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Troll downwind, Weirdest fishing sign ever, Dial in your line counter

Yo! Need your help: I’m heading up to Lake of the Woods the next few days with Joel Nelson, Brad Hawthorne and Nick Lindner. Gonna shoot a bunch of walleye feeshin’ tips and wanna know what YOU want to see??? Reply to this email with ideas — don’t need to be LOTW specific, ‘less you want ’em to be. Thx!

Today’s Top 4

Gravel Lizards of the week!

New PB alert! Guide Matt Liebel cracked this 31″ wall-dawg dragging a creek chub during the Lake Sakakawea AIM tourney!! Anchored his and Tory Hill’s 1st-place sack of 35.41 lbs for a $4.7K payday. #Stout

Ryan Harrenstein’s been shivering up the Little Bay de Noc ‘eyes (Moonshine Shiver Minnows) — making long casts and snapping it hard all the way back to the boat for reaction bites:

Parker Butler’s straight-up harassing the BIGS with a #6 “pink tiger UV” Rapala Rippin’ Rap — guy can fish and so can the bait:

Trevor Shaheen cracked this Lake Erie slaunch outta Port Clinton, OH using the local “mayfly rig”:

> “I tie my own with 12-18” of 17- to 25-lb fluoro snelled to a #2 VMC Fastgrip Octopus Hook, couple gold or brass 3mm beads, small hammered gold blade, and 3/8- to 3/4-oz weight at the front-end of the rig. Need to lob the cast and figure out the appropriate countdown to keep it in front of the suspended fish.” #BonusFishFlop

Not a super giant, but bonus points for this double-tagged walter Michael Wicks Okuma’d outta Mille Lacs:

Catch more short-biters on spinner rigs.

Big bug hatches are happening right now, which means it’s spinner season baby! Connecting with these bug-stuffed fish can be frustrating — here’s how Joel Nelson boosts his hookup ratio:

> If fish are really scattered, you’ll want to run crankbaits. If you find ’em in big ol’ monkey piles, then why not just sit on them with a Jigging Rap? Spinners are the perfect application for the in-between when there’s scattered pods of fish along an isolated stretch.

> On a good spinner bite I’ll experiment with the hookset, but I usually try to hit them right away. It’s not like a Lindy rig where you want to give them much time to eat it — bottom-bouncers have a lot of extra hardware for the fish to feel and want to drop.

> If you’re catching fish on the tail hook only, then they’re likely following it for a long time and just nipping at it. Same thing goes if you’re missing a lot of fish. You need to cut that tag end! Sure you can pinch it, but why not just nip it with your superline scissors and you’re good to go?

> If you’re still having a tough time, then settle down with that hookset. Instead of wrenching on ’em, simply dip back to give them some line and do a slow power-sweep to let the rod load up. You can even leave it in the rod holder to let them hang themselves.

More deets on spinner rig fishin’ coming, just didn’t want you to miss any more fish over the weekend….

Speaking of hatches…check this shot from fish-head Ben Royce on Sturgeon Bay:

Case you’re wondering, that’s why tiller guys never smile:

Why you should be trolling downwind.

Tommy “breaks the mold” Skarlis likes to pull planer boards with the wind to his back — instead of trolling into it. Watch the vid for a few reasons why Tommy says he sticks more sowbellies when he’s going with the flow:

Also helps keep baits from “surging” as much — happens when the boat/board hits big waves head on and stalls things out. Some surge is okay but a lot isn’t natural.

Weirdest “no fishing” sign ever?

No trolling with/on/around camels? Now how are we supposed to catch ’em:


1. Miller/Tarrell win Lake McConaughy MWC.

John Miller and Ev Tarrell’s 2-day bag of 35 lbs 12 ozs came casting jigs and spinnerbaits [!!!] over a rocky bottom in 4-8′. Won ’em $17,450 in cash + prizes:

Congrats guys!

2. MB: Still a few spots left…

…for the Lund Mania Pinawa happenin’ Jul 21. #BoatloadsOfPrizes

3. Phantom Lures made with real walleye chop?

Know it’s gonna catch ’em when the back looks like a NW at 10-5 mph lol:

The new Phantom Lures Abyss dives 18-20′ — more info soon, but gitcha a first look here. #Razorback

4. Last chance to get in on…

…the HUUUUGE Hooked Magazine giveaway with a chance to win a fly-in fishing trip (for 4) and some other fishin’ goodies worth over $10K! Winner drawn Jun 30 — more info here.

5. New hand-sized Aqua-Vu Micro 4.3 Stealth.

Look sweet and cost less than you’d think….

6. Tony Roach’s favorite plastic for walleye (video).

And we’re talkin’ open-water, so it doesn’t look anything like a bug or ‘roach (lol)…like some of these other Impulse gems in his ice-fishing arsenal:

Check the video here to find out what specific bait, but here’s one more hint:

7. New Plano E-Series Tackle Backpack.

Pretty cool lookin’, but is even worth checking out just for this:

> “Big clunky tackle boxes are passé. If you aren’t keeping up with modern technologies in fishing tackle storage and transportation, you likely still have a flip phone, or even worse a Myspace page.”

8. What’s covered under your boat insurance policy.

Any idea if your electronics are covered? How about that $2,500 worth of Favorite rods/reels stuffed in the rod locker?? That’s why it’s important to work with someone who specializes in boat insurance. Quotes from Bob Luellen at Worldwide Marine Insurance are free — worth it!

And if you didn’t know, Bob can catch ’em:

9. MN: NWT championship comin’ to Lake of the Woods.

Seriously can’t wait to see the mega bags these guys put together. Hoping to make it…but the tourney’s happenin’ Sep 5-7…just so happens to fall on our due date. Either way should come home with a new PB lol!

10. Maybe win ya a Drotto Boat Latch.

Run one on my rig and absolutely love it — makes loading/unloading the boat a breeze. No more walking in the water…or hanging upside down trying to reach the latch…or dang near breaking your hand when the handle gets away from you:

Click here to enter.

Headline of the Day

Nav-Tracker leads to recovery of stolen boat in 49 minutes.

Even better: the boat’s name was “Can’t Touch This.”

Tip of the Day

Trolling’s all about putting a pattern together. The most efficient way to do that is to make sure all of your line-counter reels are reading exactly the same. Here’s how Fishing 411 TV’s Jake Romanack gets ’em spot on:

Quote of the Day

Who says tillers and bad weather don’t mix?

– That’s the caption under this Lund Boats FB post:

Favorite comment:

> Kevin Joslyn: Guys who have run tillers their whole life and finally switch to a windshield boat, that’s who.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love this shot and comment from Tim Scheuer:

> “It’s a whole different ball game fishing and traveling with a baby in tow, but it doesn’t seem to phase the boss lady…it’s a heck of a ride but so much fun.”

Awesome! We’ve got our first one on the way and plan to be doing the same.

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