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THICK Columbia walleye! Are ice jamborees bad? Pike eats 111 crappie!

Today’s Top 4


One of several caught in what is a really mild Pacific Northwest winter (#jealous). Apparently all were caught (and released) on a Kit’s Tackle Walleye Fry Glass Minnow:



Okay, technically it’s not a walleye and it’s not in North America, but that’s a BEAST of a walleye-looking fish! 35+ lbs!

For some of us, this is the only Zander we’ll ever see in person:



Pics like this one make Eric Haataja think so:
He posted:

> They hold theses events and kill big pike, big smallmouth bass, big largemouth bass, big walleyes — all for prizes. This is not good for conservation or our sport!

> I’m all about having a good time with these events raising money for good causes and the camaraderie is awesome. However this is just one of many lakes that has been hurt due to these events killing big fish!

> How do we change this??????? How does our DNR allow this to be legal??? How can any corporation sponsor these events? Change takes time but if you care and respect the resources then this need to change!



Apparently 111!!! That’s a 28-lb northern caught from Mille Lacs, MN:


1. SD: New walleye circuit!

Deets here.

2. WI petition: No stringers for fish.

3. Auger extension time.

Get yours here.

4. WI: Onalaska panfish bite heating up.

5. Eating perch in short supply.

> Erie: Commercial quota has dropped from 13 million lbs to less than 4 over the last 10 years. 90% of all yellow perch consumed in the US come from Erie.
> Winnipeg: Northern pike have been doing work on the perch population.
> Ontario: Snow is too deep for winter netting this year.

6. IN: Fisherman falls through ice.

RIP fishing brother.

7. Great Lakes adding ice.

Due to all this cold weather. Ice stats as of about a week ago:
> Erie: 98.9% coverage
> Huron: 92.8%
> Superior: 91.5%
> Ontario: 82.6%
> Michigan: 63.2%




‘Eye Candy

Couple 31-inch beauts from Lake of the Woods:

Fish of a lifetime for Lake of the Woods Tourism’s Joe Henry — nice fish Joe!

A video showing that fish is here.

Here’s another one — lean but nice!

Tip of the Day



EXCELLENT tip from the Technological Angler:


Quote of the Day


Everyone got spoiled last year when schools of walleye stayed put for days at a time.


Erie guide John Gribble talking about how walleye are on the move this year under the ice. Also said:

> “I’ve moved up to seven or eight times a day this winter just trying to find walleye. The fish seem to be moving about a quarter-mile to the northwest each day.”

Shot of the Day


Congrats to Renee on her first Alberta ice pike:

Gotta check this stuff out!

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