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Mille Lacs rumors, Use bigger paddletails, Beef briskets of the week

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Today’s Top 4

Catch and catch again.

There’s something special about cracking your personal best walligator, but to do it 3x in 2 hours is friggin’ ridiculous. That’s exactly what Ryan Vermette (sort of) did on the North Saskatchewan River with these 11.3- to 11.7-lbers:

Said he caught ’em casting silver/blue lipless Rapala’s, but not sure if it was talkin’ the Rattlin’ Rapala or Rippin’ Rap. Also followed it up with “some no-name ugly thing that was yellow with brown spots” he calls “the rotten banana” lol.

Caught ’em pitching into eddies adjacent to heavy current and slowly working em’ back with the occasional pop of the rod.

After looking a little closer, he may have only broke his PB twice that day:

Not trying to take anything away from your incredible day man – makes it even FREAKING crazier. He caught that 11.34-lb snub nose again just 35 minutes after releasing it the first time. More proof catch and release works.

Fish was all like:

Now go get that 15-lber that juked the net earlier in the day man!

Four walleye guys walk into a BASS derby….

Think that’s how the joke starts out, right? Ran into John Gillman, Mark Courts, John Balla, and Dean Arnoldussen hanging at the Bassmaster AOY derby on Mille Lacs.
Walleye guys are way more approachable than the jerseyed-out BASS pros — no offense bass-heads — but how dang friendly do these guys look?!

Of course we had to chat walleye fishing since we were standing across the street from one of the best walleye fisheries in the state “The Big Pond.”

Just like last year, the AOY derby Elites couldn’t keep the walleyes off their lines, but we didn’t hear much about that on stage…. Not sure if it’s true, but word around the bait shop is that the Elitists were told that the DNR didn’t want them to mention walleyes on stage. Huh.

Either way it took all of 47 seconds to cruise through pics online and find enough walligator sightings for a non-DNR-approved collage 😉

Asked MN grown Seth Feider what he thought about the walleye feeshin’ and he said:

Beef briskets of the week!

Dustin Garthus has been hitting the early-morning bite with a #6 Rapala Rippin’ Rap and getting slaunches like this 32″ häwg-en-dazs that went 11-06:

Jake Oberloh slapped this beef brisket with a BFishN Tackle Moxi on a VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig. Killer shot:

James Palma thwacked this 15-lb [!] WI slobeye trolling big #14 Rapala Husky Jerks, which just so happen to be on sale at FishUSA right now. Thing has some seeeerious dimensions:

Matt cracked this gaw-jus New Yawk rockefella running his Okuma line counters in 104′ [?] somewhere that’s lookin’ pretty Great Lakesy:

Lookit how long this walleye is!! Joshua Burlet said it lunch-boxed the Northland Whistler Jig and twister tail he was slowly working upstream:

Walleye vs. pike…continued.

Round 2 goes to walleye:
> “Aspen Gibbs reeled in a 23.5″ walleye that spit up this partially-digested northern pike…estimated [at] about 11” long. Amazingly, this walleye [still] hit a #7 Flicker Shad at 2.3 mph in 22′ on Lake Sakakawea.”

> “…happened during the Eldon Heller Classic on Sep 16th and as impressive as a walleye eating a northern is, the several ounces of weight we lost would’ve moved us up in the tourney.”


Hope you took it better than this guy:


1. MN: Lake of the Woods walleyes movin’ in.

Been a great bite right outside the Lighthouse Gap and along the south shore in 11-17′. More shiners and walleyes are showing up in the Rainy River every day. Maybe gitcha one like this:

Also, the AGLOW annual conference (for outdoor writers) will be there Sep 25-28.

2. MB: Top drive-to destinations for fall walleye.

Here’s a few bucket-list walleye factories in Manitob-uggggh we hope you get to hit one day. So many giant walleyes, so little time….

We’re gonna try to sneak up to a couple of ’em this fall – stay tuned….

3. ON: How much do 50 walleyes cost?

About $10K…. That’s what the fine was for a pair of meat-pigs that got caught over their limit on Erie. Also had their tackle boxes taken, which might cost more than the fine for some of you:

4. Discounted NPAA memberships.

That’s the National Professional Anglers Association, and right now:

> Any new member who joins after July 1 will receive membership for the remainder of 2017 and ALL of 2018 for just $100!! Student Anglers join for $50 and get the same thing!!

Sign up here.

5. New Raymarine Axiom software update.

Who’da thunk one day we’d be updating our graphs like they’re cell phones.

6. Skeeter Boat Center hiring marine techs.

Finally get paid to help rig your buddy’s boat lol.

7. WA trying to simplify fishing regs.

Simple can be good:

> “For years, we’ve heard from people about how our regulations are complex — even for some of the most seasoned anglers — and act as a barrier to people trying to take up the sport. So we’ve been developing a set of regs that will be easier for all anglers to understand.”

8. Simms hires former FLW marketer…

…Patterson Leeth, to strengthen its position in the lakes community. Should be mandatory that every tiller boat come with a set of Simms rainwear lol. Maybe one day they’ll let ya finance ’em in just like they do trolling motors, graphs and other accessories…. Congrats man!

9. Costa has a new marketing honcho.

T.J. McMeniman, comin’ over from Bauer Hockey, so there’s gotta be like a 50-50 chance he ice fishes. #Math

10. Big west CAN hunt/fish retailer going out of biz.

Another one bites the dust….

11. Didja enter the Bay Rat Lures giveaway yet?

Friggin’ love these American-made baits! And we’re giving away $200-ish pile that’ll have you covered at all depths, on any body of water. Click here to enter.

Headline of the Day

Use electronic breadcrumbs to catch more walleyes on every trip!

That’s an All Creation Outdoors write-up talking about dropping “breadcrumbs” to help figure out the pattern. These kind of breadcrumbs:

Tip of the Day

Rippin’ weeds with big paddletail swimbaits can catch fish all year long, but fall is prime time when water temps finally dip down to 60-ish degrees:

Quote of the Day

I could probably change cranks 100x for every time I change my socks. And no, I don’t always wait until my footwear can stand upright before pulling on a fresh pair.

– That’s John Kolinski talkin’ about how his arsenal of cranks is stinky constantly changing depending on water clarity and temp, fish location, presentation, and forage. He also talks about how bigger can be better in the fall – full tip here.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

James Lee is straight-up jacked about the new PB 30-incher he caught slow trolling a Lindy Rig with a spinner and crawler harness. Congrats dude!

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