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WI guys win NAIFC, Record NE pike, Hottie’s sumo ‘gill

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Today’s Top 5

1. ‘Sconnies win NAIFC @ Big Stone.

This past weekend MN/SD border waters Big Stone was the fourth NAIFC Open of the 2014 season. WI’s Jason Kamrath and Peter Hupf won with a total weight of 10.57 lbs, their biggest at 0.86 lb, just shy of 2nd’s 0.88-lb perch.

All came down to this crazy jigging technique (vid).

Cool pics here. Next stop is Croton Dam Pond, MI.

2. Record NE pike released?

Jake Rodiek, Jan 28, caught and released 45″ long with a 27.5″ girth, roughly 33-34 lbs. Location not disclosed.

3. Mille Lacs walleye harvest cut.

Crew cut:

> The DNR said Friday that the harvest quota will be just 60,000 pounds beginning in May — a 90% drop from the 600,000 pounds allowed less than 10 years ago…less than a quarter of the 250,000 pounds allowed last year.

> “We told the DNR 12 years ago this day would come due to the lake’s mismanagement,’’ said Terry Thurmer, owner of Terry’s Boat Harbor. “This never should have happened.”

> …the Mille Lacs walleye bag and size limits likely will be similar to last year, when anglers were restricted to two walleyes between 18 and 20 inches.

> State-regulated hook-and-line anglers will get 42,900 pounds of the quota….

4. Hottie’s sumo ‘gill.

Lots to like ‘bout this shot! 11.5” bull-gill – way to go Ashley!

Asashoryu surrenders:

5. GoPro’ing Slabs

Bemidji, MN-based guide Matt Breuer and his better half put four GoPros to work in -27 temps. Nice vid. Some 14-plus-inchers…su-weeeet!



1. All ‘bout ‘lectric augers.

Teeg from Recycled Fish talks no-fossil-fuel required drills.

2. FAA puts kabosh on beer drone.

3. Fat bike fishin’.

We knew it was only a matter of time ‘til the sports merged. Like shooting on skis makes any danged sense.

4. WI: Trout skoolers ace monsters…

… on Milwaukee Bay.

5. MI: Inside Mark Martin’s vacation ice school. 


Fishin’ Reports

1. ON: Bay of Quinte.

> Some real monsters coming in from the Bay.

2. MT: Trout, perch and Kokanee.

> Holter: Rainbows are being caught at Gates of the Mountains and Log Gulch on jigs and maggots 4 to 6 feet deep.

> Helena Valley: Kokanee is good for those anglers able to find a school of fish…being caught in 25-35 feet of water on ice jigs tipped with corn or maggots.

3: ON: Kenora ‘eyes, lakers and crappies.

Guide Dave Bennett:

> “Plenty of fish being caught, you just have to work a little bit. There’s a good morning bite and a nice flurry of fish in the afternoon, and again right before dark.”

> “Been finding walleyes on submerged humps, island points and shelves anywhere from 25-50’.”

> Rocking minnow heads on Buckshot or Rattle spoons and a live minnow dead-sticked on an 1/8 oz. Gumball jighead lifted no more than 6″ off the bottom.”

> “Walleyes have been shallower on cloudy days and deeper during sunny, high-pressure systems.”

> “Lakers have been bigger up here around Kenora, but a little better numbers down by Sioux Narrows. Fishing 70’ and sweeping shallower flats, too, for bigger fish.”

> “My buddy and guide Jamie Bruce has been hammering crappies in some places on tungstens and microplastics, looking for 30’ holes with 25’ flats around them. Whole deal is drilling 100 yard grids and hopping holes, picking up a fish here, fish there.”

4. ND: Devils Lake.

More obscene catches:


Deals of the Day

1. Didja enter the Ultimate Giveaway yet?

2. Fish with Ice Team dudes.

3. Buddy up with Bro.


Tip of the Day

Ice trout strategies.

In-Fish field editor Matt Straw:

> “By freeze up, trout in many lakes settle into a diurnal feeding pattern. They invade shallow flats during low-light periods of morning and evening, typically feeding on burrowing mayfly nymphs, caddis pupae, small minnows and anything else they can find.

> “This pattern is defined by inflow. Flats created by streams or springs feeding the lake tend to see the most activity.”

> “Even large trout (topping 10 pounds) can be caught on tiny things in winter. On shallow flats, few livebaits outproduce mayfly nymphs also called wigglers.”

> “Tactically, since trout begin moving even before light levels increase, it’s necessary to have holes drilled in the shallows an hour or so before it gets light in the morning. Drilling over active trout in 4 to 8 feet of water is a bad idea.”


Quote of the Day

Ice fishing? Are you kidding me? I’d rather give birth.

– Random Super America gas station attendant. Hahaha! Dang snow birds….


Shot of the Day

Ice Force pro Will Roseberg with a bragger crappie, caught on the first drop with a TriggerX Nymph.

Here’s that Nymph:



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