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Record crappie?, Hollywood ice sushi?, BEAST laker

Welcome to the Ice Force IceBlaster, your 2x/week email with the funniest, bestest ice fishing content IN THE WORLD! Enjoy!

Today’s Top 3

1. World-record crappie?

A whoppin’ 19″ hubcap, close to the current NE state record. A world record? No one will ever know. Dude released it to keep the genes in the water, not the freezer.

Guy is crazy…crazy awesome or just crazy?

2. Morgan Freeman ice fishing vid?

Well…sorta. That’s one way to make sushi. Those Uncut Angling guys are great but a few cards short….

3. Dad, come here and see this!

WOW! Dude gets stomped on by a Lake Superior BEAST! Hands cut, nose bleedin’, shakin’ from adrenaline – and wants his dad. Guess mom stayed home…?


1. MT: Cutthroat tourney.

NAIFC Open Qualifier, Sunday, Jan 19. 150 teams will chase rainbows and cutthroats (and cuttbows, probly) on Hegben Lake in West Yellowstone. Estimated payout = $21K.

Registration still open. Wish we could be there to make fun of any fluff-chuckers that show up all Orvis-like….

2. NH: Fish Free Or Die.

Free instruction, materials and on-the-ice field trip, in the Life Free or Die state.

3. MN: The Ice Castle story.

Nope, not gramma’s favorite figure skating movie. Talkin’ ’bout MN’s most popular permanent fishhouse builders.

Cool fact: About 11,000 ‘Castles are rockin’ the ice this season…most of ‘em right where you want to fish!

Fishin’ Reports

1. Central WI bite heating up.

Phil Schweik, Hooksetters Guide Service:

> “The walleye bite has been very good especially during low-light conditions and after dark. Tip-ups baited with small suckers and golden shiners have been our go-to setup.”

> “We are running the tip-ups in 3-8′ along weed edges and shallow gravel bars.”

2. ND: Devils Lake.

Jason Feldner, Perch Eyes Guide Service:

> “Perch fishing is good in 10-42′. Lindy Flyers and 360 jigs with perch eyes have been working best. Size of fish are 6-15″.”

> “Walleyes are on shallow shorelines and on top of the humps early in the morning and late in the day.”

3. SK: Lake Tobin.

The winter trophy walleye bite is happening right now!


Deal of the Day

Ice Force goes loco!

The Ultimate Giveaway winner wins:

  • Rapala custom-wrapped Polaris Indy Voyager 550 snowmobile (WANT!)
  • Otter Pro XT1200 Lodge portable fishhouse
  • MarCum LX-6 fishfinder
  • StrikeMaster Honda Lite 8-inch auger
  • Ice Force suit, gloves, neck gaiter

Plus hundreds of dollars in Rapala, TriggerX and Suffix baits and line. Estimated retail value is – check it – $10,500!

Just ‘Like’ Ice Force to enter, peeps!

Tip of the Day

Tony Boshold: Panfish hacks.

> Start playing with hole-in-the-head jigs. Don’t be intimidated by the lack of an eyelet. A simple snell knot is all you need to know to attach ‘em. Where regulations allow, attach a fly 2- to 3-inches off the knot’s tag end. Or a plain hook and a spike.

> Create some Frankenstein plastics. You can make some pretty cool stuff with a lighter. ‘Nuff said.  

> Fish aren’t camera shy. That’s just dock talk. Unless you’re bombing the bottom, if there are fish in a hole, you’ll see ‘em. 

> Let water clarity dictate how close you space your camera scouting holes. In clear water you may be able to space ‘em 20-40 feet apart.

> For finicky panfish bites – especially during mid- to late-ice – go ‘verti-zontal’ by  attaching a small plastic horizontally on a vertical jig. When crappies and ‘gills bite, they eat it. No playing with the tail.

Quote of the Day

I’ve dug out clothes I haven’t used in a decade.

Marine General dude talkin’ ’bout how it’s so cold he’s breakin’ out the heavy duty threads, ’90s style.

Shot of the Day

Wish we were with stupid too…or the other way around….


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