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Lake of the Woods slugfest, Fanny pack trend, Lure speed is different

Everybody welcome Simms, PK Lures and Berkley to Target Walleye/Ice! They make quality stuff fish-heads need — pumped to have them on board!

Today’s Top 4

Lake of the Woods is kickin’ out the BIGS!

The NWT Championship is happenin’ right now on Lake of the Woods — first flight’s due at 3pm CST and they’re live streaming the weigh-in. Don’t worry…your boss will be watching it too lol.

Dylan Nussbaum, who won the last NWT event at Devils Lake, ND, nailed it when he said the hardest part about prefishing Lake of the Woods is you can drive around and literally mark fish anywhere/everywhere…so how do you know where to stop?

If it were me, I’d stop right where Keith Kavajecz did:

Keith isn’t the only walleye nut from The Next Bite crew leaning into a few — by the looks of it Gary Parsons had the time of his life prefishing…even let Chase catch one:

Lake of the Woods has a slot limit where walleyes 19.5-28″ must be immediately released…so the key’s gonna be getting 1 big ‘over’ each day to go with 4 chunky ‘unders.’ The good news: there’s plenty to be had….

NWT pro Brian Bashore was riding the rollers [!] with Northland Tackle spinner rigs [?] when he landed this mud melon:

Fish Addictions TV host Mike Olson’s been giving his Okuma line-counters a workout:

Fish-head John Hoyer’s been getting his downrigger on in a big way:

Only clue Robert Blosser gave on how he’s stickin’ em is by tagging Off Shore Tackle:

Normally I’d guess running planer boards ^^^ but you can only run 1 line per guy in MN, so would guess he’s using Tadpoles to get his cranks to run even deeper-er. Slick alternative to downrigging.

Whole field fishes today and tomorrow, with the top 10 pros/cos going out on Friday. Will have more info on how the bigguns are being caught after that….

“Yes…1986 is back again.”

– What Jason Rylander said about the newest trend in tackle storage: Fanny packs.

Lets him access fishin’ tools quickly…and without any extra exercise…. Lol seriously:

Love it or hate it, you gotta admit it’d be handy. NWT pro John Hoyer secretly rocks a Simms Hip Pack while prefishing…right John?

Asked Nick Lindner (guy who shot the vid ^) if he had one yet and he was all:

Know half of you reading this right now are like:

Considering it took me a year to finally wear Crocs in public, not sure I could pull one off. Although unlike Crocs, fanny packs do appear to be Chuck Norris-approved:

Lure speed is different than boat speed?

Did you know baits could be trolling at a different speed than your boat’s running? That’s why some guys measure lure speed at trolling depth, instead of watching the boat speed. Makes my brain hurt too (lol) so gonna bust out a quick example:

Ever noticed when you’re pulling a tuber/skier/wakeboarder/etc behind the boat, how when you make a turn you can whip ’em super fast outside the wake? Or how they’ll slow waaaay down when you turn the other way and they stay inside the wake??

Same thing happens to your baits underwater. Can also happen from currents, thermoclines, wind, etc.

Company called Fish Hawk actually makes speed and temp probes just for that. Check out this Gerry Bourgoin shot of his Fish Hawk X4 where the boat’s going 3.8 mph, but the lure’s running 2.5 mph at depth:

> Gerry Bourgoin: Without knowing ‘down speed’ I’d assume my ‘surface speed’ would be the same as my lure at depth…so I’d go 2.5 mph at the surface which would barely be moving my spoons at 1.3 mph…and not fluttering properly.

Now you know.

Ever wonder what it looks like…

…when an Onyx Inflatable Life Jacket goes off?

Same PFDs that guys like Al Lindner and Jason Mitchell run. Love that life-savers are becoming cool:

Al and Jason will both be at the Fishing Careers Workshop this Oct — You signed up yet? Still trying to figure out how I got the invite…but I’ll take it!


1. 2019 NWT schedule announced.

Here’s your 2019 starting lineup:

  • May 2-3 – Red Wing, MN
  • May 30-31 – Marinette, WI
  • July 25-26 – Sault Ste Marie, MI
  • Sep 11-13 – Devils Lake, ND

Like it! Let me know what you think here.

2. MN: Cass Lake MWC championship, Sep 14-15.

3. MI: 2019 Cabela’s NTC announced.

National Team Championships May 30 – Jun 1 outta Sault Ste Marie.

4. MN: Mille Lacs having a more “normal” year.

DNR says they’re expecting to “stay under allocation,” meaning there wouldn’t be a closure. #GoodNews

5. ND Stocking more walleyes in smaller lakes.

6. New Ice Force goods dropping.

Quick look here at the new baits, colors and gear for the 2018/2019 ice season. Believe stuff’s available to buy November-ish:

Just make sure you don’t touch Brad Hawthorne’s “metallic red” VMC Tungsten Fly Jigs…else you’ll be getting THIS look from him. #BeenThere

7. KastKing’s giving away $1 million??

Donating $1 to a non-profit of your choice every time you make a KastKing purchase and follow these instructions = #Stout

8. IA: Center Lake has the zeebraz virus.

9. What Jigging Raps look like underwater (video).

Still find it crazy walleye can track them things down and engulf ’em.

10. Great Lakes first testing ground for unmanned vessels.

> Regardless of the vessel size or type tested, much of the autonomous technology, such as anti-collision software, sensors and sensor fusion is expected to be similar and applicable to a wide spectrum of unmanned vessels and vehicles.

#Yikes! Hope it works better than the whole driverless car thing:

Tip of the Day

> When the water is cooling, you can focus on a spot or location. When the water warms during the fall, you need to cover as much water as possible. Many fish will be transitioning, and trolling crankbaits can be a great way to target them.

> As fish transition and travel between point A, and point B, they typically take the shortest and easiest route. What this means is that primary main lake contours and the old river channel on reservoirs essentially become underwater highways….

> Cover water over big locations. For specifically targeting big fish…don’t be afraid to double the length and profile from what you would typically use the rest of the year.

> Don’t get hung up on an icon or waypoint…or troll until you find the fish and then assume that you will catch more from the same location. Instead focus on your fish per hour. On a tough bite, I’m happy with a bite an hour…2 would be considered good in some cases.

> Scattered fish often have a more difficult temperament…they’re not competing with other fish and in some cases are stressed from the distances traveled.

> This is exactly why I love to troll crankbaits in the fall when dealing with tough conditions. Not only do I cover water and contact more fish, I can also do a better job of getting a reaction strike by using speed to trigger fish.

Keep reading here.

Meme of the Day

Maybe next year, granny:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

New PB alert! Here’s 28 reasons why (all in inches) many consider Devils Lake, ND the walleye shore-fishing capital of the world — congrats dude!

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