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MEGA ice walleyes, Fished the EchoTail?, New ice fishing robot

Today’s Top 5

GIANT Last Mountain ice walleyes!


MEGA gravel lizards caught!


Bam! (stats: 29.5″ long, 20″ girth, 12.39 pounds)



> 3/8-oz PK Spoons in red dot glow and 1/2-oz flutter fish in gold and copper are slaying fish on Last Mountain, SK ( and Lake of Prairies.




> Glen Boehme with a just under 30″ 11-pound fatty caught on a Rapala Snap Rap.



Few highlights:


> Gulf of Riga, Latvia – …earned a reputation for its fast-moving ice…. Last year, an army of state fire and rescue service members mobilized to rescue more than 220 people trapped on ice floes in the gulf.


> Lake Baikal, Russia – Pic = 1K words:


> Chernobyl (Kiev Reservoir), Ukraine – Yep, we can’t make this stuff up…but can’t blame our fellow ice-heads being out there!


This looks like a cool dangerous-area fish:



When fishing. Awesome – don’t forget the part before you lick!


Have you seen the EchoTail?



Word is this blade/plastic hybrid is catching fish:


Depth chart here fyi.


Humminbird creates ice-fishing robot!



Okay not really, but it kinda looks like it! Instead it’s the other thing in the pic, the cool new 688ci HD Ice Combo:


> …features a high-speed LCD with digital depth read-out to remove guesswork and Precision GPS to help you find and return to productive spots. Optional Humminbird LakeMaster charts provide structural detail of high-probability fish-holding locations.


Unit is available now, click here to see why this should be on your “I need it 2 weeks before Christmas” list!






Cool live video report here.


2. MN: Mill Lacs walleye harvest lowest ever.


Walleye lbs (quota

State: 23,650 (42,900)

Tribal: 13,724.4 (17,100)


Usually less harvest is a good thing…?



4. NC: Glenville Lake ‘eyes contaminated.



…plus new remote unit.

Tip of the Day



MN guide Jason Durham:


> “If you do not see the bait, keep drilling holes and checking until you find it. As soon as you see the bait, look for some structural element nearby.”


> …can be something as subtle as a bottom transition from sand to mud or as obvious as a rockpile. Other structure can be a point, a saddle or the deep edge of the weeds. “Most of the fish will be found on these areas in 16 to 20 feet of water in clear lakes, and a little shallower in dingy water lakes, maybe more like 12 feet.”


> …some of his biggest fish of the year come right out of the deep weeds at first ice. “Turn down the gain on your depthfinder so you don’t get as much clutter from the weeds. You’ll find lots of bait in the cabbage because the oxygen levels are high, which attracts all fish.”


> Jason often tips his jigging spoon with a minnow and drops it to the bottom. “I like a lively minnow that is struggling right on the bottom. After all, we fish right on the bottom during the summer, but it seems like ice fishermen want to fish way off the bottom all the time.”

Quote of the Day


You should never be too comfortable on the ice.


– From an article about ice safety…but tell that to whoever built this!


Shot of the Day

Someone had a good day – raise your hand if you wish you were out there now!

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