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Cane pole walleyes, Kavajecz planer board tips, Mega broomtails

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Today’s Top 4

The Dakotas grow ’em stupid BIG!

Caught wind of a couple different RIDICULOUS walters recently plucked outta North and South Dakota. Will do some follow up on ’em, but here’s what I know so far:

Heard chatter of a possible new ND state-record walleye caught by Neal Leier on the Missouri River near Fox Island this morning. Allegedly confirmed by the NDGF at 15 lbs 13 oz, beating the previous controversial record by just 1 oz:

They get bigger….

SoDak GFP caught (and released) a 17-lb egg wagon during their spring spawning operation in the Grand River area of Lake Oahe. Said their crews met the goal of 130-mil eggs taken statewide…looks like all of which could fit inside this mammoth:

Wonder where those carp bought their walleye costumes?!

CANE POLE walleyes are a thing (video).

That statement is crazy ’nuff on its own, but then throw in the fact we were fishing off floating rafts anchored on the Wolf River…basically a “floating fish house” [mind-blown emoji]. Full write-up here, few excerpts below:

> Fishing-rafters use old-school bamboo cane poles [!] with Rapala Original Floaters on 3-way rigs with a 3- to 5-oz bell sinker. Cane poles ‘cuz of the forgiveness — fish clobber the baits.

> Usually a night bite so they rig bells, reflective tape or a wiffle golf ball on the rod tip for a strike indicator.

> Can run multiple lines in WI, so they’ll set one 2-3′ off bottom, another 4-5′ off, and the 3rd just a few feet under the surface. Don’t fall asleep ‘cuz a log or sturgeon will roll through and wipe everything out.

> Some even run Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards on their cane poles (if they have the room) to take the 3-way rigs out to the middle of the river. Imagine seeing that?!

For sure an experience I’ll never forget — luckily I got it all on video. #VlogLife

Mega broom-tails of the week!

David Shmyr Jr. gave the post-spawn ‘eyes a beat-down running Bagley Minnow Bs 50-80′ behind Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards. Said they were trolling a long rock bar at 1.2-1.8 mph and that most of the better fish came on purples:

Mega alert! Lucas King cracked this 12.8-lb (31.5″) rock melon pitching a hair jig in 6′ near a boulder-to-sand transition. Wowza:

Joe Stolski hit up Leech Lake for the MN “fishing opener” last weekend and cracked this lean, mean, spottail-shiner-eatin’ machine…pitchin’ jigs in 7-10′. #BroomTail

Kelsey Bloedorn with her Okuma Inspira — awesome reel for the dough (’bout 70 bones). Believe that’s a Livetarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait givin’ out free lip piercings:

Brett Andrews stuck this ghost-white walter out of the Devils Lake, ND area. Crazy the different color patterns these fish can have…even in the same system:

Burboteer Jason Rylander was passing through Brainerd and hopped in my Lund 1825 Pro Guide to kill a few hours. He first-casted this 28-incher pitching a “purple/white tail” AuthentX Pulse-R on the back of a 5/16-oz “pearl white” H20 Precision Jig…fishing in 11-13′ on a gravel-to-sand transition:

#PracticingKarateInTheGarage #Bromance

They got even more bigger-er…. Pretty sure this 28.5″ post-spawn lady had a bigger head and grin than Jason — that’s saying something (lol). Must be the new lucky hat:

It’s a pike eat pike world.

Kendall Brehm came across a toothy situation near Devils Lake. Not sure what’s going on, but thinking pike have a strange way of showing they love each other:

Knowing Kendall, she probably wasn’t just out for a stroll when she stumbled ‘cross that scene. She’s an avid fish-head and doesn’t go anywhere without having an emergency rod/reel:


1. Diggin’ these NWT stats…

…from John Balla. Guess Korey Sprengel has now raked in over $376K [!] fishing the National Walleye Tour. #Sheesh #He’sBuyingDinner

2. WI: Who’s gonna win the NTC?

The National Team Championship is happening on the Mississippi R outta La Crosse right meow. Kirchner/McCormick were leading after day 1 with 5 for 28.12 lbs, chasin’ that $25K check. Live weigh-in coverage here (starts at 3:30 CST).

3. MB: There’s a spring “greenback” run too.

Fall run gets the spotlight, but the same places and techniques produce slobosauruses in spring too. More info here on how you can gitcha one of these:

4. MN: Rumor of 100-fish days…

…happenin’ on the Rainy River near Lake of the Woods:

> Reports of 100-fish days last weekend…jigs with a frozen shiner being bounced off bottom. Lots of fish stacked in shallows with big girls mixed. #RoadTrip


5. ND: Is Tanner Cherney ever in the office?

Water temps are finally creepin’ into the upper-50s on Devils Lake. Tanner has been finding ’em in the back of shallow, protected bays with 1/4-oz jigs and paddletails, or slip-bobbers:

6. Spring issue of Hooked Magazine is out.

7. Phantom Lures is slippin’…

…peeks at their new deep-diver. They just dropped another teaser showing more of the bill. #Deep-er-est-est-Diver

Bait is being released this July at ICAST….

8. Microplastics found in beer made with Great Lakes water.

> Research from the U of MN found microplastics in 12 different beers made with water from the Great Lakes and found those same microplastics in tap water.

> They’re pieces of plastic so small you can’t see them, but you know they’re there. And they can come from just about anything. “Like some fishing line that’s lost in the water or plastic bottles or plastic bag or some sort of clothing that’s made out of synthetic material” [like fleece]….

Hate to see fishing mentioned in there.

9. Great Lakes can have “meteotsunamis.”

News to me. Guess they had 2 on Lake Michigan in April:

> …meteotsunamis are driven by air-pressure disturbances often associated with fast-moving weather events, such as severe thunderstorms, squalls and other storm fronts. The storm generates a wave that moves towards the shore, and is amplified by a shallow continental shelf and inlet, bay, or other coastal feature.

> Meteotsunamis have been observed to reach heights of 6′ or more.

10. Zebco CEO Jeff Pontius will retire next month…

…after 20 years. Steve Smits, prez of Zebco North America, will take over.


Yo-Zuri giveaway!

Have a shot at winning this $270 pile of walleye candy from Yo-Zuri, including all 12 colors of the Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Divers! Same as before: Click here to enter. Share the link you get for more chances to win. Good luck!!
Really like the look and action of these baits straight out the box:

Tip of the Day

Running multi-board spreads doesn’t have to be intimidating. Some great info — including diagrams — in this vid showing how Keith Kavajecz keeps his Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards in check:

Meme of the Day

Any of your fishing buddies fit the description?

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

This Venus ‘eye-trap chomped a 3.5″ Ripper (motor oil) on a custom Teardrop Jig built on a Gamakatsu 604 — all homemade using Do-It Molds. #Jackpot

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