps) handling and releasing walleyes properly is key to ensure survival rates.

> “We caught a number of 26-31″ walleyes this last week — a quick pic and fish are back in the water in less than a minute. Walleye fishing should remain hot for several more weeks into September based on weather…come on up!”

Great places to catch ’em

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Tip of the Day

Protecting your swivel knot.

Face it…you don’t re-tie nearly enough! And when pulling rigs, a slip-sinker banging against the swivel will weaken your knot over time. Here’s how Lund pro Tom Neustrom creates a simple ‘shock absorber’ to save time and put more fish in the boat:

Quote of the Day

Keep your dog’s poop out of the river.

“Like human waste, dog waste contains harmful bacteria. If you leave it lying around, the next rainstorm will wash Fido’s waste into the river and contribute to the problem.”
– Yup, that’s an article talking about how dog poo makes it less healthy to enjoy our waters. Are dogfish exempt from this rule? Lol.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

It’s coming…and judging by this pic, the guys over at Eskimo are ready:


Check this stuff out!

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