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Wind skews dive chart, Shallow dog-day eyes, MB lunch breaks

You may have noticed the last few Target Walleye emails comin’ at ya “off schedule,” wanted to let you know why…all 6-lbs 11-ozs of it! Welcome Maisie Grayce McComas (May-zee) to the world! #NewPB #ProudDad #ByeByeTillerHelloWindshield

Today’s Top 5

Gravel pigs of the week!

Don’t know if pigs will ever fly…but they sure can swim!

Nick Cekalla whacked this 31″ x 19.5″ slab o’ golden beef brisket prefishing for the AIM Lake of the Woods event — where he and Will Pappenfus finished 10th, clinching ‘team of the year‘ — running #9 Rapala Deep Tail Dancers on leadcore:

Ryan H. helped get his boy Josh Simmons on his new PB gravel pig (29.25″) casting Moonshine Shiver Minnows and pulling crawler harnesses over rock humps:

Brent Relopez MotorGuided his way to this thick gravel lizard slingin’ a custom-painted Rapala Jigging Rap:

Is this the definition of “match the hatch?”

Doesn’t get much better than this Rat-L-Trap attack:

Don’t know if a ‘Trap is offered in the most colors of any bait, but there’s a PILE. Here’s a few others that for sure look good enough to eat:

Crankbaits don’t dive as deep when it’s windy.

Ever been trolling downwind and caught fish, turned right around and couldn’t get ’em to bite? Might actually be some truth to blaming it on the wind, though it’s got nothing to do with your poor boat control lol. Learn from Mr. Precision Trolling Data himself, Mark Romanack:

Mark knows his stuff [!] and has way more videos like this on his YouTube channel.

How they spend lunch breaks in Manitoba.

It’s a little different in Manitoba — Travis Gudbjartson spends his lunchtime running down to Cross Lake to hit up the au naturel vending machine:

Rest of us have to catch our rock melons the old-fashioned way….

What it’s like going to “jail”for baits.

Fish-head Mike Borovic put his Lunkerhunt Bento Bait behind (gold) bars — love it:


1. MN: 102 year old veteran catches walleyes…

…at Pay It Forward event on Lake of the Woods. Thanks for your service, Carl!

2. MN: MTT championship headin’ to LOTW.

The Minnesota Tournament Trail Championship is happenin’ Sep 13-14 on Lake of the Woods. Have a crack at winning a $50K [!] Skeeter boat package with the $510 entry. #Whammy Thanks for hippin’ me to it, Dan!

3. Lake Erie walleye pop estimated at 41 mil!

4. IA: Morse Lake fishing regs chillaxed.

> “The 98-acre shallow natural lake is being renovated to remove abundant common carp and bullhead populations, and improve the water quality and habitat in the lake.”

Can use as many lines as you want to catch/keep as many fish as you want. Some fine print though:

> “Dynamite, poison, electric shocking devices, or any stupefying substances will not be allowed.”

One “stupefying substance” you can use lol:

5. MN: Trio wins North American Sturgeon Championship.

Must’ve been a tough bite ‘cuz the winning fish was a 57.75-incher…which dang near jump in the boat during the spring Rainy River run.

6. WI sturgeon season opens Sep 1.

Hook and line.

7. Pure Watercraft hiring.

Customer operations representative. More deets here.

8. OH: New $1.3 mil ramp at Berlin Rez just for looks?

…because of a Corps drawdown:

> …it’s essentially useless after mid-summer because the water is too shallow to launch anything larger than a canoe.

9. Spinning reel designed for braid.

The Okuma Epixor XT has features specifically designed for using braid. John Bretza from Okuma explains it in this vid:

They retail for less than 70 bones — can’t wait to try one.

10. Murky lakes increasing in US?

> “In the 5 years between 2007 and 2012, the dominant lake type in the U.S. shifted from clear, blue lakes to greenish-brown, murky lakes. Blue lakes declined by 18% while murky lakes increased by 12%.

> “Blue lakes typically are those that do not show evidence of nutrient pollution or elevated organic matter while murky lakes have high levels of both.”

Interesting stats considering how many lakes seem to be clearing up thanks to zebra mussels, etc.

11. New KastKing braid scissors look legit.

Has a removable sheath n’ lanyard in case you’re like me and misplace yours every 3 seconds:

12. PA: FBC pushin’ for more conservation funding.

Currently gettin’ about $1.5 mil — lookin’ for $34 mil.

13. KY: Can birds stock Asian carp?

Guy with a 30 yr old pond all of a sudden found Asian carp in there…? Yikes.

14. IL calling Asian carp “silverfin” for eating purposes.

Sounds delish lol.

15. Didja win our latest giveaways?

Waiting on a response from a couple winners…usually give ’em 1 week to reply else we have to randomly draw a new lucky angler.

Gonna blackout a chunk of the email addys but if yours look something like these, you might wanna check your inbox and reply to my message ASAP:

> Yo-Zuri winner: preston*****
> Rapala winner: warrior***

Tip of the Day

Check the full Bill Leonard write-up here, few excerpts below:

> It’s the dog days of August, and catching walleyes seems to get harder and harder. [Most] anglers run cranks and work deep water…however they’ll go where the food is and that can definitely be the shallows.

> Shallow is a relative term based on the lake. On a lake that’s 10-15′ deep, shallow might be 1-2′ whereas a lake that has depths over 30′, shallow might be 8-10′ or 3-4′.

> In the heat of the summer on shallow lakes of 10-15′, the water can become incredibly warm, so warm in fact that the walleyes search for cooler territory. …equally important is the additional oxygen given off by the vegetation.

> I find the best shorelines to be the ones that have a sharp 1-2′ drop to a small shelf before dropping off to deeper water.

> You may not be able to trigger these fish during the heat of the day. It might be an early morning, late evening or night bite…[but] they’re there for the taking.

> Four approaches work when fishing for walleyes in the shallows: using a slip-bobber, casting crankbaits, casting jigs and using the dropshot method. Of the 4, the 2 presentations I use most are casting jigs and using the dropshot….

> The other presentation I prefer is to dropshot on the deep side of the weeds with a weedless hook and drop shot a PowerBait Minnow or Nightcrawler.

Meme of the Day

Hope things change for the better this weekend:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Jenni Buckingham said, “We couldn’t get married without our baby there!” Congratulations, it’s a…Lund!

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