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Pre-spawn fatties, Tiger stripe kings, Social distance walleyes

Today’s Top 4

Are these fellers real-life tiger kings?

Depending where you live, unfortunately, this Target Walleye email might be your only option for a little fishin’ escape today:


Lol! Gonna kick things off with a couple of tiger-stripes native to WI — know it’s a slob when the belly fat rolls over your fingers! Posted on Blackfish Gear’s Instagram page:

Here’s another tiger that’s more likely to get bit than do the biting — new “hot tiger UV”
color Salmo Spikey Shad. Thing looks mean as heck:

Pre-spawn fatties of the week!

Pool 6 of the Mississippi River kicked out this 26″ egg-cannon that went 8.7 lbs for IG user @tomahawkpursuits. Caught her during a full moon, slow jigging an AuthentX Pulse-R in heavy current near flooded woods:


Kevin Tapper (@ktapper21) popped this 27.25″ Pool 4 sowbelly on a 3/8-oz “firetiger” Northland Fire-Ball Jig tipped with a fathead:


Christina Truppe (@christina.truppe) is back with another new PB walldawg. This time a 27″ slaunch that scarfed a “pink” 1/4-oz jig off of the bottom of the river. Congrats (AGAIN!) Christina — keep doing your thing:


‘Tis the season of PBs! Candace Bain got it done to the tune of 28.75″ using a 3/8-oz “pink” Kalin’s Rattlin’ Google Eye Jig paired with a “chartreuse” Walleye Assassin paddletail. She was pitchin’ into shore and slow jigging back to the boat. “Great fight —  my fiancé thought I might of had a sturgeon on. Best night ever!!!” Love it:

Don’t forget to “summerize” your ice-fishing gear…

…because we betcha haven’t done it yet…are we right?


It’s easy to pile all your ice schtuff in the corner of the garage and leave it for next year — I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been “that guy” and it cost me…so never again.

Taking the time to properly “summerize” your gear can save you from a big headache next season. Full write-up on, but I’ll drop a couple quick snippets and teaser pic below:

> Throw some dryer sheets and cheap car air fresheners in your shack to keep the rodents out. Shouts to Brad Hawthorne for the tip! Throws 8-10 of ’em and a pair of air fresheners in each shack…likes the Gain ones ‘cuz they smell horrible (lol).

> Another great way to keep the critters outta your shack is to get it up off the ground. Lots of different budget-friendly ways to do it, but one of the better options we’ve seen (if you’re willing to spend some $$$) is the Racor Ceiling Storage Lift.

Fish-head Steve Kloos installed one and is already thinking about picking up another — easy to see why:


Lot more info in the full write-up here. And here’s James Lindner showing you how to summerize your gas-powered ice/winter gear using Sea Foam products:

Are you THIS desperate to get fishing?

Stay-at-home orders, closed seasons, ramp shutdowns, honey-do lists (lol)…all are seriously cutting into most folk’s fishing time…but you can still get some virtual “hooksets” in:

That ^ Nintendo Switch version of “Ace Angler” is launching in July:

> “…realistic force feedback of casting the line and reeling in the fish with Joy-Con ‘Rod Technique.’ …with responsive HD vibration, where the rod responses when the fish takes the bait as though you’re fishing for real!”

Can you imagine if our actual fishing reels looked like that? Already ones out there that do some wild stuff. One is the Shimano Curado DC that has a microcomputer in it to “monitor your spool speed 1,000 times every second and…apply the perfect amount of brake” to make backlashes dang near impossible. Don’t believe it has actual “buttons” on it, but could see that being a thing one day:

Another seriously-slick unit is the Okuma Convector Low-Profile Line Counter. Doesn’t have computerized buttons, but does have some gadgets that you bottom-bouncer pullers will love.

It’s a low-pro line-counter with a bait-clicker and “Quick Drop” feature that works like a flippin’ switch…lets you adjust the depth of your bait with one hand. Big spool yet compact in the hand, and the graphite helps keep it just 11.7 oz. Love that they kept the cost down at $99 bones:


1. Some custom-painted goodness.

Really digging this “electric cow” color Phantom Boogey done-up by Matthew Fairbank! Guy puts out some awesome stuff. #Dibs

Btw those #13 Phantom Boogeys can hit up to 24′ on a flat-line troll!

2. ICAST is still a go in July.

For now anyways…. Stuff is changing by the day hour minute.

3. Pretty cool line-storage hack.

Sometimes arts-and-crafts pays off in the fishing world:

4. IN: Your expired fishing licenses are still good.

> “…annual licenses set to expire Mar 31, 2020 may continue to be used to hunt and/or fish until 11:59 pm on May 22, 2020.”

5. Okuma’s giving away a free UPF Neck Gaiter…

…with all orders over $50 on their website:

> Sun protection: SPF 50+

> Coronavirus protection: No idea…but for sure looks cooler than these lol:

6. FL: Suzuki’s gotta new GM for upcoming Tech Center.

David Greenwood, who has worked at Suzuki for 34 years.

7. Troy Lindner hopped on the “Bigwater Fishing Podcast.”

Hosted by the always-eccentric (lol) Ross Robertson:

8. Season finale of the One-Boat Challenge is out now.

9. Someday Isle Tackle has new “Gill Grubs.”

They’re not just for hardwater. #IceOutCrappies

10. DC: Expanded fish/hunt opportunities on 2.3 mil acres…

…at 97 national wildlife refuges and 9 national fish hatcheries:

> This proposed rule is the single largest expansion of hunting and fishing opportunities by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in history. Highlights

Tip of the Day

Some great info in the full Jason Mitchell write-up here. Waaaay too much to fit here, so just gonna give you a sneak peak at his topics:

1. Watch your temperature gauge
2. Trust and incorporate side imaging
3. Drink the Kool-Aid
4. Be patient in the morning
5. When to follow the wind
6. When not to follow the wind
7. Deep is an option
8. Slow and slower
9. Cast more
10. Two punch

J-Mitch breaks it all down right here.

Quote of the Day

“If another angler approaches while you are fishing, gently turn your fishing rod to your side to provide a visible marker of a 6′ social distance.”

– That’s a hilarious-to-imagine line from a social distancing fishing vid the NJ DNR made. And if that doesn’t work, here’s a more aggressive option:


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Here’s something you don’t see everyday…. Erik Lennartz is playing real-life Battleship somewhere near Marinette WI:

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