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Green Bay Leech-nado, Win by 0.07-lb, Unbeatable Rapala offer

Today’s Top 4



> Shedd Aquarium researcher Solomon David recorded this video of a rare swarm of 5- to 7-inch long leeches near the bay of Green Bay.

Awesome. Our only question: Where are all the fish??


All the huge walleye being caught on Erie right now make this double-amazing:

> Paul Holzheimer and Bill Miller cashed in with a bag of five walleye weighing 38.06 lbs for the win and a check for $3,300. Second place went to Jason Plant and Rod Weaver with five fish and 37.99 lbs. Randy Eyre and Corey Miller took the third position with five fish weighing 36.64 lbs.

Winners fished north of Kelley’s Island, pulled Rapala Deep Husky Jerks deep and Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogues higher int he water column. They caught all they needed: just 5 fish.

> A total of 153 walleye were brought to the scales, with the average weight being 6.17 lbs.

[Tx to D’Arcy Egan of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer for the pic and bait info.]


Cool and cool story:


> …a 1970 315 Tri-hull Shell Lake Lund…restored and on display at the “8th Annual Fishing with the Pros” event that was held recently at the Falls Ballroom in Little Falls. Funds were raised for the Minnesota Fishing Museum….

> Roach: “A guy knew where my original boat was. It was laying in the woods up by Duluth somewhere. He went all the way up there and found this boat, put it on a flatbed trailer and dumped it in my yard! It had all the original signage on it, Lindy, Little Joe…(but) it didn’t have my motor. I don’t know what happened to the motor, but they replaced the motor with an original motor like the one I had, a 19-horse Johnson.”

Unbeatable Rapala offer.


Lol — it will take a little work though!


> The problem with the bands’ spring netting — and with the DNR’s regulations for anglers — is that both have encouraged the keeping of smaller fish. Eighty percent of the bands’ harvest are male walleyes, Pereira said.

> “We targeted too much fishing mortality on fish between 15 and 18 and 20 inches,” he said.

> “We’re not going to focus fishing mortality on a narrow size range of fish any more,” he said. “We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past.”


Not “us” vs “them because more walleyes needed for everyone:


5K ‘eyes tagged already, shooting for 7K.


MN, WI, western and southeastern states.
  • Matthew Dubs caught 24.66 lbs walleye on Saturday and added a 19.62-lb haul with a big fish of 6.9 lbs for a two-day haul of 44.28 lbs.
  • Brayden Ruckman won the junior division with a two-day catch of 32.29 lbs.

…on agenda at DEC meeting tomorrow in the Cicero-North Syracuse High School auditorium at 7 pm.

…as 2014 on Erie.

Lot of detail on what lakes should be good for walleye in there.

GREAT places to fish – check ’em out!

‘Eye Candy

From the Target Walleye Instagram:

> @mandudemandrew was jigging with Gulp! when he wrestled in this broad 29.5″ Walter Mondale from the Green Bay Wisconsin area.

Tip of the Day


> In order to truly be successful, you have to almost turn off human emotion and start checking off possibilities…. The walleyes should be shallow but they are not — next step is eliminating main lake structure in depths from 20 to 40 feet as an example.

> The key is to keep checking off possibilities even if the possibilities don’t feel right at the time.

> When it comes to finding fish, the less you know going into the day is sometimes better because you can adhere to the process of elimination easier. If you give something a good honest effort and it isn’t happening, turn the switch. It is always amazing how many anglers will cling to a spot or pattern for agonizing amounts of time.

> This is why a clock is an invaluable fishing tool. Use the element of time to force yourself out of ruts and also use the clock to slow you down when you begin to scramble.

> What can also happen in search mode is not giving any one spot enough time. Commit yourself to hour increments as you begin the process of elimination so that your day has some structure and you can stick to the strategy.

> With everything that you do in fishing, focus on becoming as efficient as possible because this can greatly increase your likelihood for success.

If it helps, be like this guy:

Quote of the Day


These days it’s just a yawn and, “Oh, ho-hum, another 10-lber.”


Talking about the huge numbers of huge walleye that have been coming out of western Lake Erie.

> “We’ve seen so many big fish — throughout the ice fishing season and now continuing into the spring — it has just been unbelievable.”

> There are a whole lot of 10 and 12-lbers, quite a few in the 13-14 lb range, and one that went 15 lbs 2 ounces and measured 34 inches.”

These fish actually scare some people:

Shot of the Day


If we ever saw a shot of pike that deserved the word “slob,” this is it — from Europe. Wow, what fatty!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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