Special Holiday Issue: Gotta Have Walleye/Ice Stuff

Have a fisherman/woman on your Christmas shopping list? Let’s be honest: Anything from would be great. But here’s some top gift ideas for that special walleye or ice fanatic in your life — great stuff they absolutely “need” lol!


Stuff under $10.00


> “A high-performance line designed to stay manageable even in frigid water. Constructed with special additives to deter water absorption, this line won’t freeze or accumulate ice build-up.”


That says it all!

Lightweight, comfy and pretty sharp-looking — it’s a no brainer. Can’t even buy a pair of socks for that price!

> “Uniquely weighted to offer ultimate action and vibration. On the drop, the counter-weighted system gives these spoons an erratic action that triggers fish to strike.”


Every walleye fishermen should own a 3/8-oz PK Spoon in the color red dot glow. It’s that good when fished aggressively.

> “Perfect imitators of realistic flies and insects. The small profile offers superb results, while the power gap hook increases hook rate percentage.”
A MUST-have bait for fussy panfish. Has a compact profile that weighs the same as lead jigs twice its size. Here’s a video of it underwater, paired up with a nipped-down Trigger X Minnow — deadly combo.

> “Will hold your ice reel on your rod without damaging the cork by eliminating the use of tape. These bands also give a much better feel while fishing.”


They make it a breeze to quickly swap out reels, plus they look cool….

Our favorite color is UV purple tiger. A ton of action — here’s what they look like underwater tipped with a chunk of plastic.

> “The unique rotating design features an eyelet that swivels to keep line-twist to a minimum and life-like action to a maximum. The wide glide allows for a larger fishing space off the sides of the hole, while the expertly designed shape keeps this lure from snagging on itself.”


Super-cool design. Can’t wait to try ’em.

> “With quick rod snaps, the Slab Rap searches in wide, erratic directions, circling back to after pause. A lift-drop motion creates subtle vibration on the rise, followed by evasive side-to-side motion on the fall. Weight-forward design creates a rocking action for triggering negative fish.”


The ice can’t come fast enough for this lure. No crappie will be safe!

> “Vertical jigs designed to mimic baitfish better than any other vertical jig.”


Great on pressured fish and big smart ones! The realistic patterns allow you to slow the bait way down when there’s a fish staring at it, without scaring ’em off.

Biodegradable fish-attracting balls that bring fish to you. Can’t wait to try these for ice fishing…in a hole a couple feet away so your flasher isn’t affected.

$10.00 – $25.00


> “Through its powerful harmonic rattles, the vibration calls fish from a distance like a dinner bell and will tantalize gamefish even in the toughest conditions.”


Awesome bait for hardwater walleyes — been the go-to rattlebait for Winnipeg greenbacks several years running. New glow colors this season should be killer.

2. Catch Cover Ice Rod Rack – $19.99

> “Holds 6 ice-fishing combos. The T-lock design keeps rods securely in place without extra straps or foam. Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling…and features handy built-in hook and tool holders.”


Finally a rod rack made specifically for ice rods.

> “PolyPro construction with cellular foam inserts. These boxes are perfect for storing your spoons securely in place and protected.”
The large box holds 81 spoons, and the small 46. No more tangled hooks or chipped paint — check out the video here for a closer look at ’em.

4. Catch Cover Multi-Flex Accessories – $9.99 – $22.99

All designed and built in Minnesota. The Quick-Disc Wall mount lets you swap out a ton of different accessories without drilling more holes in your walls. Made for inside your permanent shacks, but you can use ’em in your hub houses too with this awesome zip-tie hack.

5. Clam Fish-Well Floating Livewell – $22.99

Much easier to clean your fish when they’re fresh, not frozen solid and slimy. It works slick, here’s a video of it in action.

> “Compact size with big features and functionality. Outfitted with a water-activated switch and air-release stone at the bottom…ideal for most bait-storage containers.”

We LOVE not needing a plug-in! Works great in the fish house, cabin or drive to the lake. Runs on three C batteries and lasts for 36 hours.

Warm, comfy and stylin’. Plus that looks like a walleye!

$25.00 – $75.00


> “Properly ballasted to run in rough water and at ultra-low speeds. These in-line planer boards are excellent for deep-diving crankbaits and for use with leadcore.”


Off Shores are durable, easy to use and super consistent. They get your crankbaits out away from the boat, cover more water and tell you when you have a bite — a must-have for any serious walleye fisherman.

> “Made in the U.S.A. using only the best components available, these premium tip-ups are freezeproof, windproof and ready for a lifetime of use.”

Hand made (!!) by people who fish and know exactly how a tip-up should function.

3. StrikeMaster Mora Hand Ice Auger – $54.99

Packing light is key during early-ice, and a Mora Hand Ice Auger will cut 20 lbs off of your load. There’s no point in blasting through 4″ of ice with a powerhead.

> “Forced air technology to gently dry up to 4 garments in about an hour. The MaxxDry XL works quickly to remove moisture, perspiration, bacteria and mold, the primary cause of odor.”

A lifesaver on weekend fishing trips.

Lightweight and smooooth. Feels more expensive than the price tag.

> “Rugged industrial-strength construction, 2 layers of high-density foam, continuous Dri-Loc Seal and dual-stage latches to keep the inside secure in the worst conditions.”


Holds 8-10 combos and costs less than one of your custom rods. Protect ’em.

$75.00 – $125.00


> “The reel is quick and smooth with a 3.7:1 retrieve ratio, and a 5+1 ball bearing system with instant anti-reverse. Made of light, tough composite material, it never feels cold to the touch.”


Great panfish combo. Far less line twist than traditional spinning combos, so jigs don’t do the “death spin,” but you can still pick up a ton of line with a single crank.

No cords to get in the way — makes filleting quick and easy. #FishTacos

> “A stretch soft-shell hoody that utilizes a waterproof, windproof, breathable, micro-fleece lined material — great for cold weather casual wear.”


See: You CAN look good while fishin’. Will for sure be your new favorite hoodie.

$125.00 and over


Flawless! Perfect for the garage, cabin, anywhere, everywhere.

> “Automatically inflates upon immersion in water or when the wearer pulls the ‘Jerk to Inflate’ handle.”


A life jacket you’ll actually like to wear. Seriously, life jackets are useless unless they’re being worn, and this is one you’ll forget is even on.

> “Three-color flasher system with 1,000 watts of power, interference rejection system, and zoom.”


Entry-level price but has features more expensive units don’t. It will for sure help you catch lots more fish.

Turns the TV in your fish house into an underwater camera. Color HD 720p = real life video games.

> “Enjoy the simplicity of having your sonar and GPS devices together in one compact, waterproof unit that’s ready to use on the ice. The SwitchFire Sonar offers better control over your sonar returns, while the Dualbeam Plus Sonar gives you options to use either the narrow or wide beam.”

> “Designed with a 40-volt 5Ah XC5 battery that allows you to cut up to 1,600 inches of ice on a single charge. An innovative cast bottom features a ing point that cuts through ice quickly and smoothly.”

Great for inside the permie shack — no fumes! Also has reverse to blast slush down the hole. Somehow only weighs 22 lbs, so it’s a great option for hole-hoppers too.

7. $1,699.99 Marcum RT-9

Drooooool…. If money is no object, get it! Has 3D mapping, a hi-def touch screen, UW camera module…you name it. Must…use…one…this ice season.

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