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Weight style breakdown, Fish your way into spots, Melons of the week

Hey everyone, we’ll be at ICAST (fishing biz trade show in Orlando) next week and will have our eyes peeled for the latest and greatest. Not sure if we’ll get a Target Walleye out, but check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates from the show floor. Hope you had a great/safe 4th!

Today’s Top 4

Which type of weight when?!

There’s a zillion different weights on the market — each has its own time and place. Here’s Brad Hawthorne talkin’ his favorites and when he uses ’em.

BONUS rigging tip at the end of the vid shows how Brad uses a Quick-Change Weight Clevis and Loop Snap at the same time to swap out most any weight:

Mega melons of the week!

James Kemp on that new PB grind! Cracked himself a 32″ x 18″ [!!] Missouri River, ND mega melon on a #11 “bleeding hot olive” Original Floating Rapala. He said:

> “Wader fishing has no equal. Over the years I’ve caught several 25-inchers, some 27s, a 28.5, and last fall a 29″. Had been waiting a LONG time for 30″ fish and finally knocked down a 32″ fatty-pants.” #Stout

Drew Dougherty with a scarred-up brute that whacked his Moonshine Shiver Minnow — vertical jiggin’ in 25′:

Tim Geni was playing with a prototype open-water bait from PK Lures on Last Mountain Lake, SK when he stuffed this 10.8-lb (30″) wall-zilla! Caught more than 50 walleyes outta 17′ in that half-day of fishin’ = [fire emoji]:

More than “just” greenbacks in Manitoba… Callum Spencer stuck this 30″ slab o’ gold (his new PB) — congrats dude!

S’more Manitoba gold — this one from Matty’s Fishing Tours outta the Flin Flon area. #RainwearDon’tCare

Walleye fishing Q&A with Joel Nelson.

Had a pile of walleye-related questions sent in (thx!) — here’s Joel Nelson tackling the first few, including:

  • How to specifically target bigger walleyes
  • Budget-friendly ways to enjoy Lake of the Woods
  • What size bottom-bouncer is best
  • Graphing vs trolling to locate fish

Check it here:

Independence Day fishin’ shenanigans.

Hope everyone had a great/safe 4th of July!

What’s the 4th without a little watermelon? The Phantom Lures crew painted up, cut and prepped this custom treat (which they’re giving away here):

Brainerd Lakes Area guide Walleyedan livin’ up to his name. Look out man…will be a boat parade on that spot if they see you takin’ pics:

Wonder if this stick o’ dynamite is legal to toss?

Not sure if Superior Angling Co couldn’t find an open campsite, or the bite was too good to leave? Either way that tent’s a good look for the Lund 219 Pro-V:

Saw this on the Do-It Molds FB page. #’Merica

Can’t forget about our friends to the north — Greg Attard Canada Days super hard:


1. MN: Cekalla/Pappenfus crush Leech Lake AIM.

Found the BIGS had pushed deeper off the edge of the break from all the boat traffic…talkin’ deeper like 45′. Caught ’em using 1-oz Northland Slick-Sticks with giant minnows — moving slowly to keep everything vertical. Would even park on fish they saw on their electronics and let the minnows do their job.

Here’s what 45.73 lbs for 5 fish looks like in facial expressions:

Lol love it. Nicely done fellas!

2. ND: Husband/wife win Devils Lake Chamber Walleye derby.

Best kind of tourney partner right there!

Gitcha current Devils Lake (video) fishin’ report here from local-stick Tanner Cherney. And if you’re headin’ that way soon, Woodland Resort just had a last-minute opening…though you might never wanna leave….

3. So you want to work in the fishing industry…

Did you know there are 35,500 fishing jobs right here in MN?! Imagine how many there are across the globe…. For sure more ways to break into the fishing biz than you’d think, and you can learn how at the Fishing Careers Workshop that’s tri-hosted by Al Lindner, Troy Lindner and Joel Nelson.

Was fortunate enough to speak at the last one (still think about it daily) and even more surprised to get the invite back (thanks Al!). The connections made, stories heard and advice soaked in are seriously life changing. Al’s fired up about it:

Happenin’ Oct 27 in the Brainerd Lakes Area (MN) at Madden’s Resort on Gull Lake. More info here.

4. WI: Winnebago AIM winning deets.

> Vietnam vet Jim Moser: “Colors didn’t seem to make any difference. I typically run from 1.0-1.3 mph, and on warmer water you can run up to 1.5 and still catch fish. I want to keep the blades moving slow enough that they’re not going to have to chase them. If they chase, it’s more of a reaction bite.”

5. More deets on the ND zander catch.

6. Lake Erie: Walleye travel 200+ miles in 3 weeks?!

Interesting tracking study shows walleyes are a creature of habit.

7. MN: First-ever acoustic tag study on Mille Lacs.

8. MN: Brad Parsons new DNR fisheries chief.

Replacing Don Pereira, who retired Jun 8 to spend more time at his Mille Lacs Lake cabin…okay kiddin’ about the Mille Lacs part lol:

9. WI: Winnebago fish died of VHS…

…not the “harmless white powder” called titanium dioxide that spilled into the lake while battling a fire.

10. SD: A different kinda cowboy moved to Mobridge

You’re gonna need a bigger livewell:

11. NPAA annual conference comin’ to Minnesota.

That’s the National Professional Anglers Association — if you’re not a member yet, better get on it.

12. Evinrude parent buys Alumacraft.

> …Evinrude and Alumacraft will now operate as part of the newly-formed BRP Marine Group.

13. Lowrance merges with C-Map mapping company.

Headline of the Day

Finding, but not keeping, walleyes on Mille Lacs.

One Q: Do you still play golf even though you can’t eat the golf balls? #FUN

Tip of the Day

Joel Nelson makes a good point: When you see a mouth-watering spot, don’t just run in there and fish it…. First fish the outside, then work your way in:

Quote of the Day

I’ve never run into a boat that doesn’t eventually get sold someday….

That’s Joel Nelson talkin’ about getting married keepin’ his Lund 1975 Pro-V real nice and shiny like. Vinegar, water, and 60 seconds of your time = no more scum lines. It’s a cheap but awesome habit to get into:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Who wore it better: Matt Johnson or the walleye? #BlackfishGear

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