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Bug hatch tips, Power bobbering 101, Snake rig for bigguns

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Today’s Top 4

Reaction bites with slip-bobbers? Yup!

Power bobbering, speed corking, kerplunking…whatever you call it, it’s a crazy-good way to put fish in the boat that won’t touch other presentations. Brad Hawthorne breaks it all down here:

Don’t see that everyday…

Garrett Jacobsen caught Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish:

Looks like it was caught somewhere in ND…or maybe Springfield, OR? lol

Insta user @dezmo_eskimo is one with the ‘eyes:

The “fish flop” is real on Lake of the Woods:

Savannah Banning with some helping hands on the Columbia River:

Snake-rigging walleyes.

It’s bottom-bouncer season! Here’s how Jason Mitchell tweaks his spinner rigs to target the biggest, nastiest walleyes in the school:

Good stuff Jason! You snake rig a little differently than the bass guys do, but those green carp will eat anything lol:

Grandpa’s shore-lunch trick.

From Cap’n Chris Granrud:

> “When preparing shore lunch, throw a wooden match in the oil – when it browns the oil will be at the perfect temperature to fry your fish.”

How cool is that?

Tip of the Day

Don’t let bug hatches scare you off the lake…. Brad Hawthorne uses ’em to his advantage to harass congregated fish:

Quote of the Day

I could probably change cranks 100x for every time I change my socks. And no, I don’t always wait until my footwear can stand upright before pulling on a fresh pair.

– That’s John Kolinski talkin’ about how his arsenal of cranks is stinky constantly changing depending on water clarity and temp, fish location, presentation, and forage. He also talks about how bigger can be better in the fall – full tip here.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Photo magician Matt Addington snapped this killer shot [!] of Fire-Ball eatin’ razorback outta Flag Island Resort in the NW Angle:

Betcha haven’t seen that color before^^^…will just say that Northland Tackle’s gotta bunch o’ goodies being released this summer — keep an eye out:

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