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Today’s Top 4

Hawg bellies of the week!

Crazy Yankee Sportfishing got into a handful of double-digit hawg bellies running Bay Rat LXDs back 200′ — with Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards and snap weights — at 1.6-1.8 mph:

Jake Hammer corked this hefty Cascade, ID jumbo fishing a 26′ mudflat with the Rapala Rippin’ Rap. Great shot:

Insta user @slobsoftheusa fooled this 19″ [!] PA slab while soakin’ a small fathead minnow just 3′ under the ice. Serious amounts of whoa:

This Simcoe egg-cannon chomped Matt Mitchell’s Lunkerhunt Magic Bean on the drop. #TwoHander

Awesome cliche StrikeMaster sunrise/sunset pics.

Here’s ice-nut Andy Petterson slicing open the hard stuff with the rotator-cuff friendly StrikeMaster Lithium 40v…she starts on the first “pull” every time lol:

Zach Jackson rippin’ open a shallow feeding flat somewheres near Waubay, SD:

Casey Mitchell StrikeMaster’ing himself a new jiggin’ window. #RiseAndShine

Great pics guys!

How Roger Stearns tracks down Lake Winnipeg greenbacks.

Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba is famous for its portly “greenback” walleyes that loooooooove to eat rattlebaits. The lake is 258 miles across with little structure, so finding walleyes requires a different approach. Read Doug Stange’s full write-up here, but here’s a few excerpts on how Roger Stearns gets it done:

> When we’re starting from scratch, our initial moves are about a mile. Drill some holes and monitor your electronics as you fish. If we don’t catch or mark a fish in 15 minutes we move another mile.

> Once we find fish, we need to read their attitude. Say we’re marking and catching some fish, but they’re tight to the bottom or only 1/3 of them bite…a small move is in order, say 40 yards or so.

> We’re dealing with neutral to negative fish that are just milling along. They may have just fed or they’re waiting to feed when they find baitfish. It often takes these fish 3 hours to move 200 yards.

> To follow fish like these we usually leave one guy behind as we move. If we get into them again and they’re biting better, the stay-behind guy moves to our location. Occasionally, the school reappears under the angler that was left behind.

> Say two of us put 15 fish on the ice in about an hour. If we’re not marking many baitfish, we probably hit the tail end of a baitfish collision. Suspended fish are hunting fish — and while they may stay in an area for a time, they’re likely to be moving.

> When we move in this instance it’s at least 75 yards, sometimes 150. Again, the activity or lack thereof below is all unfolding on our electronics and we’re always trying to get a sense which direction the fish are drifting.

> The beauty of fishing on Lake Winnipeg is that you never know when an even bigger school of fish is going to move in from a different direction.

Been duplicating this on basin areas in local lakes and it works! $$$

Remember that Garmin Panoptix Ice Bundle we gave away?

Guy who won the Garmin Panoptix Ice Fishing Bundle has been putting it to good use — check these toads Dustin Monson iced using a 1/4-oz Lindy Quiver Spoon on a 32H Vexan Ice Rod (on sale for < $20):

That gator went 40″ and belly-dragged an 8″ hole! Nothing more nerve racking than trying to get a big fish’s head turned up the hole:

Thanks for sharing, Dustin! Keep after ’em!!


1. Fishing Careers Workshop is coming back.

First-ever happened earlier this fall. Lots were asking if there’d be another one, and now Al “The Man Himself” Lindner says it’s a go:

> Al: “I guarantee you, it will be bigger and better than ever. We’re working on everything right now and details will be following. Just wanted to let you know the date so you can put it on your calendar. Hope to see you there!”

Save the date: Oct 27, 2018.

2. MN: On-ice “Igloo Bar” is open…

…on Lake of the Woods. Yup, this is real life:

That’s Zippel Bay Resort’s Igloo Bar that they set up ON THE ICE each year. Big screen TV, full bar, food menu…and the answer is “yes,” they catch some g-g-g-GIANTS out of it.

3. ND: Devils Lake $20K “Midwest Open”…

…ice-fishing tourney happenin” Jan 28. #ChaChing

4. Uncut Angling is back.

Does a filthy side-by-side comparison of using Aqua-Vu underwater cameras and traditional flashers while spankin’ the trouts:

5. Gander Outdoors opening 69 stores by May.

6. MI: Black Lake sturgeon season opens Feb 3.

Only allowing 7 total to be harvested the entire “season.” Don’t blink lol.

7. New Yakima Hildebrandt Finesse Walleye Spinner.

Designed for ultra-clear water:

8. New Simms marketing honcho is from Patagonia.

9. Bass Pro has $10 mil for Cabela’s employees…

…who will lose their jobs. Johnny Morris:

> “Cabela’s has been operating under the weight of an extremely heavy corporate payroll that is over 2 times greater than that of Bass Pro Shops to conduct relatively the same volume of business.”

Sounds like before bankruptcy was officially filed.

Cody’s an industry vet and owner of Fin-Hunters Guide Service . Will be the new pro-staff manager and also help with brand management, sales and marketing. Congrats dude!

Tip of the Day

Northern MN guide Matt Breuer breaks down how he keeps maggots, waxies and minnows alive all season long in the full OutdoorHub write-up here — few excerpts below specifically talkin’ maggots…AKA euro larvae…AKA spikes:

> The average refrigerator temperature rides between 35-40 degrees. Maggots are best kept at 32-33 degrees. The coldest spot in your regular fridge will keep maggots semi-dormant and ready for use throughout the winter.

> I store mine in a plastic bag, in a loose foam container. Genz uses large plastic containers. We both have designated bait fridges, so we’re able to keep the temp down without having to worry about food freezing, pop cans exploding, etc. If you don’t have a bait fridge, remember to keep maggots in the coldest spot in your home fridge.

> When you’re ready to hit the ice, drop what you’re going to use for the day into a Clam Bait Puck and put it in a pocket close to your body. Once your body heat hits them, they’ll come to life and start wiggling like crazy, as if you had just picked them up at the bait shop.

> Maggots have two black dots on their “head” end. Slightly pinch the maggot, and you’ll see a scent sac bulge out near the two black dots. The hook goes through that bulge.

> Too large of a hook will rip the maggot, so #8 or smaller is ideal. Be sure you puncture the scent sac with your hook.

> When you’re done fishing, simply return the maggots to the large container. Just be sure they are dry, and don’t put dead ones into the container.

> Check your bulk maggots weekly, sifting them through a strainer and picking out dead ones. Once a few maggots die, more will follow. Removing the dead ones will ensure a clean and healthy clan.

> Mr. Genz likes to use a system that allows the wiggling ones to make their way through holes, allowing him to pick out dead ones and keep the bedding clean.

Keep reading here.

Quote of the Day

You feel like you’re an explorer on the final frontier every time you come around a bend…like you’re the only person that’s ever drilled a hole.

Jason Mitchell talking ’bout his trip to Wekusko Falls Lodge. Gonna warn you: Don’t watch this 2-min vid unless you have a few vacation days saved up….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Lovin’ this shot from Jay Kaltenberger of a Manitoba green(est)back:

Sour apple sucka!

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