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New walleye and ice fishing stuff from ICAST (part 1)

There’s no physical ICAST show this year, but we got a line on all the new fishing schtuff anyhow! I can’t fit every cool new thing in a single email, so will keep sprinkling ’em in upcoming Target Walleyes — part 2 is coming soon…. Hope you like it!

New baits make the fishin’ world go round!

In no particular order…

1. Berkley Hit Stick

Ooooh la la!

The folks at Berkley have gone and done it:

> “They said we’d never find a material that could replicate the action of a balsa bait. They were wrong.”

Big claim — here’s how they did it: “low-center gravity FlashDisc weights [on the bottom] and a superior polycarbonate exterior.” Supposed to have that nasty-good balsa-type action, but is more durable and casts 60% farther:


Hope it got its name ‘cuz walleyes will hit it like a 6’ 5″, 255-lb linebacker:


The Next Bite TV dropped an episode (shot late last fall) testing out the prototype in super-cold water. Couple things Keith Kavajecz said that stood out:

> The bait works (rolls and has tail wag) at super-slow speeds of just 1.0-1.2 mph. Weighed discs on the bottom make it cast much further…also act as a keel to keep the bait running straight at higher speeds. Neutrally buoyant with a sloooow rise.

And they weren’t the only ones in the boat digging it that night:


Coming your way end of July — more info here in the meantime.

2. VMC Moon Tail Jig

Al “you might have heard of him” Lindner worked with VMC for more than 2 years to perfect this beauty — have you a look!


> Al: “It is absolutely one of the most amazing fish-catching jigs that I have ever seen. On my ‘wish list’ for this jig, they checked 100% of the boxes — this thing is just that good of a bait. It’s been an amazing experience to be involved and to see how effective this jig is.

> “The Moon Tail is not made to be fished with live bait — that would defeat the purpose of it — you fish this just the way it is out of the package.” [!!!]

Measures 4″ long including the jighead, which Al says is the magic length. Has that fishy VMC TechSet Technical Locking Hook that locks fish in place.

> Al: “That hook is unbelievable. You don’t miss anything on it. This is the best hook — on the market on a jig — I have ever seen. Most jigs have sub-par hooks to cut costs.

> “They cast like a bullet. You can throw them right into the wind with no problems.

> “I wanted to see how many I could catch on one…I found I can easily do about 50 fish on one jig, before the hair is pretty much annihilated.”

And it’s not just for shallow water:

> “I’m throwing up on some shallow-water stuff with it, you can back-troll with it, it works phenomenally well on deep-water structures. You could rip through the weeds with these jigs. You can do things with them that you couldn’t do before. And that’s the idea of the Moon Tail.

> “You’d be amazed at how deep of water I can fish with the 3/8-oz. It gets down there quicker than most people realize. You think, 25′, 30′, 35′, that’ll take forever for that jig to get down [to the bottom]. But it doesn’t. It goes fast.

> “…have the same weight, but it’s thinner, so it cuts water much faster. You get a better, faster drop speed.

> “If you can imagine taking a jig and putting it in a vice and flattening it out, that’s what they did. You make the profile much bigger. And the eye becomes gigantic. And the bigger the eyeball, the more the walleyes like it.”

Yup, I am SO down:

3. PK Wobbler live-bait spinner rig


> We created a float that wobbles and spins MULTI-DIRECTIONAL! This was not our goal [love the honesty lol] but the result is a float that spins/wobbles in one direction 3-4 rotations then pauses and rotates in the opposite direction. The action is unlike anything on the market — drives fish crazy.

> …haven’t taken it off all summer! …been fishing with nightcrawlers in shallow water, yet it will work in all water depths. Pull with a Lindy weight or bottom-bouncer. Pinch the tail of the crawler off to add scent to the water.  Comes in 5 color patterns: white, yellow, pink, lime green, and hologram.

Not in retail yet but is already on PK’s site here.

You gotta see this thing underwater:


4. Berkley HD Flicker Series

These HD patterns are gonna be straight-up [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji]:


You asked for it…the HD Tru Color series is coming to Berkley’s Flicker’ing fish-catchers. Will be 5 new HD colors in the Flicker Minnow, and 8 new HDs in the Flicker Shads, Jointed and Shallow. Match that hatch, clear-water folks!

Will be out in time for the early-fall bite.


5. JB Lures Montana Rigs

New rig for 2020 that’s out now, but they also have some new 2-tone colors coming in this shape-shifting blade. First-look at a few of ’em below:

Here’s what makes Montana blades different:

> “The blade will elongate in the water as it is moving forward, giving the spinner a three-dimensional effect. The Montana Blade works at speeds from 0.8-3.0mph. Because it is virtually weightless, it works well at slower speeds.

> “When walleyes aren’t responding to traditional metal-bladed rigs, the Montana Rig is the perfect finesse offering. Prime times to use this are under tougher bite conditions: cold fronts, calm water, or heavy fishing pressure situations.”

6. “Custom color” Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerks


Pumped about the 12 new “custom colors” Rapala’s bringing to the table in the #12 (4.75″) and #14 (5.5″) Down Deep Husky Jerks. And how can you go wrong with names like: juicy Lucy, pink squirrel, moldy fruit and night terror, to name a few….

Will have more info/pics on the rest of the colors soon.

7. Northland Deep-Vee Jig


> Keeled “DEEP VEE” design tracks straight and falls fast. Realistic 3D eyes “match the hatch” and entices strikes. Barb-Wire keeper locks on soft plastics and live bait.

> …designed for all species of fish. For predator fish that lurk in the weeds and shallows, downsize your jig size and rig with a live minnow or soft plastic. The sleek head design of the Deep-Vee Jig will help you navigate through the weeds and entice strikes.

You ready for a walleye to give that thing a black eye? BOOM. Also coming in a Bucktail version:

8. Lunkerhunt Impact Slash 12S


> The Impact Slash 12S (4.3″, 5/8 oz) is a deep-diving tournament-grade jerkbait that suspends on the pause, keeping the lure in the water column for optimal strike opportunities. The side-to-side jerk action — super-wide swing — of this lure is off the charts…shakes and rattles its way [down to 12′].

Looks awesome underwater in this video.

Get your gear on!! 

1. Abu Garcia Max DLC Reels

DLC = digital line-counter. Can adjust for what lb-test you’re running to be even more accurate-er:


> Most line-counter reels are bulky, large-bodied reels with an attached line-counter…. The new low-profile Abu Garcia Max DLC (Digital Line Counter) reels feature a digital line-counter that has been integrated to be part of the reel design. …easier to use and is more accurate than a traditional mechanical line-counter.

> …comes in 2 sizes…. The Max DLC (6.4:1 gear ratio = 26″ per crank) holds 110 yards of 12-lb mono — the MaxToro DLC (5.3:1 gear ratio = 26″ per crank) is a larger, size-50 reel holding 210 yards of 14-lb mono.

Has a flipping switch for quick one-handed adjustments. And if you like sneaking out there with the bugs (and walleyes!) for some nighttime trolling, check out these light functions:

> Lights turn on when you reel, or when line is pulled out aka you have a bite.

> Has a distance-to-tip (DTT) warning system that beeps when the lure — or fish — gets within 6′ of the rod tip. Know how much you charter captains loooove it when a client reels the whole getup right up flush with the end of the rod lol.

Believe they’ll cost around $99 and $159, and available 9/14/20.


2. Minn Kota Raptor shallow-water anchor


The all-new hydraulic Minn Kota Raptor is gonna come in 8′ and 10′ models, with a whole lot of smart going on inside:

> Control Raptor from anywhere on your boat at the push of a button — whether it’s the included wireless remote, optional wireless foot switch, your smartphone, your Humminbird fishfinder, or i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link system.

> Select Raptor models feature Active Anchoring, This revolutionary anchoring technology continuously monitors anchoring force and adjusts to keep you pinned to the bottom.

> …and Auto-Bottom Mode can automatically detect bottom hardness and determine the right amount of force to let you focus on fishing.


> …produces twice as much retraction force as anchoring force to ensure spike removal in all bottom conditions…no matter where you choose to deploy your Raptor, it comes back up every time.


3. SIMMS ProDry Jacket and Bibs


Don’t know how they could possibly make the ProDry Jacket and Bibs better, but they are/did. Might cost ya a mortgage payment (lol) but no doubt it’s all that.

> …SIMMS all-new ProDry Jacket and Bib…built with the most performance-driven fabrics in the Gore-Tex portfolio…more durable and waterproof than ever.

> The jacket features tons of on-body storage, shingle cuffs to lock water out and a newly-designed hood built for speed. The jacket and bib are sold separately, but when worn together, the weather doesn’t stand a chance.

Oh, and rumor has it there’s a Women’s Challenger suit dropping next month…

4. JB Lures Fire Floats

Yo, night owls!


> …premium balsa wood weighted float that has a fiber optic stem and a transparent bulb at the top. It’s powered by a 3v lithium battery (included) that lights up the stem and bulb for greater visibility. Comes in 2″ or 10″ stem lengths.

> The 2″ version is great for open-water applications, while the 10″ can also function as a fish-house float. …features a line slot to easily change the float without cutting the line.

5. MotorGuide Xi3 kayak trolling motor

For the lake less paddled:


A 36″, 55-lb thruster you can get with Pinpoint GPS = you hit Anchor mode…set your paddle down…and focus on fishing. Has me thinking I could actually get into this kayak fishing thing lol:

> “…lightweight design and SecureStep system make it simple to stow and deploy the motor, even in a seated position. Along with its nearly silent operation and wireless remote, it’s the perfect addition to any kayak.”

For sure a bunch of hard-to-get-to spots near me where I’d love to use that thing to snoop around at.

Available in Jan. Here’s a unbox-to-boat video with Derek Brundle, the 2019 KBF Northeast Angler of the Year.

Where the hard-heads at?!  

Hardwater-heads that is, but basically the same thing lol.

1. Strikemaster Lithium 24V

Yup, you read that right. Don’t worry…the Lithium 40V is NOT going anywhere. Think of this as a lightweight run-and-gun version of the already proven ice-cutter:


That ^ compact unit is a new lightweight auger head combined with SM’s popular Lite-Flite Lazer drill. Gets 100 holes per charge with the 6″ drill and 50 holes per charge with the 8″ drill (based on 16″ of ice).

Total weight of the 6″ is 13.3 lbs, and 14.3 lbs for the 8″.

You ever go to grab something you think is gonna be heavy and it ends up being WAY lighter than you expected? Like a moving box full of can koozies…grocery bag of paper towels…or maybe an empty suitcase…. Feel like the Lithium 24V is gonna have that same effect — can’t wait to pick one up for the first time.


2. Clam Pro Tackle Tikka Jigging Mino


> “Designed specifically for a deadly vertical presentation, the new Tikka Mino is the ultimate balanced jigging minnow for ice anglers [but has open-water applications too]. It swims and darts like a panicked baitfish, and has unique Prism Holographic colors that attract predator fish. As a 1-piece, zinc-alloy bait, the Tikka is super strong and there are no plastic fins to break. There are 14 colors in 4 sizes.”

Coming this fall.


3. Elliott Rods Evolution Ice Series

We’ve come a long way from those wooden jiggle sticks your grandpappy used to use in the darkhouse…hand-lining in panfish next to a wood-burning stove. Nothing wrong with that [!] unless you’re looking to up your game….

You diehard hole-hoppers already know the benefits of loooonger ice rods — better hooksets, keep fish pinned, more control over your bait, etc — so you’ll be pumped to know Elliott’s coming out with a trio of 42-44″ hardwater sticks. High-end, ultra-sensitive [!!] with Syncork handles and all:


Few details on the 3 new models:

> The ES44UL-XF is a solid glass 44″ rod with an extra-fast ultralight tip action to detect lite biters that smoothly transforms into a stiffer midsection and powerful enough to handle most fish that dare meet the challenge.

> The ES44L-F is a 44″ solid carbon fast-action blank that excels at small spoon presentations or light-line presentations. It weighs nothing in your hand and fishes with both finesse and authority.

> Rounding out the series is the ES42M-F, a 42″ solid carbon blank that is a master at working rattle spoons, Jigging Raps or any reaction lure presentation. The fast-action tip section parlays into a perfectly structured mid and butt section for the best hook sets and fish fighting performance.

Available Oct 15 on Elliott’s website, and judging by how fast the rest of their stuff flies off the online shelf, you better be a fast clicker.


4. Northland Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon

Can now get that proven spoon-catching shape with 8 hours of red, green or chartreuse glow. They were able to keep it compact = helps cut through the water column and also seal the deal when its face-to-face with the fishes.


5. “Gold Hologram” PK Rattle Spoons

The new-last-ice-season jigging spoon is getting a tasty new wardrobe:

> We believe in fishing glow colors in the mornings, and switching to metal colors in the afternoon…designed this lure so you don’t need to take it off all day!

Here’s “purple tiger glow” with the “gold hologram” back:


> The PK Rattle Spoon is truly a triple threat! Includes a loud brass rattle chamber that will stay on, attached #2 PK Wyoming Blade out of the packaging, and a gold hologram on one side with a cool paint design on the other. Noise + flash + action.

> Tip with a minnow head or 2-3 full minnows — find out what the fish want and use your electronics to see how the fish respond to your jigging technique. When fish approach the spoon, slowly raise the lure above the fish while slowing your jigging and hang on!


> New walleye and ice fishing stuff from ICAST (part 2)

Thanks much for reading! 👊 Highlights

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