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Ice fishing sack dance, Fattest walleyes ever, 1 charge 56 holes


Today’s Top 4


Bears DE Willie Young vs. Vikings:

> “That’s the first time going ice fishing in Chicago. I had to cut a hole in the ice. You don’t hold the spinning reel (the) conventional way. You’ve got to hold it kind of backward upside-down.

> “I was able to come away with a little old perch. I thought it was going to be like a musky or something on an 8-pound test line, but it didn’t happen.”


Battle of the obese walleyes.


In this corner:

> Boysen Reservoir is home of Wyoming’s state record walleye (17.6) and possibly the fattest walleye ever (official biologist explanation: ate too much…).

In the other corner, this Detroit River ham:


And it’s not just about the perch:

> Devils Lake guide Jason Feldner said, “Based on my travels fishing tourneys, Devils Lake is 10 times ‘average’ compared to places I’ve been. This lake is the best body of water I’ve ever fished, with some 200-walleye days [and] 200-pike days are possible. Limits of perch 9″ to 15″ all winter….”

> Guide and world walleye champion Johnnie Candle: “In May and June, my boat averages 75 to 100 pike from 27″ to 36″ daily and a few bigger. In July and August, the walleye average is 75 per day on any technique with average fish 14-18″ and of course some larger. In September and October, we catch about 20 walleyes per day from 18″ to 26″.”



Cost you $600, but wow!

> The new StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer auger can cut an amazing 56 holes through 2 feet of ice on a single charge.

> The Lithium Lazer comes with a fast-charging, two-hour, two-amp battery charger.





First time in 30 years.

> Anglers and spearers can keep 10 northern pike, of which only one may be longer than 30 inches. The close of the northern pike angling season will be extended from mid-February to the last Sunday in March.

> Anglers can continue to keep two walleye from 18 to 20 inches, except one out of the two walleye anglers can keep can be longer than 28 inches.

> Wildlife officials are considering expanding a gizzard shad stocking program in Oahe next spring to ease pressure on rainbow smelt and help them recover.

Cool! #waterlogged

> …jigging in 15′ of water in the lighthouse gap.


Ice News


> “The Aqua-Vu Micro cam and the Mobile Pro Viewing Case have been the most important tools in our success in national ice tournaments,” says Brandon Newby, who along with partner Ryan Wilson have captured two consecutive NAIFC Team of the Year titles, plus the 2012 Championship and numerous other qualifying events.

> “We drill a ton of holes and search for fish over hundreds of acres in each lake we fish. Having a hands-free camera system that frees our hands to view, drill holes, tie knots and catch fish is a huge luxury.”

Wonder if eats ice cream in the fish house….


Muskie News


4. Last open-water muskie, and biggest!

Tip of the Day


> In fall during the day, a lot of times walleye will be on structure and on the bottom. You need to cover water to find spots holding walleye, and then fish fast if you want to trigger big walleye to bite.
> Haataja most often fishes blade baits and jigging spoons in 24 to 40 feet. Top areas are deep rock structures, like humps. Sand bars are also good.
> Blade baits and spoons also work well in current. Good sites include power plant discharges, dam tailraces, tributary outflows and wing dams.
> “I can’t emphasize this enough: don’t overwork the blade. You just want to pull it a few inches off the bottom. Don’t pull it 12 inches. Just use a 3 to 4-inch stroke to get the ‘brrrr’ vibration going and keep the blade down in the strike zone, looking like a little minnow shooting across the bottom. Then pop it up again, but don’t drop the rod. Let it swing down on tight line.”

> Haataja finds the fast, tight vibrations of a small, 1/4-ounce blade is often irresistible to fall walleye.

Quote of the Day


A walleye is like a fat cat sitting on a couch this time of year.

– Eric Hataaja speaking in the above tip. Also said:

> “They’re lazy, but quickly pull something past them, and if it’s in their reach, they’re gonna pounce on it out of instinct.”

No idea what he’s talking about….

Shot of the Day


Awesome night shot:


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